Resident Evil Village Lycan Attack (Village of Shadows)

Resident Evil Village Lycan Attack (Village of Shadows) 1 -
Resident Evil Village Lycan Attack (Village of Shadows) 1 -
A strat for the opening fight in Resident Evil Village in a fresh New Game on “Village of Shadows” difficulty. It also works in NG+ and/or on any other difficulty.


Not Lycan This…


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You need to survive for just under 5 min total. I have had about 70-80% success rate this way, but it worked for me in 5 consecutive runs so I decided to share it here. Read on for some important tips below: 

  • Loot the house across the starting area to collect the herb. This way the box near the house with the shotgun will spawn ammo. 
  • In the first house, shoot the lycans in ~2 sec intervals letting them play most of the attack animation without actually hitting the barricade. 
  • Leave at least 3 handgun bullets before you back out to the second room and shoot the sandbags when the lycans enter. 
  • In the basement the heavy lycan spawns sometimes, so run across to the house; butif he isn’t there, sit by the little grate/window and wait until the lycans come down and shoot the sandbags as you run out. This will gain you another ~10 seconds. 
  • Use the shotgun to shoot any lycans out of the way to prevent them from attacking. Remember to block if it looks like they will hit you anyway. 
  • After they break in the last house,lure them upstairs and drop down then run outside, blocking at the door in case any lycans attack you. Run across the river to the second barrel. For me the cutscene always starts before I even reach it – worst case for me was halfway through the river.


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