Stardew Valley 130 Golden Walnut Location Guide (Ginger Island)

Stardew Valley 130 Golden Walnut Location Guide (Ginger Island) 1 -
Stardew Valley 130 Golden Walnut Location Guide (Ginger Island) 1 -

This guide will help guide you through finding all 130 Golden walnuts. Keep in mind, you need 116 Golden Walnuts to unlock everything on the island, and the rest is to achieve a perfect game. Enjoy!

Player actions.

Keep in mind that the GW will not drop every time, especially after the max limit.

Action Location Total amount of Golden walnuts.
Fishing any water 5
Mining Mussel Nodes the beach located below the farm 5
Harevsting Crops Ginger Island Farm 5
Killing Tiger Slimes Ideally, the tree area above the ginger island farm. 1
Processing Golden Coconuts Shaking Coconut trees, Fishing, artifact spots, mining, crates, slaying or purchased from the Island Trader for 10 Coconuts after you have found the first golden coconut. 1. note that the first coconut cracked will drop a GW, the rest will contain valuables.


Volcano Dungeon

Puzzle total Solution
Main entrance 2 pour water on the magma to create a bridge. Go along the river to find two Walnut Bushes.
Player Actions 17 17 walnuts will be randomly dropped from Mining, defeating mobs and opening chests / crates.
top level 2 There are two bushes here, one located at the entrance and one located at the exit. Each has a Walnut


North Ginger Island.

Where? What? How? / Directions Total? Extra Info
Island Field Office Completing The Animal fossils and island surveys. Finding fossils, digging, mining and island surveys.

  • Large Animal Fossil (when complete) – 6
  • Snake Fossil- 3
  • Mummified Frog- 1
  • Mummified bat- 1
  • Island Survey 1- 1
  • Island Survey 2- 1
12 You need to meet Professor snail. Initially he is trapped inside a mushroom cave blocked by a boulder,inside the fossil quarry.Some fossils can only be found in certain Locations – [] .
Side of Volcano N/A Using a slingshot to hit the tree sticking out 1
Walnut Bush N/A Through a hidden path west of the Volcano 1
Walnut Bush N/A Hidden behind a palm tree southeast of the Volcano 1
Walnut Bush N/A North of the Dig Site, up the stairs, through the cliff and across the rope bridge 2 The cliff has a hidden path, there are two bushes found at this location.
Walnut Bush N/A Up the steps from the Dig Site and due west across the bridge spanning the river 1
Walnut Bush N/A West through a hidden gap in the trees just in front of the Island Trader 1
Diggable Spot Journal scrap #10 found southwest of the entrance to the Volcano in the crook of a curved palm tree. 1 You can dig this location without the scrap. You will also find an and an ostrich egg.
Diggable Spot N/A Just inside the entrance to Ginger Island North from the main beach, on the left-hand side in the center of some rocks that form a circle 1
Diggable Spot N/A In the pebble circle on the far northwest overlooking the ocean 1 where Leo sometimes hangs out
Diggable Spot N/A Inside a circle of stones and plants east of the Volcano’s entrance 1
Diggable Spot N/A In a circle of stones north of the Dig Site, up the stairs 1
Diggable Spot N/A Inside a square-ish shape made of faintly discolored sand, southeast of the Island Field Office 1 harder to spot
Diggable Spot N/A In a diamond made of flowers in the middle of a grassy area, again, just inside Ginger Island North’s entrance from the main beach 1
Diggable Spot Dig in the sand Just inside the entrance from the main beach to Ginger Island North, there’s a grassy spot with a palm tree and patch of sand. 1


East Ginger Island

Where? How? Total
Leo’s hut Found on a tree, hit it with an axe. 1
Leo’s Hut Trade a banana with the gorilla. place it down on the alter. 3
Leo’s Hut In the bushes in the southmost edge of the screen. On the path to the gem birds shrine. 1
Leo’s Hut Gem Bird Puzzle. – [] . Must be completed on a rainy Day! 5


South Ginger Island

These walnuts are found afterthe player builds the resort. However, The First Walnut can be found before. there is 12 in total, leaving 11 for after the resort, which is bought by the player.

Where? How? Total? Extra
Hidden Path Enter Ginger Island North, then take a sharp right. Head through a hidden path obscured by the large bright green tree to find a Walnut bush that is technically on Ginger Island South, though the hint parrot at Leo’s considers it to be on the North. 1 This can be done BEFORE the resort.
Rock by the main ocean / dock Solve the Mermaid puzzle – []  5 This can only be done on a Rainy day. You will need five Flute Blocks.
star-shaped tide pool Fishing in the center will reel in a walnut. 1
Dig spot Dig in the center of a diamond shape made of yellow starfish on the beach area. 1
Pirates Cove After 8pm (no rain) play darts against pirates. 3 total (one per win)
Pirates Cove Dig in the patch of sand among some barrels, right to the lagoon. 1


West Ginger Island

This area has a total of 52 walnuts!

Where? Type? How? Total
Beach Left to the farm. Quest Complete the Pirates Wife’s quest. 5
Farm. Quest In the small cave, the Gourmand Frog will ask the player to harvest a Melon, Wheat, and Garlic in that order. 15 (5 each)
Tree area above the farm. Game A Simon Says puzzle in a cave north of the area. 3
The beach below the farm. Game whack-a-mole puzzle, Use a placeable object to block the other holes. . 1
Shipwreck- Beach below find A walnut is located in the shipwreck. 1
West Area digging  

  • A Journal Scrap (#6) can be found on the beach south of the farmhouse. In the southeast section, there’s a spot where a curved palm tree juts out from the cliff face. Digging in this upper-right corner will yield a Golden Walnut
  • Behind a Mahogany Tree is a square of different-looking grass. In the center tile, the player can dig for a Golden Walnut
  • A triangle of blue starfish can be found on the beach near the farmhouse amidst some piles of wood. Dig in the center of the starfish for a Golden Walnut
  • A diamond made of blue and yellow starfish is located near the tide pools on the beach. A Golden Walnut can be found by digging in the center
  • Also near the tide pools is an X in the sand. Dig here for a Walnut
  • There are some marks in the sand that look like indents to the southwest of the tide pools, right against the water line. A Golden Walnut can be dug out of the center
  • Digging in the sand behind Birdie’s shack will produce a Golden Walnut and a Quality Bobber
    East of the Parrot Express station is a diamond made of stones. Dig in the center for a Walnut
West Area bushes  

  • Outside Qi’s Walnut Room is a bush with a Walnut
  • Past Qi’s Walnut Room is a semi-hidden path along the water on the cliff. A Walnut bush is located at the end of it
  • Behind a Mahogany Tree in the Tiger Slime Grove is a hidden Walnut bush
  • A bush west of the farmhouse has a Golden Walnut (it may be hidden behind a taller palm tree)
  • If the player walks across the bridge west of the Parrot Express, there’s a thicket of trees on the south hiding a Walnut bush
  • On the ledge east of the river, just south from the aforementioned bridge, there’s a Walnut bush tucked into the path
  • Just past the stone diamond is a hidden path through the trees. At the end of the path is a Walnut bush
  • East of the Tiger Slime Grove is a narrow path wrapping around the upper cliff, with several curved palm trees along it. Follow it to the end to find a Golden Walnut bush


Extra’s !

Thank You for reading ! I hope it helped you.
As an alternative method, you can use this common cheat.

  1. find the item code ( for a golden walnut, its 73)
  2. purchase and name an animal in the following format: [73]
  3. When she says its name, the item will be spawned in.

The site I used for reference is here. – [] .


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