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A guide for information on the SCP mod for PPG


This document is to help with explaining my People Playground SCP Foundation mod and their purpose for RP within PPG in very short detail. This will not give you an essay to read on every subject but instead be an expanded description of most subjects. Though this can be an essay all together to read. A LOT of work was put into this so I hope this helps explain a bit of official lore, unofficial lore, and custom mod lore.
KEEP IN MIND: I am using my own bit of lore in some of these as well as mixed lore from various games, official posts, ideas from unofficial posts, etcetera. Some aspects are either canon or non-canon and the mod is a mix of both. This is to prevent the arguments of what should and should not be in the mod, if you don’t like something, then don’t use it (don’t be a ♥♥♥♥ about it). I will NOT be taking anymore requests for the mod and will be retiring this mod from planned major updates once the weapons update is finished. Please remember as well that I will NOT be doing SCPs due to the reasons listed at the bottom of the steam page, thank you.

Part 1 of SCP – SCP Foundation:

Facility Zones

Surface Zone – The Surface Zone is used for access in and out of the subterranean zone and has a few security checkpoints, a TRU ready base, usually 2 helipads, loading & unloading buildings, has a select amount of “gates” depending on how many entrances a site has, and a communications post for communication to and from other sites.
Entrance Zone – The only zone connected to the surface zone due to security concerns. Comes with a large amount of main offices for the site director, zone managers, and head staff, a cafeteria for staff, a large break room, an archives room, and a communication room to and from other zones, minor offices for office employees, and a few miscellaneous rooms.
Light Containment Zone – A zone used to contain primarily safe level SCPs with a few notable euclid level exceptions. Houses the only site armory for safety concerns, and such is set in the LCZ due to it being relatively in the middle of the site, and a surveillance subzone for monitoring SCPs throughout the site. Lastly houses the subterranean life support systems such as fresh oxygen and clean water.
Medium Containment Zone – A zone used to contain primarily euclid level SCPs with a few notable keter level exceptions. Houses a few cell blocks for D-Class due to it being set relatively in the middle of the containment zones, as well as a cafeteria for D-Class to eat at. Contains a D-Class training area for training for certain situations and SCPs.
Heavy Containment Zone – A zone used to contain primarily keter level SCPs. Contains the Omega warhead, a small TRU post for emergency situations, site power systems for protection from outside intruders (but also easily damaged by forces inside the HCZ during a breach, I know… I formally sent a complaint to the administration because of that).
Gas & smoke masks are found throughout the facility and a select few of CBRN suits are found throughout the site as well. Medical sectors and emergency shelters are also mostly found throughout the site for protection against injury or an emergency. Small minor storage rooms are also strewn about the facility for small use storage within zones.

AD – Administrative Department

Appointed by site directors with permission from O5, they usually oversee specified zones they’re assigned to and report important information to the site directors. Only one is needed per zone and is accompanied with a select few of head personnel within their zone.
Site Directors
Appointed by O5 council, they oversee whole foundation sites and lead all decisions at specific sites with permission from O5. Only one is needed per site and are usually assisted by zone managers within their site.
O5 Council Members
Council members of the SCP Foundation, only 12 exist and their identities are known only to a select few due to security purposes. They are the sole overseer of the foundation and lead all the decisions by the foundation. They rarely ever appear at actual foundation facilities besides their own. They are actually highly discouraged to go to danger prone facilities for safety concerns.

GP – General Personnel

Inmates taken from prisons around the world to be used as test subjects or workers for risky jobs within the foundation. These inmates are usually taken from death row or life sentenced inmates to keep from the public eye. Usually overseen by foundation guards due to their dangerous nature.
Veteran D-Class
D-Class that has been with the foundation for a while and survived their experiences. Due to them knowing more than most, the foundation holds them for more complex tasks. Most are treated with more caution due to them knowing a lot of knowledge of the foundation and them possibly joining the Chaos Insurgency if broken out.
Advanced D-Class
Veteran D-Class that have been known to be more loyal than most to the foundation. Given increased privileges and better meals, they complete complex tasks for the foundation that usually don’t put them in danger (due to their importance compared to other d-class). If they are well behaved for a period of a few years they can also be considered for a pardon and hired for positions within the foundation.
Former Staff D-Class
D-Class that have held a foundation staff position/title at some point before they were a d-class, could be recent or in the past. They could have gone against the foundation or did something to get them on death row after they retired but either way they did something bad enough to get them into d-class. They are treated with extra precautions due to some actively having a vendetta or plan to go against the foundation, therefore are treated as max security inmates.
Foundation staff that have been severely injured physically and/or mentally by the effects of SCPs and/or foundation equipment. Medical Staff are usually tasked with overseeing them and making sure they are in stable condition until fully healed.
Janitorial Staff
Foundation staff tasked with cleaning, organizing, and sanitizing the sites, areas, and outposts of the foundation. These are one of the lowest ranking staff in the foundation and therefore usually only have “level 0 clearance” within the foundation. They are also not part of any specific department and are considered a general staff member.
Medical Staff
Part of the Medical Department, tasked with tending to injured, ill, or mentally unstable staff. Usually located in medical subzones around most sites, larger sites having multiple medical subzones. Commonly equipped with first aid and life saving equipment. Those who have a combat background are instead promoted to a field medic for the security department.

SD – Scientific Department

Junior Researchers
They’re tasked to assist with standard researchers and are usually less experienced and are being trained before they can be promoted as a standard researcher. They are NOT able to carry any weapon or use any under any circumstances whether or not they have previous firearm experience.
They’re tasked with the work of research and development. They usually study SCPs, research effective ways to contain them, and develop new technology to help with both of the former. If they have previous firearm experience they are NOT able to carry a weapon but are allowed to use any if they came across one during an emergency.
Senior Researchers
They’re tasked with overseeing small research teams and overseeing specific research projects. They for the most part report to the head researcher of their zone. If some have previous firearm experience they’re allowed to carry a pistol in a holster in case of an urgent emergency but are to immediately evacuate if capable to.
Head Researchers
They’re tasked with overseeing lead researchers and reporting their work directly to the zone manager. Only one is required per zone and is usually stationed in offices in the administration zone. If some have previous firearm experience they’re allowed to carry a pistol in a holster in case of an urgent emergency but are to immediately evacuate if capable to.

Part 2 of SCP – SCP Foundation:

UP – Utility Personnel

Utility Technicians
Part of the Engineering and Technical Service Department and is tasked with foundation structural maintenance and engineering, design and construction of new facilities and sectors, as well as repair, maintenance, and engineering of mechanical and electrical equipment around various sites.
Manufacturing Technicians
Part of the Manufacturing Department and is tasked with mass producing custom made equipment and weapons for the foundation and providing material requests from the foundation during certain processes.
Logistical Staff
Part of the Logistics Department and is tasked with transporting material, financial, human, and anomalous resources between foundation facilities. There is also a priority system in place usually with anomalies and important resources at the top. Transportation is offered from a wide range of vehicles including automotive, water, railroad, aerial, space, and others.

SD – Security Department

Light Security Officers
A budget version of a standard security officer, teams are usually only with pistols, protective vests, and ballistic helmets. They’re mostly stationed in surface to administration zones of foundation facilities and are the first to protect against outside threats.
Security Officers
A standard foundation security officer, usually equipped with a standard rifle, a pistol sidearm, a protective vest, and a tactical helmet. They’re mostly stationed in administration to medium containment zones at foundation facilities and are rare outside of them, excluding during emergencies. They also come with a medical variant for combat medical purposes.
Elite Security Officers
A higher trained security officer, teams are usually equipped with standard rifles, a high caliber rifle, a shotgun, protective vests, and tactical helmets. They’re mostly stationed at lower subterranean levels within medium to heavy containment zones due to better training with keter level SCPs.
Tactical Response Operative
The highest trained security officer, teams are usually equipped with standard rifles, a couple high caliber rifles, a couple shotguns, protective vests, and tactical helmets. They’re usually stationed on a surface base connected to a site in case of rapid deployment for an emergency. They also come with a medical variant for combat medical purposes. If promoted, they’re usually sent to a designated MTF for specialized training and deployment.

MTF – Mobile Task Forces

Alpha-1 (“Red Right Hand”)
This MTF is the only MTF that reports directly to O5 council, which is used for situations that require the strictest of operational security. They consist of the best and most loyal operatives, basically the right hand man of the O5 council. They take on a red and black theme due to their name and red being a naturally powerful/empowering color.
Epsilon-11 (“Nine-Tailed Fox”)
This MTF handles internal security under oversight from Alpha-1, they are a special operations unit deployed when standard protocols fail and multiple breaches are imminent. Due to their nature, most of their operations are classified. They take on an orange and black theme mainly due to how they are represented as so in SCP games as well as orange being one step down from red (Alpha-1).
Nu-7 (“Hammer Down”)
This MTF is a battalion-strength force consisting of three company-sized elements of special operations infantry forces, including a light armored vehicle company, a tank platoon, helicopter squadron, a chemical-biological-radiological-nuclear (CBRN) platoon, combat engineer platoon, nuclear weapon specialist squad, and additional combat support and specialists. They’re tasked with responding to incidents that involve loss of communication with major foundation sites, a site-wide mass breach, enemy compromises, and similar catastrophic events. Some consider this part of the foundation “military”, due to them having a military structure, military vehicles, and military protocols. Since they are based in Ruby Mountain, Nevada, they take on a tan desert style theme due to the vast desert environment and their military style. Has a medical and heavy variant, to use the heavy, just put the heavy armor on a standard nu-7 unit.
Beta-7 (“Maz Hatters”)
This MTF specializes in the swift acquisition and containment of anomalies exhibiting extreme biological, chemical, or radiological hazards. They also specialize in cleanup of areas affected by contamination. They take on a yellow CBRN suit theme but with the suit being more compact for higher agility and maneuverability.
Epsilon-9 (“Fire Eaters”)
This MTF specializes in the use of incendiary weapons and with operations that include high-temperature environments, individuals, and objects. They are also called in with Beta-7 from time to time for incendiary decontamination. They take on a black and caution yellow firefighter theme due to their nature with high-temp operations.
Zeta-9 (“Mole Rats”)
This MTF specializes in the investigation, exploration, and containment of subterranean or enclosed spaces exhibiting anomalous phenomena. Including those with inconsistent topography or unstable spacetime. They take on an earthy light brownish-tan theme due to their nature with subterranean exploration.
Tau-5 (“Samsara”)
These are immortal cyborg clones created from the flesh of a dead god. They utilize esoteric and experimental foundation technology to investigate and contain thaumaturgic, magical, and psionic threats. They have a dark cyborg theme with a dark red color theme due to their dangerous and chilling nature.

Part 3 of SCP – SCP Foundation:

DEA – Department of External Affairs

Field Agent
They are used for an armed foundation workforce outside of SCP facilities, whether as patrol security outside site perimeters or for non-branded combat personnel. They take on the style of the fib agents – []  and their armor – []  from gta 5.
They are used to search, find, and recruit staff whether it being combat or non-combat oriented and also used to find applicable prisoners to be recruited as d-class. They have a white and tan theme dress shirt theme.
Concealer Agent
They are used to conceal and prevent compromises of foundation facilities, SCPs, and points of interest of the foundation. They take on a “secret service” agent style with a dark theme.
They are used for managing relations with various other organizations, sovereign nations, corporations/companies, international authorities, the UN and it’s anomaly division the GOC. They take on a white and black dress shirt theme.

EC – Ethics Committee

Ethics Representative
They are responsible for observing and reporting any unethical or immoral activities going on within the rule of the foundation against SCPs, D-Class, and improper use of dangerous weapons, equipment, or harmful devices against sentient creatures whether human or not. They are actually taken as a joke to many but have a surprising influence on how the foundation runs. Has a brown suit theme to distinguish it from the admin department.
Omega-1 (“Law’s Left Hand”)
They are tasked with arresting and imprisoning or capturing and eliminating personnel that have validated the ethical and moral laws within foundation jurisdiction. They are also operation security for ethics committee members in case of foul play. They are sent in with a couple ethics representatives upon a report of unethical actions transpiring in a site, once the representatives have assessed the situation, depending on the severity of the violation, they will either arrest and put the violator on trail or arrest the violator and sentence them to death in which they are terminated. They take on a blue and black theme, counteracting the red and black theme of Alpha-1.

ISD – Internal Security Department

Internal Security Operative
They are sent in to arrest and interrogate a foundation staff member that is a supposed enemy GOI informant against the foundation. They usually do covert operations against suspected personnel and watch over them until either they are deemed misidentified (in which they get assigned another suspected target) or confirmed to be an informant (in which they commence arresting operations).

HPT – Hazard Protection Team

The HPT are a universal group that handle chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear level threats. They are sent into a facility alongside MTF operatives when there is word of a significant breach of hazardous material within said facility. They are outfitted with Class-A HAZMAT protection suits and are specialized in containment and cleanup of hazardous SCPs, material, and phenomena within a facility or area.

UNGOC – United Nations Global Occult Coalition:

Created in the aftermath of WWII, from the remnants of defecting occultists, psychics, priests, and scientists from Nazi, Soviet, and Allied states, brought together and formed by the Allies. They see themselves as the world police of anomalous threats, or “parathreats” as they call them. Mostly a political force, they pride themselves on capturing and destroying anomalies. They make use of the most high-tech experimental technology, and due to their nature many potential SCPs have been eliminated by them before the foundation could get their hands on them. As for relations with the foundation, they have been on both sides, working with and against the foundation depending on the situations. They have largely held the foundation in contempt for their use and containment of SCP items rather than their out-and-out destruction and therefore, agents with the GOC are to be treated as suspicious whether neutral or not.

GOCHC – High Command

They are the standing administrator of the GOC and make the internal decisions of the organization with permission from the Secretary-General of the UN.
Nexus Advisors
They are the managers of different sectors of the GOC, they oversee and make the more localized decisions with permission from the Undersecretariat.


They are the diplomats of the GOC, maintaining direct relations with non-hostile organizations, sovereign nations, corporations/companies, international authorities, and the SCP Foundation.


Research and Development Team
They are the scientists of the GOC, they research tactics and technology to swiftly and efficiently eliminate parathreats within their jurisdiction.
Logistics and Support Team
They are the logistics and support of the GOC, they handle distribution and coordination of weapons, armor, equipment, food, and currency to various facilities of the GOC.


Assessment Team
They are the armed workforce of the GOC, they are the equivalent to the UN peacekeeping forces and usually protect GOC facilities and personnel from enemy compromises and parathreats, they also investigate and observe parathreats. Also comes with a heavy variant.
Strike Team
They are the task force of the GOC, specializing in capturing and eliminating parathreats and protecting high ranking personnel of the GOC.

CI – Chaos Insurgency:

Once loyal to the foundation, they were created in 1924 by the foundation to bypass ethical restriction in operations with questionable ethics involved and were staged to keep unethical attention away from the foundation itself, and for approximately 24 years, they had done just that. However, in 1948 under a seemingly routine staged operation they gathered several defected SCP objects and personnel all while unplanned raids also occurred on various SCP facilities. O5’s worst nightmare had become true, their covert black ops team had defected and raided SCP facilities around the world.
They are used as the sole combatant workforce of the CI and are the ones used to attack SCP facilities, take SCPs, and recruit new members. Also comes with a heavy variant.
Squad Commander
They are used as the leader of 4-8 people within a squad, they take orders directly from members of Delta Command.

SH – Serpent’s Hand:

The Serpent’s Hand is a small but formidable organization responsible for several security breaches and are said to be highly coordinated and dangerous. Currently there is little information on the purpose of them and most of said information has only been leaked from the GOC data. They embrace the use and existence of supernatural phenomena and particularly the humanoid and sentient SCPs. The group seems to have an unfriendly relationship with the Chaos Insurgency and an extremely hostile relationship with the GOC, the only recorded unprovoked violence by serpent’s hand have been against the GOC.
This is just a standard follower of the serpent’s hand and believe in their cause. They are usually not armed but have been seen with a few pistols from time to time. They do not fight normally and are just there to serve.
These are the combatant followers of the serpent’s hand and are directed to attack enemy facilities and to eliminate anyone from a hostile organization that they come in contact with.
One of the local leaders of serpent’s hand, they do the local management of platoons of followers and of combatants.

UIU – Unusual Incidents Unit (FBI):

The UIU was formed after the onset of the cold war, when the US government was focused on utilizing supernatural phenomena and preventing the communists from doing the same. This in turn led to the formation of a FBI special division in rapid deployment and capturing of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. Through the collapse of the USSR including the GRU-P and the end of the cold war they have been in steady decline since then and are considered a shell of what they once were. The Unusual Incidents Unit has been known to engage in combat alongside and against various anomalous organizations in the past, including participating in several combat operations under Foundation supervision in the 1950s and 1960s, and the “Black Mamba” incident in Afghanistan in 1976. The influence of the SCP Foundation and GOC in the US Government has stopped the UIU and other US government entities dealing with anomalous activity.
Standard Unit
The main combatant workforce of the UIU, since the collapse of the USSR they have mainly been trying to report anomalies to either the foundation or the GOC while protecting civilians and their own personnel from anomalies as their main priority instead of trying to frantically find ways of utilizing them. They also have a heavy and medical variant, you can equip the unit with heavy armor to make them into a heavy.
Undercover Unit
They are used for covert operations in public areas, including spying on any hostile organization, covering up any paranormal events, and watching for any reports of paranormal phenomena.

Written by RadioactiveE3™

Hope you enjoy the post for People Playground Story/Lore Info, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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