SCP: Labrat Tips & Tricks How to Beat Apollyon

SCP: Labrat Tips & Tricks How to Beat Apollyon 1 -
SCP: Labrat Tips & Tricks How to Beat Apollyon 1 -

There are more great tips than you might think.

How to play Apollyon

Apollyon (is the hardest difficulty.) You must complete the game on any difficulty.) You can also use console menu to teleport directly to the end. You can make your way to (to obtain a level 2 card). Then upgrade it in the 914 basement). If you want to help 106, go to 079's room and use the femur breaker to contain him. Alternately, you can get 106 spawned in light containment (. This is possible on keter difficulty according to my knowledge). You can escape and end up in heavy often next to a level 4 card.

Tips/How to Beat it

Alright, (Bezbro) developed this game using unity. Unity has a Physics Engine, which means that you are a physical object in this world. If you go into game settings and turn off your full body, but only turn on the gloves model for you hands, you can go to the 096 room. However, you can cover 096s face in Apollyon difficulty and you can get over that issue. The next section is the same as the previous, so move around constantly in order to avoid 106.


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