Rocket League Best Strategy How to Defend and Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Rocket League Best Strategy How to Defend and Gameplay Tips and Tricks 1 -
Rocket League Best Strategy How to Defend and Gameplay Tips and Tricks 1 -
A quick tutorial on how to defend in rocket league, strategies and training packs for people to practice.


Shadow Defense

Shadow Defence 
It consists in following the opponent at a prudential distance, this distance must be the ideal one in order to stop any incoming shot or a dribbling attempt. 
When you start playing Rocket League, it seems that the only way to take away the ball from the opponent is to ballchase like crazy towards him, but when the opponents get better they can dribble the ball, and make you predictable. To avoid being predictable there is the shadow defense, because this is a type of defence in which you don’t risk anything. 
How To Perform It 
In Order to practice shadow defense you want to place yourself a couple of cars away from your opponent. REMEMBER this distance should be enough for you to be able to react to his shots/dribbles in time. In this position, you will want to imitate his movement like if we were a mirror and to make sure he doesn’t overtakes with the ball. This concept is applied in different IRL sports including soccer and basketball. 
Training Pack: 79EC-EC65-CA31-4561 

Backboard Defense

Backboard Defense 
Spiderman would be an incredible Rocket League player and not only because of his spider sense, but because of his ability of climbing walls and staying in them. 
Moving in the wall and defending on them is something essential for defence and attacking. This consists of maintaining your position in the wall of your net area (backboard). This defense is key for 2 different reasons: 
-You can guard center passes 
-You can save shots with no boost 
Training Pack: 99E5-4AA3-60D5-44BD 
Note: Doesn’t matter if its a good position, it’s Important to know when to and not to go towards the backboard, because you cannot go in the backboard anytime you want, Its important to know when to do it. It is also important to know what to do with the ball once you are on the backboard. 


Saves are crucial in the matches, To be a good goalkeeper you need to know how to do these 3 things: 
-Read what the opponent will do next 
-Know how to do a double jump aerial 
-Know how to clear the ball 
If the opponent is getting ready for an aerial, jump and go for it before he gets there. If the opponent is ready to attempt a powershot, be patient in net. Saving the ball is 70% positioning and 30% skill, so its important for the goalkeeper to be 1 step ahead of the opponent. There is a small tip and it is to stay in motion while in net 
Training Pack: 8100-D918-13C7-394F 

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