The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Cheat Code List in Morrowind Guide

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Cheat Code List in Morrowind Guide 3 -
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Cheat Code List in Morrowind Guide 3 -
This is a Cheat Code List for Morrowind (check my Oblivion Cheat Code List as well).



To open the in-game console just press the key above TAB to insert your cheats.

You can Press Ctrl + F on this guide to locate a specific cheat code

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Cheat Codes!

Here is the list for the cheat codes! Enjoy!

setflying 1 – Enable Flight Mode.

setsuperjump 1 – Enable super jumps.

setwaterwalking 1 – Walk on water.

setwaterbreathing 1 – Breathe underwater.

setlevel [ number] – Set the player’s level to the specified number.

additem “Gold_100” [number] – Add indicated amount of gold to your inventory.

setfatigue [ number] – Set maximum fatigue value.

setmagicka [ number] – Set maximum magic value.

sethealth [ number] – Set the player’s health.

centeroncell -or- coc [ cell ID] – Place character in the named cell.

centeronexterior -or- coe [ x,y] – Place character in exterior cell grid.

createmaps [“filename.esp”] – Create map image file for Xbox.

filljournal – Add all entries to the journal.

fillmap – Show all towns on the full map.

fixme – Teleport 128 units from location.

getfactionreaction [ faction ID] – Get faction reaction.

help – Show help commands.

showvars -or- sv – Show variables.

stopcelltest -or- sct – Stop cell test.

testcells -or- tc – Test cells.

testinteriorcells -or- tic – Test interior cells.

testmodels -or- t3d – Test models.

toggleai -or- ta – Toggle AI.

toggleborders -or- tb – Toggle borders.

togglecombatstats -or- tcs – Toggle combat statistics.

togglecollision -or- tcl – Toggle collisions.

togglecollisionboxes -or- tcb – Toggle collision boxes.

togglecollisiongrid -or- tcg – Toggle collision grid.

toggledebugtext -or- tdt – Toggle debug text.

toggledialoguestats -or- tds – Toggle dialogue statistics.

togglefogofwar -or- tfow – Toggle fog of war.

togglegodmode -or- tgm – Toggle God Mode.

togglegrid -or- tg – Toggle grid.

togglekillstats -or- tks – Toggle kill statistics
toggleloadfade – Toggle load fade.

togglemagicstats -or- tms – Toggle magic statistics.

togglemenus -or- tm – Toggle menus.

tpg – Toggle path grid.

togglescripts – Toggle scripts.

togglestats -or- tst – Toggle stats.

togglesky -or- ts – Toggle sky.

toggletexturestring -or- tts – Toggle texture string.

togglewireframe -or- twf – Toggle wireframe.

toggleworld -or- tw – Toggle world.

togglefullhelp -or- tfh – Show ownership and script name.

sg – Show selected actor’s party.

st – Show selected actor’s targets.

showsce♥♥♥♥♥ph -or- ssg – Show scene graph.

moto – One to one mode.

twa – Toggle water/no water.

tvm – Toggle vanity mode.

tso – Toggle script output.

tlf – Toggle load fade.

tai – Toggle bot AI.

ori – Display output info.

tl – Toggle lighting.

sv – Show variables.

sa – Show animations.

ra – Reset enemies, NPCs, and players.

pt – Purge textures.

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