Resident Evil Village Starting of at shadows of the village

Resident Evil Village Starting of at shadows of the village 1 -
Resident Evil Village Starting of at shadows of the village 1 -
A short guide giving some tips for the start of the game when playing shadows of the village.


Tips for the first enemy and the lycan attack

First Enemy 
If you are not used to the harder difficulty you have probably found out that in shadows of the village the enemy take a lot of hits. the first enemy you meet is the one dragging you down through the floor the throwing you out again. you can skip this fight by just running inside of the house again, wait the for a little bit and he will have run off. then grab the tool and get to cutting chains. 
Lycan Attack 
After you cut the chain go straight over the little bridge and into the hay storage? well in there you are gonna have to kill the two lycan that attacks you, just stay calm and aim for a headshot. I think that the first enemy has more hp than these two because I did not find them to be hard at all. but if you are having problem with them here’s some tips. I don’t know what difficulty you played before but block all attacks. after you have blocked you can click spacebar again to knock the enemy back which creates the cycle of them trying to attack you, you knocking them back shooting them a few time and so on. if you take a hit and are low but still in in a fight just use a medkit and hold space to cancel the healing animation. this was a super helpful tactic which I used the whole game to save time while in a fight. well it should not be a problem. 
Holy House Of The Mighty Shotgun 
Well its a normal house if you have already played I suppose. but go in grab the things fast, like herb to the right then block door and then loot the left side continue to the next room grab the stuff behind the flour then in the far corner. jump down grab the first scrap then keep moving slice the flour in the basement with you’re knife (It will stun the enemies on the other side of the wall) 
Optional Tactic For Next House 
After exiting the basement move up the steps slice the box to the left grab whats in it then move to the right side of the house. go in the house then block the door, loot whatever is inside and then wait until there are some enemies outside and shoot the explosive barrel. After that climb up to the roof and jump down towards the water wheel to use that barrel too. then just run around to the places you have already been. 
After my first playthrough I got the glock and added infinite ammo because it was already fully upgraded. And with it the whole game just becomes really easy. 


Well I suck at doing guides so I just dumped a whole bunch of text and hopes it helps someone. Good luck and be safe 🙂 

Written by Wood_Louse

Here we come to an end for Resident Evil Village Starting of at shadows of the village hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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