New Vault Codes 2.2 in Geometry Dash

New Vault Codes 2.2 in Geometry Dash 1 -
New Vault Codes 2.2 in Geometry Dash 1 -

New Vault Codes 2.2 in Geometry Dash

Hey there, Geometry Dash fan! Ready to crack open some cool secrets and levels? Check out these awesome new codes:

THECHICKENISREADY: Pops open the Vault of Secrets
d4sHg30mE7ry: Also gets you into the Vault of Secrets
back on track: Opens up the Chamber of Time
finalboss: Unlocks The Vault

How to Use These Codes:

For the Vault of Secrets:
1. Hop online in the game.
2. Peek at the top right corner for a padlock icon.
3. Give that padlock a tap to dive into the Vault of Secrets.

Getting into the Chamber of Time:
1. Switch to offline mode.
2. Head to the game’s last segment.
3. Spot the door in the middle of your screen and open it to step into the Chamber of Time.

To Unlock The Vault:
1. Open the game’s settings menu.
2. Look for the padlock icon, again at the top right corner.
3. Tap on it and voila, The Vault is yours to explore!

Have a blast uncovering new challenges and secrets in Geometry Dash with these handy codes!

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