Project Zomboid – Autosave patch script

Project Zomboid – Autosave patch script 1 -
Project Zomboid – Autosave patch script 1 -

This is a guide for Project Zomboid – Autosave patch script

This is a description for the patch that adds an autosave function to Project Zomboid. This feature will not consume your entire HDD/SSD nor will it waste it in one week.

Project Zomboid auto-save patch code

I’ll just dump GitHub readme for those 20 ppl.

This is an easily configurable batch script for Windows that saves singleplayer game modes you select. – []


The script doesn’t do much. The script uses PowerShell a few times, which comes as standard with most Windows environments.

You may have problems downloading the script due to your anti-virus program or UAC, however, the script is largely open source, with commented lines.

So you can make sure that the code is clean.


1. Download the script in Releases (the ZIP – last version).

2. Unzip.bat file

3. Run the.bat file in order to start and save the game at once

4. Enjoy.

You can open your favorite text-editor, like notepad++ and sublime, and simply copy the code found in the bat file.

How does it work?

If you execute the.bat files, a command line will appear. This is where the script will run.

The script will scan your system for PZ installations and save directories.

Steam will start the game automatically if they are all fine and Steam is running.

As you play, a script will automatically detect any changes to the games you have played previously.

If it does, you can use the save file to reload to an earlier time in your character’s life.

This means your character and both the wounds will be in a previous position.

You can reload your saved game to continue with your previous experiences.

What you have at that time in your life?

You can find your zombieized or dead body in the same place you died.

You can change the script to save automatically every 2 minutes.

The game will save up to 15 folders. Older folders are deleted as newer ones are created.

You can change the script in a text editing program to suit your needs.

How do you reload saved games?

PZ game save location by default is: `%USERPROFILE%\Zomboid\Saves`.

You can copy and paste the code by pressing WIN+R at once.

Here you will find your games as well as a folder titled Backup. The Backup is only generated if the script has been used before.

Here you can find all the save files for games you’ve played previously. Each of these save files will have subfolders that contain date and time names.

Then, you can copy the contents of players.db and reanimated.bin back to the main game save folder.

Known issues

– The character name in the game is not acceptable to the script

– If Steam was installed on another partition than C then you must manually change the letter of the driver in the script section.

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