How to Find the Best Stasis Fragments for Titan in Destiny 2

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How to Find the Best Stasis Fragments for Titan in Destiny 2

Hey there, fellow Titan! Ready to amp up your game in Destiny 2? Let’s talk about those super cool Glacier Grenades. These bad boys are not just any grenades – they’re your ticket to building a fortress or blasting enemies out of your way. To make the most of these grenades, you gotta get your hands on Whisper of Shards and Whisper of Torment. Pair these with a beefed-up Discipline stat, and you’ll be chucking grenades like there’s no tomorrow!

But hey, it’s not all about offense. We Titans are tough nuts to crack, right? Boost that Resilience stat – easy peasy with the right armor mods. And don’t forget about the Whisper of Chains and Whisper of Rime for that extra edge in defense. The more you toss those grenades, the more you’ll feel the power of these fragments.

One more thing – Whisper of Bonds. This little gem helps you churn out Orbs of Power like a boss, letting your team unleash their Super abilities more often. Pretty awesome, huh?

The Lowdown on Each Whisper Fragment:

  • Whisper of Shards: Break a Stasis crystal, and watch your grenade recharge speed zoom up. It’s like hitting the turbo button!
  • Whisper of Torment: Every time you take a hit, you’re one step closer to your next grenade. Talk about turning a bad situation good!
  • Whisper of Chains: Stand near frozen enemies or Stasis crystals, and you’ll be tougher to take down. It’s like having an invisible shield!
  • Whisper of Rime: Grab a Stasis shard, and you get this cool overshield. Keep picking up shards to keep the shield going. It’s a game-changer!
  • Whisper of Bonds: Freeze and shatter enemies, and you’ll be raining Orbs of Power. Your team will thank you!

So there you have it – your guide to being an unstoppable Stasis Titan. Use these Fragments wisely, and you’ll be the hero your Fireteam needs. See you on the battlefield!

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