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An unofficial guide for the SATCOM Mod for Squad. Includes basic information for new players, as well some tips for experienced players.
I provide answers to many FAQs. "Is there any guide?" It's here.


Squad SATCOM RTS Mod Strategy Guide - Introduction - EC93AAD
SATCOM mod for Squad is a RTS mod for Squad. It allows the commander to construct the main base from supplies gathered from his team and produce vehicles for his crew with the goal of destroying his enemy team's HQ.
You can find the SATCOM workshop webpage here.
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2436505980 – [steamcommunity.com]

Where to play?

Squad opens your server browser. Sort the results according to game mode and then look for RTS.
These should be in the range of Seed and RAAS server.
Do not be discouraged by low player numbers.
The mod can be played by around 20 players, but it's best with around 40 players.
Anything beyond this is just fun and makes infantry squads more important.

Basic Game Concepts

  • Destroying the headquarters

    If you are close enough to the enemy HQ, it will be marked with a Health Bar.
    It can be destroyed by any type of high explosive weapon.
    AP ammunition can be useful and does less damage to structures than other types of ammo.
    Although they do not cause any damage to the Headquarters, artillery or mortars can still be effective in destroying other bases.

  • Tickets


    There is no effect

    Feel free to respawn whenever it suits you.

  • Vehicles

    Vehicles don’t just respawn like vanilla. They are designed by the commander.
    In the command channel, ask them.

  • Supplies

    SATCOM supplies can be gathered starting at Supply Depots by using logi trucks. They must be returned back to the main base for the commander's use.
    A Supply Depot can have three loading bays, one each for ammo, construction, and one for a mixture.
    Simply hover a heli or drive a truck logi over the right bay, and your vehicle will be loaded automatically. Only works for logi cars.
    Tip: By placing a FOB on top of a Supply Depot, you can unload all supplies and start super-fobbing.
    Passive supply can also be generated by capturing Oil Derricks, which behaves as normal capture objectives in Squad or by Oil Derricks that is constructed at the main base by the commander.
    Construction supplies may be required by commander to construct more base structures, including production and ground vehicles and helicopters, passive income structures (E15Y Oil Derricks, and AI controlled bases defense turrets.
    Ammunition must be used to produce vehicles at the main base. The commander queues vehicles for production in anticipation of team needs or as a response to Squad Leaders asking them to be produced by the commander over command channel.

  • UAV

    Because the commander can float about the map and see everything,

    The UAV highlights all enemy troops within its range.

    The whole team can see the "red doritos".
    If you have infantry in your area and need to find them, ask for this.
    The UAV can be shot down from above.

  • Artillery

    SATCOM has been updated to remove the vanilla artillery as well as air strike abilities.
    The commander can construct Howitzer emplacements, which each provide one artillery bullet and a cooldown of 10 minutes.

  • SL has a shovel

    Why can't OWI ever do this right?
    We don't even know.
    Infantry SL kit shovels come in SATCOM. However, shovels are twice as fast than vanilla so be happy super-fobbing.

  • Anti Air kits

    These kits are a valuable addition to SATCOM, and offer the best defense against choppers.
    Simply aim at the target with the stinger rocket for a long time and fire when you get a lock.
    Helicopters have the ability to deploy flares (by pressing repeatedly X) to disable missile tracking. However they can still hit targets when in collision.


Quick Start: New Players

What is new about SATCOM
Here's how you can help:

  • Join a squad

    For your first time in SATCOM, you might want the most experienced squad you can find to help you understand what is happening.
    Squads in SATCOM are specialized for the roles below, but are often mixed up during seeding.
    You might ask your SL about the team's needs and see if there are any areas you can help.

    Request vehicles from the SL

    If you have enough supplies, the commander can produce them at your main station.

    You should note that to become available in SATCOM pilot and crewman kits, you must have at least 2 members in a squad.

  • Start a team

    Squad Leaders play an important role in SATCOM. They act as the link between Commander and the rest the team. Be sure to relay any pertinent communications between your squad members and the commander.
    The commander will give you information about enemy movements, provide advice on where to take your vehicle and provide you the vehicles you require.
    Your squad will request vehicles through you. Make sure you communicate these in a timely manner to keep your squad members in touch.

  • Infantry Play

    As an infantry squad, your task in SATCOM is map control.

    Secure Supply Depots & Oil Derrick

    You can earn points for your team.
    Set up FOBs Supply Depots to lock them with a HAB or other fortifications. You can resupply virtually indefinitely by keeping a logi truck near the Supply Depot. It will load up automatically from there and drop off supplies.

    Rally points can be taken for free

    SATCOM has an infantry squad, so make sure to update your rally point whenever you can.

    For Supply Depots security, the first phase of a game requires infantry squads.

    Your team can run logistics from.

    If the server is low-pop, your squad will need to crew some vehicles in the second phase.

    This is because anything other than AT and the AA kits are essentially useless when gameplay shifts to vehicles.
    Your squad will be at a disadvantage if it sits on a captured depot and vehicles are not manned at base.

  • Vehicle Crews

    Ground vehicles are the backbone to your team in SATCOM.

    SATCOM permits vehicles to be one-manned, but it is strongly recommended that vehicles be two-man.

    Unless your team has the resources to field additional vehicles than is needed,

    Light vehicles can be used to map your team

    By spreading out across the map, cutting off enemy supply routes or ambushing heavy vehicles using ATGMs.
    Multiple ATGM vehicles are often an effective countermeasure to enemy teams mass-producing heavy armor.

    Anti-Aircraft Vehicles can deny enemy airspace

    Protect your ground vehicles against attack helicopters

    Tanks are the heavy-hitters

    your ground force.
    Their purpose is to battle heavy armor from the enemy and attack the enemy's headquarters.

    Maximum effect can be achieved by using HE ammunition against buildings

    AP also causes damage, but it is significantly less.
    If not countered, one tank can destroy multiple bases structures.
    Multiple tanks can attack an enemy base with a repair station.

    Vehicle squads are more effective when they collaborate

    Together with other squads and, most importantly, the commander to track down enemy vehicles.
    If you intend to play as an entire vehicle squad, you should crew light vehicles at the beginning of the match to secure supply line for your team and cut down enemy supply lines to slow down your enemy team.

    If your vehicles fail to arrive, you will need to handle logistics.

  • Pilots

    Pilots are responsible for hunting down enemy vehicles and attacking enemy HQs with rocket barrages from high above.

    All pilots interested in starting a match should drive logi trucks

    To provide the commander the supplies needed to get the base started and start producing helis.

    Helis are the most draining of resources.

    For the team, as they often end up being shot down or crash landing.

    Logi runs can be useful if the team is short on resources and you are waiting for a new Heli.

    There are several types of attack helicopters in SATCOM.
    Light Helis:
    The US faction uses the highly agile Little Bird helicopters. These helis can only hold a few rockets, but they also come with 7.62 miniguns and.50cal Rotary guns.
    These helis are excellent at finding light vehicles and are devastating for supply lines if used correctly.
    Medium Helis:
    These can be equipped with a lot of dumbfire rocket pods and can unleash long, volleys if fire that can decimate infantry emplacements as well as light vehicles and base structures.
    They can be used to attack the enemy base but are slower and less easily shot down.
    For the US, these are Blackhawks ()) with rocketPods and 7.62 microguns. For the RU, they are MI-8s that come with either 7.62mgs (MI-8TV) (or a.50cal gun (MI-8TVK)).
    Heavy Attack Helis:
    These are ideally 2-manned helicopters that excel in tank hunters.
    They are fully armored and include high caliber guns and dumb fire rockets.
    They can be very expensive so keep them as long as possible!
    Supply Helis
    If you are a 2 man pilot crew and cannot afford a 2-seater heavy enough for your team, then you might consider a cheap supply helicopter.
    These are more powerfully armed than vanilla Squad in SATCOM and can be very cost-effective in hunting down small vehicles. The US Blackhawk ships with 7.62 miniguns to the door gunner. The RU MI-8s come with.50cal KOORD MGs to the door gunner.
    For actual supply runs, they are not very useful in SATCOM since they can be easily shot at on most maps while hovering to find supplies. They are also marginally slower than ground vehicles and carry smaller loads of supplies.


Common Mistakes in New Players

There are many things that new players keep doing on SATCOM servers, which can really ruin a match.
Don't be that guy.

  • HQ supplies taken

    The logi truck spawns empty at the beginning of the game.
    New players often assume that they can borrow supplies from the Headquarters to build a FOB.
    This can often lead to them screwing over the entire team because the commander does not have enough supplies to build his basic structures that will allow him to produce new vehicles.
    The team will be greatly affected and may end up having to surrender from the beginning.
    It is sometimes worth it to only place 500 construction to place a HAB, if you know your job.
    You might consider taking supplies later on in the game, if your team is able to afford them.

  • Building FOB emplacements on the main base

    Although it might seem like a good idea for your HQ to have a TOW missile, it is an extremely inefficient use of your team's resources. Every shot you take means that your commander has one less light vehicle to produce.
    You should not do it unless it is late in the game or your team has sufficient resource income.
    If you have to defend HQ early game, vehicles, turrets, or your AT infantry units will be better uses of your resources.

  • Expensive vehicles for one-person

    If your team has spent all its ammo just on one tank or any other heavy vehicle, it would be stupid to try to one-man that tank.

    Can I one-man this? is often related to how much of your team's firepower that vehicle represents.

    Don't keep one tank if you don't have enough. If you have multiple tanks, or other vehicles, and you can afford to keep making them, then one-man them.
    The same goes for attack helicopters. However, it is rare for a group to have the resources and the means to spend on (unreliable) one-manned attack helicopters.

  • Stealing Vehicles

    Although not a serious mistake for the team it is very disrespectful for players to wait around heli-pads, war-factories, and then grab expensive vehicles requested by other players.
    You should always ask other players before you take it.

    Instead of waiting for vehicles to become available, ask your squad leader for vehicles.


    If your team doesn't have enough supplies and you want a high-end vehicle such as a tank or helicopter, don’t just wait for 10 minutes at the base. Do a logi Run.

    It will make it happen faster than waiting.


Overview of the Game

SATCOM is an RTS Mod. It plays out in phases, just like other RTS Games.
These are the following:

  • Opening:

    Each team begins with 2 Logis, 2 Transportations, and an open-top light vehicle (Huvee or Tiger).
    The first goal of the game is to capture Oil Derricks on the map, and secure at minimum 1 of 3 Supply Depots to allow logi trucks to use the route.
    This happens when infantry units from both sides clash heads on in an attempt to take control of the central Supply Depot. Each side tries to establish their FOB to strengthen their hold on the depot. It is crucial to have UAV placement and commander intel.

    The light vehicle can either escort logi trucks for protection, or break off to hunt.

    Take down the supply vehicles of the enemy team. Their success is dependent on their communication with the commander who guides them to their targets.
    Capturing oil derricks can be best left to a single player in a transport truck. All assets must move quickly to reach their goals.

    It is crucial that the opening phase goes well. This will determine how the match unfolds.

    Losing your logi trucks and access at Supply Depots can be very costly and difficult to recover from.

    The ultimate goal in the opening phase was to bring back both logi truck with full construction

    so that the commander can create a Research Center, which unlocks heavy-armored vehicles and the ability build Oil Derricks.

  • Early Game

    The commander now has his basic structures built and can start making light vehicles for the team. If infantry are not required to fight at Supply Depot, they can respawn back at base and crew additional logitrucks to boost their economy or grab some light vehicles for harassing enemy supply lines or protecting their own.

    To bring back more supplies, the commander will still need logi runners

    (may be used to mix ammo and construction) is used to establish passive income structures, and get helicopters up for the team.

    If the initial phase is unsuccessful, the team must double their efforts to secure a supply channel.

    Or they will lose.

  • Mid Game

    Now the commander has completed his Research Center, and may have a few Oil Derricks to provide passive income.

    The gameplay shifts heavily toward armored combats

    Teams of tanks are used to push forward towards the enemy HQ. ATGMs lock down the map to ensure map control.
    Logi runs become less essential and should only be performed when expensive vehicles are no longer available to generate passive income.

  • Late Game

    If a team doesn't get overrun with enemy air and armor within 30 minutes, it is likely that they are balanced. A long vehicle battle follows.
    Both the commanders were able build enough passive income to fortify their base against attacks. The team that gathers more vehicles and pushes on the enemy HQ will win the victory.
    The game will be decided by commanders who will compete for artillery dominance.
    Fuller servers may cause the supply depots to run out of supplies later on in the game. This could force teams to rely solely upon passive income and players keeping the vehicles alive.


Gameplay Concepts

  • Map Control
    SATCOM requires you to control large areas of the map.
    If your team doesn't have enough map control, it will be difficult to manage logistics and gather supplies for your team. Or, it won't allow you to launch an effective attack against the enemy HQ.
  • Ground Control
    Ground control requires infantry. The ability to place TOW emplacements on large areas of the map can prevent vehicle movement. A FOB can be created by two men in a squad. It will destroy countless vehicles and allow vehicles to move upwards.
    HABs can be equipped with ammo crates to allow LATs, HATs, and Anti Air infantry to spawn and do their job to keep the enemy at bay.
    ATGMs, Anti Air and similar vehicles can break through enemy lines and disrupt supply chains, bringing the fight closer towards the enemy base.
  • Air Superiority
    Your team can launch air attacks against the enemy HQ by controlling the skies in Satellite Communications. This will deny them ground movement. Your team can quickly fire down a lot on the enemy HQ when it is uncontested by enemy attack aircrafts.
  • Artillery Superiority
    You can unlock Artillery Strikes in SATCOM by constructing Howitzers from the main base.
    The commanders end up fighting it out by firing howitzers on the enemy howitzers until only one side is left with artillery strikes.
    This is when the artillery superiority team can use it for destruction of helicopters before they take flight, smashing anti air vehicles, bases defenses or other structures.
    The artillary war is an economical battle. It is won by the commander who can produce them faster without running out of supplies.


Commanding New Players

SATCOM commanders can volunteer at the start a match and are voted by other SLs, much like vanilla.
Don't jump into commanding if SATCOM is new to you!
Try out a different role to get a feel for the mod.
Once you're familiar with the mod's structure, I recommend you begin commanding.

  • Be a leader of your squad

    Before you can become a commander, you should have served as a squad lead several times and been familiar with the command channel in SATCOM.

    See how other commanders play this role

    What their methods are?

    Losses or wins can be the result of actions

    Your team.

    Inexperienced commanders can often result in your team being beaten into the base within 20 minutes

    However, this could also be due to a team not communicating with or prioritizing RTS Mod goals.
    Ask your commander or other players about commanding, when things are calm enough to be communicated via voice chat.

  • Wait for a low pop server

    It's best for new players to run for commander on servers that have fewer than 20-30 players. These matches are more forgiving.

    Do not attempt to learn command from a full server!

    It is far more difficult than managing a full squad. This will also make it harder for you to fail. If the server is full, there will be enough experienced commanders available to take the role. Often they will be voted in by reputation.

  • Play on a layer called "Seeding"

    RTS and RTS seeding are the two options available for SATCOM maps.

    Seeding layers increases passive income

    Oil Derricks are a lot easier to get up and running than before and it reduces the need for logi runs to be stressed to the team.
    A few runs of basic construction supplies will get you started and keep your team playing.

    Regular layers are much more difficult to command.

    They need to be able to understand the mod's economy and coordinate well to get the supplies running.

  • Let your team guide and assist you

    It's almost like being a new SL in vanilla. Let others know you're new and listen. But don't accept all advice.
    Make sure to use your discernment and learn from your mistakes.


Common Mistakes: New Commanders

Everyone must learn how to command. There are many opinions on the best way to do this.
However, there are some things inexperienced leaders do that end up being detrimental to the team.

  • Not communicating where enemies are going from the start

    Your vehicles will need information about enemy contact in order to react optimally during the opening phase.
    The best way to lose your starting vehicles is to not communicate with the commander in the first phase. This will result in a frustrating early game where you are left without resources and map control.

  • Not protecting vehicle production structures

    Commandos new to the force will often have their war factory or barracks placed right next to their HQ. This allows them to face forward without protection.
    This makes it very easy for the enemy just to drive up and shoot any unoccupied vehicles, or for distant TOW emplacements to do the exact same.
    Place your war factory far from the open area where enemies are likely to shoot from a distance. You can also put a quick high wall in front to protect your vehicles from being sniped at.

  • Not prioritizing resources

    It's difficult to find the right resources when your team is busy doing other things. But you have got to get some people on logi trucks at the beginning.
    Once they have brought you enough supplies to get the base up and running, be sure to set up Oil Derricks as passive income for your entire team.
    New commanders often underestimate the importance and value of passive income. As a result, the team may lose map control and be unable to perform any more logi runs. Meanwhile, the base isn’t producing enough revenue for vehicles because the commander has built too much with the supplies.

  • It is important to not look at what the enemy team does

    It is easy to become too focused on your base and lose sight of what's happening elsewhere as a commander.
    Look at the enemy base and where their vehicles are heading. Also, consider if any of your infantry units are in contact with them and could use a UAV for support.
    Failure to maintain map awareness can lead you to being blindsided by 5 tanks or enemy artillery destroying half of your power plants.


Additional Commander Resources

To maximize his effectiveness in SATCOM operations, the commander must make efficient and effective use of many resources that are often overlooked.

  • Power:

    Except for walls, (base structures require power. Power is generated by building more Power Plants. If the power goes out, Oil Derricks stop producing resources and base defenses cease to function. Artillery cooldowns also stop working.

  • Construction Time:

    It takes time to build every base structure.
    Only one structure may be built at once.
    To stay competitive, the commander must make good use of his time building.
    If the team spends too much time building walls they may be able to gain an advantage by producing more vehicles or increasing their passive income.

  • Attention:

    The commander can fly around the map and see everything from his RTS views, but it is impossible to be everywhere all at once. For example, a commander could spend a lot more time looking at the map to give better information to his team. But he might neglect his construction queue or overlook those pesky enemies who sneak into his main base to blow up his stuff.


Commander Openings

SATCOM's first phase is very important.
Your initial supply runs are crucial. How you use them will determine the outcome of the match.
The following graphic is a guideline to help you understand how to start a battle as a commander.
Squad SATCOM RTS Mod Strategy Guide - Commander Openings - 6CA4CBD

Counter-Tactics & Commander Tactics

Each tactic has its own strengths and weaknesses.
To win, the commander must keep an eye on the other side's activities and respond effectively.
It is crucial for the commander that a balanced range of vehicles be produced.
Every vehicle serves an important purpose and is priced accordingly.

Advanced Tips

Squad SATCOM RTS Mod Strategy Guide - Advanced Commander Tips - 6B5081A


"Me not want to read."
"Me want to shoot."

Go join RTS server.
Say "Commander, make tonk!".
Take tonk and make shoot.

"Ah. Good shoot."



Written by Timmeh

This is all for Squad SATCOM RTS Mod Strategy Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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