Hell Let Loose Resources and Nodes Guide

Hell Let Loose Resources and Nodes Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Hell Let Loose Resources and Nodes Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
This guide is going to tell you about resources and resource nodes in Hell Let Loose.


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Hi everyone! 
This guide will tell you about Resources and Nodes in Hell Let Loose and why they are very important to the game! I hope this guide helps you out! 
I have a video version of this guide on my Youtube channel, along with 30+ other guides for Hell Let Loose going from performance guides, weapon guides, role guides, and more! 

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What are Resources?

So in Hell Let Loose, there are 3 different resources. Munitions, Manpower and Fuel. You can see how many munitions your team has by looking at the top of your map. 
Hell Let Loose Resources and Nodes Guide 
You will see how many resources your team currently has, and how many more resources you will get every 60 seconds. Resources are a key factor to victory in Hell Let Loose. If you have no resources, your Commander cannot spawn in tanks, they cannot call in bombing runs. Artillery will run out of ammo, it’s a bad idea to have no resources in this game. So let’s take a look at each resource type and see how they affect the battle. 


So first up Manpower. 
Hell Let Loose Resources and Nodes Guide 
Manpower is depleted every time a player dies. This is either by being outright killed, such as a headshot or being exploded, or when they give up. Manpower can get to 0 and players can still spawn in. Manpower is the first resource that you should build nodes for, as Manpower has the ability that increases the number of resources generated, for all resources. Here are the abilities that use manpower. 
Establish Airhead – This costs 75 manpower, and this allows the commander to deploy a temporary garrison from a plane, anywhere on the map. Even behind enemy lines. The airhead remains in place for 3 minutes. This is amazing for launching surprise attacks from the rear or flanks. 
Dismantle Garrison – For 50 manpower the commander can remove a friendly garrison from the map. Now you’re probably wondering why you would do this? Well, there is an 8 garrison limit for each team, so if you need are at your cap, and you need to build a garrison near the front lines, but no one is near another garrison to dismantle it, the commander can use this to dismantle it quickly. 
Reinforce – For 30 manpower, this temporarily increases the capture power of all friendly sectors. Which makes your control points harder for the enemy to capture. Great to use in a pinch. 
Encouraged – This costs 30 manpower and allows any captured sectors to temporarily generate more resources. 
Final Stand – This costs 30 manpower again, and this stops your team from losing any resources for a short time. 
The commander can also swap 50 manpower, for 30 fuel or 30 munitions. 
So without manpower, you lose the ability to generate more resources for a time, to make defending points a bit easier, and to establish the airhead which can turn a game around. 


Next, let’s look at Munitions. 
Hell Let Loose Resources and Nodes Guide 
Munitions are used for every single round an artillery gun, or anti-tank gun emplacement will fire, and for commander abilities. For artillery, it costs 5 munitions for 1 smoke round, and 3 for 1 HE round. For the anti-tank gun emplacement, it’s 5 munitions per shot. The commander’s abilities that use munitions are, 
Supply Drop – This costs 15 munitions and this allows the commander to drop resources down onto a specific location. 
Recon Plane – For 25 munitions, this calls in a recon plane down in a specified direction that will show the location of enemy soldiers to Squad leaders. 
Strafing Run – This costs 50 munitions and lets the commander call down a plane to perform a strafing run using its machine guns. 
And the Bombing run for 75 munitions. And this calls down a bombing run on a location. The bombing run can be used to destroy enemy fortifications, garrisons, and resource nodes. 
They can also swap 50 munitions for 30 fuel, or 30 manpower. 
So without munitions, you want be getting artillery which can devastate the enemy. You won’t get the anti-tank gun emplacements firing, you will lack an area clearing bombing run and more. 


And lastly, we have Fuel. 
Hell Let Loose Resources and Nodes Guide 
Without fuel, you will have no tanks and no trucks. If you have no tanks in this game, you’re gonna get destroyed, and you need your trucks, especially your Supply truck, to quickly bring lots of supplies to the front line. 
So with Fuel, the commander can spawn in tanks, this is the only way to get extra tanks throughout the battle. 
The US side can spawn 
The Sherman Jumbo 76mm for 100 fuel. The Sherman Jumbo 75mm for 85 fuel, the Transport and Supply Truck for 15 fuel, and the recon vehicle the M8 Greyhound for 30 fuel. They can also swap 50 fuel for 30 manpower or munitions. 
The Axis Side can spawn in a Tiger 1 for 100 fuel, the Panther for 60, the trucks for 15 fuel and their recon vehicle, the Puma for 30 fuel. They can also swap 50 fuel for 30 manpower or munitions. 
Please be aware that the costs for these abilities and vehicles could change in future updates. 

How do you get Resources?

So as you can see from how the resources as used, it is very important that you get more. You need your artillery guns to keep shooting, along with your commander’s abilities, and to keep your tanks rolling in. These abilities can change the shape of the battle. So do your commander a favour and get more resources. But how do you do this? 
Firstly, you may not even realise this happens, but by capturing objectives, you will start generating more resources. Each point on the map will have a symbol, and this symbol relates to one of the resources. 
Hell Let Loose Resources and Nodes Guide 
Once you capture this point, you will start getting more resources for this type. Capturing a point 3 resources for that type every 60 seconds. 
The next and best way to generate resources is with the Engineer role. The engineer can build a resource node for each type. The team can only have 4 of each type, for a total of 12 nodes, and 1 engineer can build all of these. However, you cannot build nodes of the same type within 50 meters of another. To be able to build nodes, an engineer needs supplies. A friendly Support soldier can either drop these, a commander can drop these from the sky, or a supply truck can drop big supply crates. Each resource node will cost 50 supplies. They can only be built in captured territory. 

How do you destroy Nodes?

Nodes can be dismantled by friendly and enemy players. So if you see any enemy nodes then dismantle them. However, dismantling nodes will take 30 seconds per node and generally, nodes are built next to other nodes. So you could sit there for a couple of minutes dismantling nodes if you wanted. Or you can place a satchel charge that the second engineer load out carries, and it will destroy them all. A commanders bombing run will also take them out. Like garrisons and outposts, if you lose the territory they are built-in, they will automatically dismantle themselves. Before Update 9, nodes would not automatically dismantle, so it could be possible that this changes again in a future patch. 


So I hope all this information has helped you out. It’s quite a bit to take in, but the main thing to remember is that resources are important, get those nodes built, and take out enemy nodes. You can always spawn as an engineer to build nodes, then change to a different role. If you liked this guide please give it a like! Thank you for checking this out, and ill cya later. 

Written by Terrydactyl

Hope you enjoy the post for Hell Let Loose Resources and Nodes Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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