Hell Let Loose Tips and Tricks How to Level Up Fast – New Patch Guide

Hell Let Loose Tips and Tricks How to Level Up Fast – New Patch Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Hell Let Loose Tips and Tricks How to Level Up Fast – New Patch Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

Use this guide to level up at the fastest realistically possible speed in HLL. Requires 1x friend and about 15 spare minutes for the.


So you saw that incredible looking Stg-44/3kg TNT combo on the Lvl 9 German assault, or maybe it was the scoped SVT-40 on the Soviet Lvl 6 sniper? Either way you saw it and you wanted it. But the levelling system means that it feels like even an amazing round where you’re wiping the enemy team, being a team player and playing the objective you simply cannotlevel up at any reasonable pace. I’m here to fix that for you.

What you need

  1. A friend to do this with (the system can be sped up with two friends). This is obviously the most challenging step in this guide.
  2. An empty server which is on the offensive game mode (ideally a map with large open ground around the vehicle rearm station such as Stalingrad or SME.


The System

  1. Spawn on the offensive side and hop into the commander position
  2. Spawn a supply truck near the vehicle rearm station
  3. Have your friend start a squad
  4. Take the role you want to grind and drive the supply truck around the rearm station and spam dropping supplies
  5. Have you squad leader buddy build and then immediately dismantle garrisons, repeat this ad nauseum
  6. ???
  7. Profit


An Explanation

For those who are curious, this next section is an explanation of how the system works, I may have made some small maths errors here, if I did please feel free to correct me in the comments.
First, class XP is linked the “gameplay score” this is a combination of your combat effectiveness, offensive/defensive effectiveness and support effectiveness.
Combat effectiveness comes from vehicle kills, inf kills etc. offensive and defensive score is earned by spending time in hostile/friendly territory respectively. Support score comes from building structures, dropping supplies and critically having supplies you dropped be used to build structures. Combat effectiveness cannot be efficiently ground by yourself or with one other person, even then some classes cannot grind it in any meaningful way (e.g. sniper). Spawning in tanks to allow your AT friend to destroy is not an efficient way to level up AT given the need to resupply and the cooldown/fuel limits on the vehicle spawns. The single most important way to level up fast is to play a supporting role.
How then do we game our support score? The first factor is infinite supply. The only way you can drop infinite supply is by being next to a rearm point, but this will not work in warfare matches. The only circumstance I have found so far that allows you to drop supplies from a supply truck while next to a rearm station is the offensive game mode while the offensive team has not captured the first point. Otherwise, you are ordinarily blocked from dropping supplies in the first sector (the first two columns of the map). This method is still possible to drop outside of the first sector but is infinitely slower as you must drive back and forth to rearm and have a lot of dead time. The second factor is that you need the highest points per second ratio for building. Engineer buildings give lots of points but can take upwards of a minute to build/dismantle and are capped of 1 per type. This is clearly inefficient. A garrison can be built in 2 seconds and dismantled in 4 seconds. It gives the supply dropper 100 points for each garrison built. This obviously works out to 1,000 points per minute if you are efficient in keeping the officer permanently supplied (which you will be if you drive in circles around the re-arm station and constantly drop supplies). The rate at which you can drop supplies outstrips the rate at which the officer can use them by a significant margin as it usually takes ~2 seconds to drop supplies. A box is 150 supply and you are in red territory which means a garrison will cost 100 supply. Therefore, the officer consumes 1,000/minute and you will drop ~4,500/minute easily keeping them supplied. At this rate you can fairly easily earn enough points in 30 minutes to rank up a class from 0-5. Ranking up a class is now trivial, the only challenge is finding someone who is willing to put up with 20-30 minutes of pure boredom/you.
Use this knowledge wisely! Either lobby the developers for a more fair leveling system for certain combat-oriented classes (engineers etc. have it fine right now) or use it to enjoy game mechanics which are otherwise out of reach for those of you who have limited time to spend in the game because of real life commitments.
After having a bit of a browse around Reddit where I posted this guide I found an additional little bit of information that I had noticed but not figured out when experimenting. The reason you earn 100 points per garrison is because when dropping supplies you will earn 1 point per supply used. As you are in red territory you consume double the standard supply cost of a garri (100 vs 50). The other source of points I noticed but couldn’t figure out was that you earn 30 points for every minute spent driving the supply truck, this is still trivial compared to the ~ 1000/minute of garrison building but is a nice cherry on top.
Thanks to the helpful HLL Training Camp Team for producing the point scoring system found here:
Scoring System Link – [google.com] 

Written by Mikhail_Filitov

This is all for Hell Let Loose Tips and Tricks How to Level Up Fast – New Patch Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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