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DragonRide VR FreeFly Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
DragonRide VR FreeFly Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Some Hints and Tips to the new FreeFly Game Modes.


Free Fly

In Free Fly mode you can explore the world with no time limit or particular goals. If you do pick up crystals they can be used for customizations. 

Egg Hunt Mini-Game

Find the eggs around the world that have been stolen from the nest by the griffons, they heat up after being picked up if not inside the nest so they could have been dropped anywhere! 
Find the Eggs and return them to the nest before time runs out
Should you need help you can cast a spell to get a baby dragon helper to guide you – the spell only lasts for 1 minute so use it wisely! 
Watch out for Gant CrossBows – If they hit you you will drop your egg and fall – losing time. 
If you lose sight of your baby helper press the spell button again to call – carefully listen for where the call is coming from and you will find your baby and also an egg! 
Sometimes your eggs have been stolen by humans and are inside shipping boxes. smash them open to find if there is an egg inside. 
Collect crystals along the way if you have time. 
Every game round is random and the eggs can be in different places. 
Harder levels have the eggs in harder places to find so remember where you found them! 
Once your nest is full the round is won! 
The next round will begin with more eggs to find and/or less time… 



  • You can change your controls from the popup menu 
  • You can change from rider view (default) to dragon view OR to the Outside View in the popup menu 
  • Shooting or flying through time sphereswill give you extra time 
  • Collect Crystals and find them, you can use them to unlock game features and also use them for upcoming additions so save them!. Red Crystal = 3 points, Blue = 10 
  • You can unlock customization of your dragon starting at 500, winning game rounds give you more crystals – the faster you complete the level the more crystals! 
  • Holding your trigger and aiming with your head will shoot a fireball when the trigger is released. 
  • Holding your attack button while using the left/right/fwd will create attack combos – great for knocking down walls and breaking open crates to get crystals. 
  • Pressing the Fly and Foward at the same time can make your dragon glide, and you can swoop to increase speed. 
  • Gliding and swooping is the fastest way to make up lost time. 
  • If you hit something hard you will start falling – hit fly to fly again! 
  • If you slow down too much or do tight turns when gliding you can stall – press fly to fly again! 
  • Long Pressing the Fly button will allow you to Jump when on the ground. 
  • Eggs Glow Green when they are safely back in the nest. 
  • You can hover, fly forwards, backward, and side to side – great to position over the nest to drop your egg. 
  • If you drop your egg or you miss the nest you can swoop and pick it up from mid-air! 
  • Pressing the Sprint button on the ground and running will allow smashing crates when on the ground. 
  • Don’t leave your baby dragons too long as they might start playing with the egg! 
  • If you run out of time – try again! each game is shuffled like a pack of cards. 
  • Eggs float but a crystal doesn’t! 
  • There are hidden caves with rewards to find. 
  • You can see your best time in the on-screen view above the timer for each level


Written by TypeEhStudios

Here we come to an end for DragonRide VR FreeFly Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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