Shadows of Doubt – Combat Guide & Weapon Stats

Shadows of Doubt – Combat Guide & Weapon Stats 2 -
Shadows of Doubt – Combat Guide & Weapon Stats 2 -

Tips and Tricks for Shadows of Doubt – Combat Guide & Weapon Stats

The Golden Rule

This town isn’t fair.

The citizens will violently attack you with whatever they have on hand if they catch you participating in misdemeanors.

You can pick up guns, but you can’t use them to shoot. They can only function as a poor quality club.

It is always best to run away from enemies with guns.

Nothing free in this city … except these hands

When the citizens have pushed you too far with their vigilantism , you have the option of using your hands to pummel them.

Press two on the keyboard by default, and you’ll ready yourself to start swinging.

Keep clicking that mouse button. You’re greatly outclassed by most armed citizens, but against unarmed townies you stand a fair change (on normal mode). It will take you somewhere between 10-15 hits to knock them down temporarily.

“But there’s a minigame for countering!”

Well, yes, there is. The bar moves from left to right. There is a light blue area of the bar, in the right third of the meter. .If you hit the counter button in this area – RMB by default – the person fighting you will be stunned briefly, allowing you to get a decent string of punches in.

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You will counter if you click in the LEFT blue box.

Sounds awesome, but that is only applicable if they are UNARMED. Most of the citizens in the game are armed , at least on normal difficulty level and above. That minigame doesn’t show up at all if they are carrying a knife, or a sniper rifle, or a semiauto pistol….

So don’t rely on it. If you have to punch, punch at the back of their heads and keep circling. This isn’t a boxing simulator. Nobody is keeping a boxing score card on how many times you used the counter gimmick.

Time for a fair fight

The only way you are going to beat down these Batman wannabees is arming yourself. These unstable corporate drones and hobos won’t know what hit em.

The first option you have is throwing junk. Pick up a trash can, a box, anything and yeet them towards the enemy. Often times, this will be a one hit knockout. Use this to make some space between you and a group of angry enemies.

Next up is obtaining a real weapon. The best weapons can be purchased at a pawnbroker.

The best weapon I’ve found so far is the sword, which can take down most townies in a single hit. It’s kind of problematic to equip things in this game and not covered by a tutorial.

Press X to access your inventory.

Left click your WEAPON OF CHOICE

Change the hotkeyfor the weapon by typing a number

Press X again to exit your inventory and prepare to brawl.

Hit that new hotkey and draw steel.

Live to fight another day

Now that you have thrown down with the local populace, it’s time to get out of there.

You cannot kill NPCs, no matter how many dozens of hits you rain on them with your sword. They possess unnatural healing abilities and will always rise again to get beaten back down.

They will definitely set off a local alarm, so once you get in a fight move quickly to get out of the building or area.

Good luck out there detectives!

Weapon List/Stats

Weapon List ( Very Incomplete – this is just a placeholder ! )

This is number of hits to KO enemy on Normal Difficulty

Name HIts to KO (Lower is better)
Sword 1-2
Fists 13-15
Combat Knife 1-2
Truncheon 2-3
Hammer 3-5
Syringe Useless
Faucon RIfle 2
Straight Razor 2


First Aid

“Help! I didn’t read the guide on how to defend myself and am bleeding out on the street!”

Don’t panic.

First, check the bathrooms of whatever place you are in. Sometimes bandages and other medical supplies are behind the mirrors.

You can always dash to the closest convenience store or pharmacy to buy further medical supplies.

The pharmacy has all medical supplies with the clerk usually, and the convenience store you have to browse the shelves individually.

To find the pharmacy, press F , go to the top left corner where the magnifying glass is, and type “pharmacy” or “chemist” into the detective’s notebook (no quotes). Every city I have generated so far has one.

Drink a can of Kola first. You can’t automatically heal if you are thirsty. There is cans of Kola everywhere, and vending machines everywhere. Drink more than one until you get theHydratedand Focused boosts.

Use Bandagesif you are bleeding.

Use Split if you have a broken limb.

Use Paxodol or Victobutrol to go numb. This reduces the amount of damage you are taking. It is not entirely clear whether there are more in-game effects at this time.

If the screen turns gray/starts to go dark, you are imminently going to pass out. If you have Paxodol and are not bleeding , you may be able to survive.

Thank you for reading Shadows of Doubt – Combat Guide & Weapon Stats. This post was inspired by a fantastic guide written by Mullet Disaster. If you have any suggestions to improve this content, please feel free to leave a comment. Have a great day, and remember to check back daily for our latest posts!

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