How to Exploit the Shotgun Crafting Glitch for Solo Raiding in Destiny 2

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Redeemed Clutch Missile Launcher Avatar in Roblox with Amazon Prime Gaming 2 -

How to Exploit the Shotgun Crafting Glitch for Solo Raiding in Destiny 2

There was this absolutely wild glitch in Destiny 2 that surfaced on September 15. This bug essentially allowed players to mash up weapon frames, leading to some seriously overpowered guns. It was like having a surprise party where everyone suddenly became superheroes. But, of course, with great power comes… a lot of game imbalances!

For a solid weekend, every Guardian was living their best life with these buffed-up guns. The usual Destiny battlefield? It turned into a full-blown fireworks show. It was fun, but let’s be real; it was breaking the game’s balance big time.

The game developers, though, were quick on the draw. By September 18, they had a patch ready to go, nixing the glitch. It was a blast while it lasted, but balance is restored and it’s back to the usual Destiny grind, with memories of those super-guns as a sweet bonus.

Getting the Lowdown on the Glitch

So, what was this glitch all about? It’s pretty intriguing. By fiddling with the game’s frame rate and hopping into the crafting interface, players discovered they could shuffle attributes between weapons. It was like a DIY weapon customization on steroids.

The trick? Players would drop Destiny’s frame rate down to the absolute minimum, then dive into the crafting menu. In a swift move, they’d pick one weapon and switch to another, transferring the perks and attributes. It was basically giving weapons a wild makeover.

This gave everyone a chance to play mix and match with weapon combos, creating some bonkers firearms. But remember, taking advantage of glitches can sometimes bite back. Developers are always on the lookout to fix these, ensuring everyone gets a fair shot in the game. So, it’s usually a good idea to play it straight and embrace the game’s authentic challenges.

The New Hotness: A New Variant

Though some older tricks got patched up, savvy Guardians have discovered another wild method that’s just as effective. Let’s dive into it.

Maxing Out Shotgun Power with the Crafting Glitch

Ever thought of supercharging your shotgun? Well, this new glitch lets you do just that. By melding an Aggressive-frame Sniper (think weapons like Succession or Volta Bracket) with a Pinpoint Slug-frame Shotgun like Heritage or Nessa’s Oblation, you craft shotguns that hit like a truck. We’re talking about shotguns dishing out damage that’s off the charts—sometimes even hitting the 500k mark in certain battles. Talk about a game-changer!

The One-Man Showdown with the VoG Raid Boss

Want a taste of what’s possible with this glitch? Destiny 2 streamer, Luckyy 10P, recently shared a video where he takes down the VoG raid boss, The Templar, all by himself. No backup, just him, his trusty Well of Radiance, and Frenzy. And guess what? He didn’t even need to reload. Now that’s impressive!

Is it User-Friendly? Some Concerns

A little hiccup though: this version isn’t as accessible as the ones before. To truly harness the power of this glitch, players need both a craftable Aggressive-frame Sniper Rifle and a Pinpoint Slug-frame Shotgun. And not everyone has these lying around.

Finding the Volta Bracket and Other Hurdles

Finding these weapons can be a bit of a quest. Sure, you can get the Volta Bracket from Neomuna, but there’s no easy-to-craft Slug-frame shotgun in Destiny 2 right now without diving into raids or nabbing some Deepsight Harmonizers. So, if you’re not into raids or don’t have those items, you might be feeling a tad left out. Plus, whispers in the gaming alleys suggest Bungie might patch the glitch that lets you snag Red Borders through raid farming. So, if you’re looking to dive into this, you might want to move fast!

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