Shadows of Doubt – Tips on how to find murderer in game

Shadows of Doubt – Tips on how to find  murderer in game 1 -
Shadows of Doubt – Tips on how to find murderer in game 1 -

This is a guide for Shadows of Doubt – Tips on how to find murderers in game

Detective Rat Coup gives you a crash course in crime scene analysis and some useful tips to help you find your killer.
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Pre-Investigation Checklist

As a investigator, you’ll need a few essentials with you all the time.

I keep a small number of tools with me all the time, such as:

  • A weapon.
  • A newspaper.
  • A camera.

Cameras and guns can be bought or found for cheap. Newspapers can also be found in old restaurants or bars waiting to be collected.

The newspaper may help you discover details that you missed. If a killer’s handwriting looks particularly messy, try reading out messages written in the walls.

Mullet Disaster, my fellow detective, has some great weapon suggestions. How to Scrap. – []

Proper Case Board Usage

The detective’s best friend, the caseboard, is his most reliable tool.

If you do not have anything else, you can always use a case board.

Instead of creating a web of incomprehensible lines that would cause someone with OCD to have a heartattack, create custom notes, describing your findings.

You can also assign in your mind definitions to different colors for lines and pins.

Take pictures and pin them so you can look back at them later.

Cross out the pictures of the victims so that you can easily locate them on the board.

The Case

Enforcer will send you an alert.

You will be told about a murder. Then you will be given an exact address. Be sure to note this on your caseboard. This will help you plan your route.

There are two ways you can go about this.

  • Directly run to the scene as soon as possible.
  • You can obtain a resolution form at the City Hall.

If you select option one, it’s likely that no Enforcers are present, so you will be able to get in relatively easily, even though there is only a short time before they arrive. Take note of all the people around you, their shoe size, and their footprints. If the killer is still nearby, you can use this information to cross-reference with the scene.

If you select option two, the Enforcers might have already arrived, so you will have to wait in the open air until they leave.

The Crime Scene

You have arrived at the crime scene. Now, you must conduct a thorough investigation.

If you are rushing to an apartment because the murder has occurred, be sure to first check all the cameras. Watch out for people who can see your face and be careful when you are trying to lockpick a door.

If you’re in an apartment when the murder occurs, and it took you a while to get there, you can safely enter once the Enforcers tape caution tape on the door. Just make sure they don’t see you entering. Close the front door so they cannot hear you.

If it happens in the street you can investigate unbothered.

If this happens in an open space such as a store or office, then you should be more cautious.

Now the real investigation begins.

Once inside, locate a body. Note any calling card, out-of place objects with unusual fingerprints or writing on walls. These can indicate a motivation. In the famous Valentine Assassin’s case (which was conducted by yours truly), a note on the walls stated “Abby & J forever.” There was also a lipstick heart around the body.

Most of the time, the killer’s fingerprints can be found on something they left behind.

You can now make notes about the victim’s body, the type weapon used, when they died and maybe even find an old wallet to use to identify them. All of this is worth pinning to your board.

Search the apartment and look for documents and address books on the victim, their spouse or roommate.

Address books play a vital role, as many murderers know their victims and want them dead.

The Killer

Identifying the killer is the most difficult aspect of any case.

It varies wildly depending on the case. You follow the few clues you get from the crime scenes, until a killer kills someone and leaves a few other clues. Then, you compare the address book with the one that was originally used.

This part is mostly up to you. As much as i wish i could help more, i only have a handful of tips for you.

  • Follow up on people who were close with the victim.
  • Use the data base of the government for information on suspects.
  • Use the security camera footage to take a photo and ask people around town if they have seen them.

Some of my fellow investigators go into detail on this. So here are a couple of guides:


The Form

You can accomplish five objectives.

Only one of the five is required – the name. The rest are optional, but highly suggested.

  1. Who is the full-name of the killer?

This one’s the easiest. It only requires that you have the exact name.

  1. Arrest the killer.

This is a lot easier than you would think. Simply break into their house and incapacitate before handcuffing. When they are cuffed up, they are considered to be arrested.

  1. Do your evidences place the murderer at the crime scenes?

Also quite easy. It’s easy. Just list the fingerprints.

  1. Where did the killer live before?

Just enter their address here.

  1. Can you locate the murder weapon

This one may be the trickiest of all, but it is still relatively easy. Check on the person’s person or in their apartment. Sometimes the weapon will be found on the scene.

The conclusion of the article is:

With this knowledge you should be in a position to solve most murders.

Rat R. Coup is my name and I hope to have taught you a bit about detective work. Before I leave I’d just like to say thank you to a few individuals.




Mu Lan You

Jesus Galli

Unknown Citizen

In Memoriam

Abby Dawkins

6/5/1949 – 1/07/1979

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