Hell Let Loose Artillery Guide

Hell Let Loose Artillery Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Hell Let Loose Artillery Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

All the basic knowledge you need to properly use the artillery!


Greetings, I’ll be here today to help you lay some foundations on the basics use of artillery!

Step I

Create your own unit and don’t forget to asign it with the Artillery icon

( If you do not know how to read the tutorial –> Unit Designation )

It is upto you wether you lock the unit or keep it unlocked. My personal preference is keeping it locked.

Step II ( using a calculator.. )

Now let’s get to the artillery, pick the left, center or most right one. Now let’s pop open a calculator to properly use it. Press me to open the calculator – [hell-let-loose-calculator.com]


Now, press the map you are playing on and then press the artillery gun you’re behind. Left, center or right.

Step III ( Finding your targets )

Now it’s time to find targets!

Talk in the command chat and say the following!

‘Hey, I am (SQUAD NAME). Currently controlling our arty, please mark locations when you need arty assistence.’

–> If you have squad mates, have them give you information on enemy positions too.


If you do not get any enemy positions and you are NOT currently losing your own objective, start striking the backside of the enemy objective. Usually enemy’s strong hold this and are waiting for your teammates to attack it. If you focus fire on it you will be guaranteed to get some kills!

Make sure you do not start shelling your teammates once they start capturing the enemy objective!


Now, after you have been shelling for sometime the enemy will send a recon squad towards you..

Unless you have squadmates you are best to switch and go to the frontlines..

You could also try requesting support over command chat but usually little to no luck..

Best of luck on the shelling comrades!

Step V: Your team isn’t communicating targets to you – how can you still be useful on arty?

Here the tricky part comes into play. What to do when your team is not communicating targets to you..?

Let’s say you are playing Carentan and you need to capture the middle objective, town center.

In this scenario you should arty here –> https://prnt.sc/IcsnECA-c1bQ – [prnt.sc]

And here –> https://prnt.sc/RQMlYSFey87f – [prnt.sc]

Obviously only do this if there are none of your teammates around

( Map static locations to fire arty at – [steamcommunity.com]  )

Now simply just do this on the current objective you need to attack with your team. But why?? The enemies will start strongholding the objective you lads need to capture, by constantly shelling this objective at the back side you make it difficult for them to enter the capturing circle..

Not only do you make it difficult for them to enter it, you cripple them. Forcing them to take alternative routes to get into the cap zone which will cost them more time. Or they try their luck and run into your shells 🙂

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Written by L4MP

Here we come to an end for Hell Let Loose Artillery Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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