Resident Evil Village 100% Collectible Guide

Resident Evil Village 100% Collectible Guide 1 -
Resident Evil Village 100% Collectible Guide 1 -
This may not be the best or fastest way to get through the game with 100% collectibles, but it’s what I found to be pretty efficient. A lot of this was paraphrased or taken from PowerPyx’s collectible guide, as it was my main reference for finding all these. I hope you enjoy!



File #1: Look on top of the fridge. 
File #2: When you go upstairs, go to the end of the hall behind the stairs. Go into the bedroom and look for the newspaper. 
File #3: After putting Rose to bed, look at Ethan’s laptop in the back room of the bedroom. 
File #4: Look inside the cupboard next to the laptop. 


File #5: Right next to the crashed van when you wake up. 
Recipe #1-2: Handgun ammo and first aid med recipes are unlocked when you reach the village. 
Outhouse #1: In the yard behind the first house, you have to go through it and exit on the right to reach the yard. 
Weapon #1: The LEMI is unmissable. 
Weapon #2: The M1897 is in the house left of the East Village label on the map. 
File #6: Right after speaking with the old woman, go into the first house on the left in one of the corners. 
File #7: At the graveyard there’s an altar with a goat statue in it, read the inscription under it. 
Goat Statue #1: This is right where you got the last file. 
Goat Statue #2: Look on the roof of the church. 
Goat Statue #3: Go to the back of the field outside the church and to the left. Look around the stairs. 
Outhouse #2: In the yard of Elena’s house. 
File #8: Look on the chair in the corner of the first room in Luiza’s house. 


Goat Statue #4: Once you escape the mines and are in the snowy vineyard, look to the right in the snow for the statue. 
Recipes 3-5: Shotgun Ammo, Sniper Rifle Ammo, and Mine recipes can all be bought from the merchant on the first meeting with him. 
File #9: On a table to the left of the painting of the three women in the first room of the castle. 
File #10: In the merchant’s room, look on the table next to the first labyrinth puzzle. 
File #11: Go upstairs in the main hall and enter the middle door at the top. Look on the table for the file. 
File #12: When you fall into the basement, look on the shelf to your right for a note. 
File #13: When the main path of the dungeon area is blocked by a torture table, look to the right. 
File #14: Go to the cell on the left from the last file. When you exit the cell on the other side, go directly to the next cell to find the file. 
File #15: When you enter the kitchen after killing the first daughter, look to the shelf on your left. 
Weapon Part #1: After the kitchen, there’s a hall with a box in it that contains a compensator for your LEMI. 
Goat Statue #5: Directly on the ground in front of you after you solve the statue puzzle when you go down the stairs. 
File #16: On the couch in the room Lady Dimitrescu takes a call. 
File #17: Go to the second floor after opening the golden door in the courtyard, look on the table with the clock for the note. 
File #18: Go to the next room after grabbing the last file and take the book on the cupboard at the end of the hall. Examine the book. 
File #19: On the lower floor of the Opera Hall on a table next to the piano. Examine the book. 
Goat Statue #6: After solving the bell puzzle and entering the attic, look right behind you at the top of the ladder. 
File #20: On the table toward the end of the attic. 
Weapon #3: Directly in front of you as you go onto the roof. You may need to head back for this after upgrading your inventory. 
Now we are going to backtrack in order to get all of the windows. 
Window #1-2: 1F, Dining Room 
Window #3: 1F, Kitchen, where you fought the witch behind the kitchen. 
Window #4-5: 1F, Dimitrescu’s Chambers, go through the silver doors in the courtyard. Shoot the windows in the stairwell that leads to the statue puzzle. 
Window #6-8: Right after the last 2, all three are in the 2F hallway before the statue puzzle room. 
Window #9-11: 2F, Dimitrescu’s Chambers, Where she picked up the phone. Two are in the room and one is on the balcony. 
Window #12-14: 1F, Opera Hall, go in through the door in the courtyard and shoot the windows in the stairwell from the 1st to the 2nd floor. 
Window #15-17: 2F, Opera Hall. 2 are on the south side, 1 is on the north. 
Window #18: 2F, Hall of Joy, in the hall after fighting the witch in the library. 
Window #19: You already broke this one, it’s the one in the bell puzzle room that you broke to get the bell outside. 


File #21: After the boss fight, go into the first hut you see on your right and look on the table. 
Outhouse #3: Behind the hut you just went into, next to a save. 
Goat Statue #7: Go down the stairs towards the drawbridge when you see it. 
Recipe #6: Pipe bomb recipe can be bought from the merchant when you see him. 
File #22: On the second floor of the house to the right of “Maiden of War” on the map. 
Outhouse #4: Look in the backyard of the house we were just in. 
Outhouse #5: As you progress, you’ll fight a lycan in front of this outhouse. Open it once you kill him. 
Weapon #4: The M1911 can be found in the same cabinet that you open to get the jackhammer. 
Outhouse #6: Eventually as you progress after crawling under the tractor, you’ll find a wolf with a helmet and large metal claws. 
Outhouse #7: Don’t go through the Iron Insignia Gate yet after the last outhouse. Instead, turn to the gate that is labeled as having missing owners. Go through and open the outhouse in the yard. 
Goat Statue #8: In the same yard, look on top of the small hut between the shed and the house. 
File #23: Go up to the house door and read the note next to it. 
Outhouse #8: Climb the ladder by the iron insignia gate and go to the yard with chickens. Open the white outhouse here. 
File #24: From the outhouse, climb the ladder and enter the red chimney house. Look on the table here. 
File #25: Go the to church again and look on the laptop. 
Goat Statue #9: Go through the iron insignia gate in the churchyard, turn right and the goat is on the ground between the crypt and the wall. 


Goat Statue #10: While crossing the wooden bridge toward the house, look to the left for a statue on another bridge. 
Goat Statue #11: Before entering the house, go around the side of the porch and down stairs to a fenced area. The statue is on the other side of the fence. 
Weapon #5: As you head back to the village after the boss, enter the hut with the garden outside it. The W870 TAC can easily be found inside. 
Outhouse #9: Around the left of the house you can find another outhouse. 
File #26: In the same gardener’s hut, we can find a file in the corner by a save. (Grab Luthier’s Key while you’re here.) 


Recipe 7-8: Explosive round and Flashbang recipes can now be bought from the merchant. 
Weapon Part #2: Now that you have Luthier’s Key from the Gardener’s Hut, you can get into Luthier’s house. Get the code to the cupboard to get a High Capacity Magazine for your Sniper Rifle. 


File #27: After the cutscene with the wolf ends, turn around and grab the note. 
Weapon #6: In the building marked with a treasure on your map you will find the GM 79 Grenade Launcher. 
File #28: Go into the hut near the boat for a note. 
Outhouse #10: After exiting the building with the dam controls, turn right for the final outhouse you’ll need. 
File #29: As you head to the windmill from the dam controls, check the car you’ll see for a note. 
Goat Statue #12: When you get to the windmill, go around the top deck and get the statue before you head inside. 
Goat Statue #13: When you reach the 3 colored switches section, turn around and look a bit to the left to spot a goat statue on a pole sticking out of the water. 
File #30: After activating the dam, follow Moreau and you can find this in a drawer in the next building. 
Weapon Part #3: The same building we just got our file it we can find a chest that contains a High Capacity Magazine for our M1911. 
File #31: When you reach the room with the TV, read Moreau’s diary in front of the TV. 
Goat Statue #14: Return to where you got in the boat earlier. Walk through the remains of the windmill and turn left for the statue. 
File #32: When you exit the mines through the lift, go through the door that you unlock with the crank, and head through the area until you reach the treasure marked on your map. Here you will find a file. 
Weapon #7: The other item you’ll find is far more usefull: an M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum. 


File #33: Go back to the drawbridge that we couldn’t lower earlier, right outside where we defeated Lady Dimitrescu. Use your crank to lower it, and ride the boat down the river to a cave. Inside, you’ll find the file. 
Weapon Part #4: To the right of the note above, you’ll find a Foregrip for your W870 TAC. 
Goat Statue #15: Follow Heisenberg’s signs to the gate that you’ll use your six winged key to unlock. Instead of continuing the main path, head to the left to Otto’s Mill. Under the mill, you can see a small shrine with your statue. 
File #34: After getting the goat statue, go into the mill and defeat the miniboss that’s there. Exit through the triple-padlocked red door to the meat room. On the table you’ll find a file. 


Goat Statue #16: When you finish the large enemy encounter and reach the stronghold, look to the right at the bottom of the spiral staircase. 
File #35: After you go through the crack in the wall, look on the floor for this file. 
File #36: After fighting Urias, go down the stairs to the dungeon instead of going up the ladder. This will be on a table here. 
File #37: When you find the cog mold, look around for a table with this note on it. 
File #38: After you turn off the giant fan, check the desk you find in the next room. 
Goat Statue #17: When you narrowly escape being sucked up by a fan, turn around and go to the small balcony area. The goat is here, on one of the massive shovels. 
Goat Statue #18: When you reach the elevator with Duke on B1, go to B3. Look towards the direction the door opens on B3, the goat will be in your view for just a few seconds on a red railing. Be ready to shoot it, although you can try this as many times as you want. 
Weapon Part #5: After you get Heisenberg’s Key, go through the door to the left of the foundry machine, it can be opened with the button right next to it. Inside is a case with a Long Barrel for your M1851 Wolfsbane. 
File #39: Go back to B1 and open the Heisenberg door there. The file will be directly in front of you. 
File #40: After you beat Sturm, look on the table in the control room you enter. 
Goat Statue #19: To the right of where you just found the file, crouch into the space in the wall to find a secret room with a goat. 
File #41: After you meet Chris again, look on his computer. 


Goat Statue #20: When Chris throws the bomb at the Megamycete, look in the corner with the spikes. If you look very hard, you may be able to spot the statue of a women behind the spikes, which has a goat right in front of it. 
File #42-45: After you defeat the massive wolf man with the mace and you enter Miranda’s room, look on the table right in front of you for all four of these notes. You must open the books to get the note. 
File #46: In the same room, look on the table with the microscope on it and examine the paper there. 
File #47: In the same room, as you walk around the table in the middle you’ll see three photos. This file is with these photos. 


Weapon #8-9: The WCX must be bought from the extra content shop, as it is required for the owning all guns achievement. The Rocket Pistol also must be bought here, as it will unlock a recipe that we need. Unfortunately, to buy the Rocket Pistol, you have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty. 
Weapon #10-12: The V61 Custom, SYG-12, and the STAKE can be bought from Duke in New Game Plus exclusively, and are required collectibles. 
Recipe #9-11: Magnum ammo, Rifle ammo, and Rocket Pistol ammo recipes must be bought from Duke in New Game Plus. You need to buy a Magnum, an Assault Rifle, and the Rocket Pistol to unlock these recipes in the merchant shop. Luckily, we already have bought all of these to get all of our weapons, so we only need to worry about buying the recipes. 
Weapon Part #6-22: The LEMI High-Capacity Mag, M1911 Improved Grip, V61 Custom Long Barrel, V61 Custom Drum Magazine, V61 Custom Gunstock, M1897 Hair Trigger, W870 TAC Improved Stock, SYG-12 Long-Barrel, SYG-12 Red Dot Sight, SYG-12 Drum Magazine, WCX Red Dot Sight, WCX Foregrip, F2 Rifle High Magnification Scope, F2 Rifle Cheek Rest, M1981 Wolfsbane Increased Capacity Cylinder, STAKE High Capacity Mag, and the STAKE Improved Grip 
must ALL be bought from the Merchant in New Game Plus. You also must equip all of these attachements. This will cost you a total of 1,061,000 Lei, so prepare to not use much at all in one playthrough. 


You have successfully reached the end of this guide. Congratulations! I hope you found it helpful during your playthrough, and please let me know if there are any flaws or incorrect information in this guide, I’ll try and update it as best as I can. Depending on how well this does, I might make an Achievement Guide/Roadmap. Thanks so much for reading! 

Written by Hot Dog God

Hope you enjoy the post for Resident Evil Village 100% Collectible Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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