Starbase Best Mining Ships in Game

Starbase Best Mining Ships in Game 1 -
Starbase Best Mining Ships in Game 1 -
A detailed list of the best premade mining/cargo ships you can buy early game in Starbase.



Mining is one of the best ways to make credits early game in Starbase.

If you’d like to get a better ship than the Laborer Module with more cargo capacity but don’t want to build one yourself, you can easily buy a premade ship to cover your needs.

Only buy premade ships from people who know how to build them. Shops sell player-made ships and some are harder to run properly for new players.

Choose one from this detailed list of the best mining/cargo ships for beginners to intermediate players.

They are quite cheap, easy to fly and upgrade, and only require ores you can find in the safe zone around the starting stations.

Where to go

To buy a good early game mining ship, simply head to the Sunny Ship Shop near the Easy Build Hall.

Starbase Best Mining Ships in Game


Starbase Best Mining Ships in Game - Hauler

Price: 58,490
Ore crates: 16

The Hauler is very cheap and super easy to fly. Quite fast and agile and an ideal choice for your 1st mining ship!

You can even modify it without ha*sle if you feel the need by adding more crates, thrusters, generator units, and YOLOL scripts.

A favorite of mine!

Laborer II

Starbase Best Mining Ships in Game - Laborer II

Price: 82,172
Ore crates: 18

The Laborer II is an upgraded version of the Laborer with more speed, power, YOLOL code, and cargo capacity.

It’s a good upgrade but for just a few more credits, you can get a much better ship.

Worker Ant

Starbase Best Mining Ships in Game - Worker Ant

Price: 98,247
Ore crates: 32

The Worker Ant is a nice intermediate ship between the easily obtainable starter ships and the more serious miners on this list below.

It’s fast and can help you make good money. But only keep this one until you can afford a better ship with more capacity and functionality.


Starbase Best Mining Ships in Game - Trident

Price: 181,160
Ore crates: 50

The Trident is quick, maneuverable, and looks fantastic. It has a huge cargo capacity and can easily take you wherever you need.

Its only downside is being quite hard to upgrade without already built-in hardpoints for mining lasers and ore collectors.


Starbase Best Mining Ships in Game - Marmot-ST

Price: 182,396
Ore crates: 48

The Marmot-ST is a beast and the most recommended ship by the community for many good reasons. It’s quick and agile with a decent cargo size.

The Marmot-ST has several easy-to-access hardpoints for upgrades before you decide to move on with bigger and better ships, such as its already upgraded version, the Marmot-MN.


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