Squad Basic Commands in Game

Squad Basic Commands in Game 1 - steamsplay.com
Squad Basic Commands in Game 1 - steamsplay.com

Jensens range and the Pacific proving grounds are nice and all but if you want to practice your skills on the maps that servers use then this guide is for you. These are the commands I use to practice my helicopter piloting skills on and more.

Commands And More

Here are a few general commands that you will need (I suggest making a macro which types all of these commands for you):
AdminDisableVehicleClaiming 1
AdminForceAllDeployableAvailability 1
AdminForceAllRoleAvailability 1
AdminNoRespawnTimer 1
AdminChangeLayer <LayerName>
AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/UH60M/BP_UH60.BP_UH60_C
AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/UH1Y/BP_UH1Y.BP_UH1Y_C
To all the new and aspiring pilots I suggest practicing on a single-player map before moving to a public match.
All Squad maps – https://squadmaps.com/ – [squadmaps.com] 
List of all Helicopters – https://squad.fandom.com/wiki/Vehicles#Utility_helicopters – [fandom.com] 
Lists of spawn commands (scroll to “Vehicle Spawn Commands”) – https://squad.fandom.com/wiki/Server_Administration – [fandom.com] 

Written by Nath (nAHt)

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