Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Pool Levels – Tips and Tricks

Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Pool Levels – Tips and Tricks 1 -
Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Pool Levels – Tips and Tricks 1 -

How to beat the pool levels.

3-1 through 3-4

3-1 is easy for the most part you just gotta have two rows of pea shooters on each lane. What i do is wait until close to the first wave (I do this for every level) and place my peashooters on the pool. I just have one row of sunflowers to give more room for the peashooters. Then by the time a cone head, for example, get to my front line it will very nearly be dead. 3-2 is harder, there will be cone heads, bucket heads, newspaper zombies, and worst of all football zombies. What i pick, lily pads, sunflowers, peashooters, squash, walnuts, and cherry bombs. the farthest back row should be sunflowers after that two to three rows of peashooters. Once the basic formation is setup you will begin placing squashes, walnuts, and cherry bombs to take care of football zombies and sometimes bucket head zombies. 3-3 is a bit easier than the last level but there is still a problem, the scuba zombies.I do the basic formation except i put down a row of walnuts on the pool. 3-4 will be the same as the last level, but you will need a cheap plant to place down for pole zombie during the beginning. after you have the basic formation for the pool you will start placing the walnut on land. i`d say to place the walnuts a with a row in between your peashooters and your walnuts.


3-5 is pretty easy, but it is still difficult. Around the start you won`t get very many peashooters. To make up for that you get a lot of cherry bombs. Just because there is one or two zombies in a lane that does not have a peashooter in it, does not mean you should use it. You should use it when there a good amount of cone heads in a small area. once you get far enough into the level you should just be replacing the occasional walnut. For this level you should place as many peashooters as possible.

3-6 through 3-9

3-6, This even though it may seem tricky is quite easy. just make a basic formation and use cheery bombs, squashes, and jalapenos when ever a Zomboni shows up. 3-7 is more a test of what you have learned to do with the previous types of zombies. 3-8 all you have to worry about the zombie dolphin riders and the dolphin, who in fact is a zombie. Just make the basic formation but place tangle weed and walnut close to where to zombies come from. 3-9 this level is a test of everything you`ve learned, but now you now have a defense against the pole and dolphin zombies, tall-nut. Just do the basic formation and then instead of walnuts place tall-nuts. Destroy any Zombonies whenever they show up.

Hello, We herd you were having a pool party. We think that iz fun. Well be rite over. Sincerely, the Zombies

3-10 my only words to you is place as many offensive and defensive plants as possible.

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