Adventures With a Girl – Guide to completing Adventures With a Girl

Adventures With a Girl – Guide to completing Adventures With a Girl 1 -
Adventures With a Girl – Guide to completing Adventures With a Girl 1 -

A very helpful/useful guide for Adventures With a Girl – Guide to completing Adventures With a Girl

A quick guide on how to complete Adventures With a Girl. I’m only including levels 14-19 as a guide exists for levels 1-13.


Level 14

Close the window.

Grab the purple bag of water.

Drag the pile to the left of the clothes on the ground and grab the ones that are left.

After the girl has been dressed, place the bag of water in her hands within a few seconds.

Method 1

-KEEP IN MIND: The size and number of birds in the first group will determine the pillar that you should start with.

Grab the pillars according to their order. From left-to-right. The leftmost is 1, and the most rightmost is 5.

-Pillar 3 is between her legs.

-The fourth is already on your window.

-The window still has 4 more spots available. 1-5 from left-to-right with the 4th occupied as a pillar.

Wait for the size of the first bird group.

-For example:if 5 birds appeared in the beginning, then wait until 5 birds again appear and place the pillar at the top right corner.

-For all the rest, place the pillar on the spot of the birds that are next.

If you have done it correctly, you should end on the second pillar.

If you miss any birds or the pillars are not in order, then start again.

Method 2

-If you’re looking to get 3 stars then grab the pillars while the birds are appearing, instead of waiting for all the pillars and the first group #.

Grab the pillars and place them as you see fit. If you only see one bird, grab pillar 1 (it’s the leftmost pillar and is located below pillar 2)

-Place the bird quickly in the first position. And wait for the second bird.

Level 16

-Right arrow and move the pillow. Only grab the key.

-Return your pillow

-Open the top drawer, then the middle drawer

Open the bottom drawer and grab your iPod.

-Hand her the iPod.

Level 17

-Wait until the guy breaks in

After the confrontation, change the channel on the tv until the police appear. (This is random and will take some time)

Click the knife to immediately kick him out.

Level 18

-Click the girl and take her to a place of safety.

-The spread of the fire is such that clicking one fire will cause two to appear at the sides.

Click on the flames in groups of three and two to put out the fire. (Fires are randomly generated, there is no one solution)

Level 19

Grab the mallet

The room will be centered if you hit the right arrow.

-Wait until all the cracks stop appearing

Click where the cracks appear to be the worst. (It’s random and not always apparent)


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