Starbase Basic Game Info Search and Answers Guide

Starbase Basic Game Info Search and Answers Guide 1 -
Starbase Basic Game Info Search and Answers Guide 1 -
Answers to the questions I see the most often.
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Q. When I try to build onto my starter ship at the easy build area, the item is blue highlighted and it clips through the ship? 
A. Your ship is bugged and needs to be replaced. This happens because of a save error. There is no known fix. You will need to get a new ship by restarting the tutorial from the settings menu or requesting a ship voucher. The tutorial will be faster. 
Q. Where’s the PvE? 
A. There is no PvE, and never will be. This is a PvP game. 
Q. Where do I sell things to NPC’s? Where do I buy things from NPC’s? 
A. You don’t. There are no NPC’s. You can sell to players. You craft everything you don’t buy from players. Press comma on your keyboard. 
Q. How do I refuel my ship? 
A. Behind your seat, you will find your generator. Inside of it, you will find your empty fuel cell. Press E on the cell and pull it out. Put it somewhere. At the back of your ship you will find a cargo rack with fuel cells. Pull one out with E. Bring it to the generator. Line it up with the generator. You may need to use rotation tools. Press C to clip it to the generator. Press E to place the cell. 
Q. I’ve used all of my extra fuel cells, what do I do? 
A. Craft more. You need to research up to it. You get research points by crafting. Alternatively, you can buy fuel cells from the player market. 
Q. What’s the point of the game? What do I do after the tutorial? 
A. You mine. You craft. You build. You PvP. If you’re expecting more than this, this game isn’t for you. 
Q. Does origin matter? 
A. No. 
Q. How do I get more propellant? 
A. Find one of the dozens of blue towers outside. Line up with a pad. Attach your tether from ship to pad. Use the console. 
Q. How do I pick up stuff I dropped? 
A. P. 
Will add more as I see them. 

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