Hell Let Loose How To Host Own HLL Server

Hell Let Loose How To Host Own HLL Server 1 - steamsplay.com
Hell Let Loose How To Host Own HLL Server 1 - steamsplay.com
Here is explained how to host (=rent) your own server in Hell Let Loose. The guide presents you all the available options and compares the prices, locations and features by different Game Server Providers (GSP) to ease your decision making and to provide insight into the topic. We are also trying to collect reviews from other clans & communities within HLL. The author is a community manager of [fll.fi] Finns Let Loose – A Finnish HLL Community. The Finnish community has experimented with all three GSPs (G-Portal, GTX Gaming & Nitrado). Any questions, comments or inquiries can be left in the comment section below or you can find me from Discord:
[fll.fi] Tuomainen#0001 @ discord.gg/FLL


Rent A Server

Hell Let Loose does not provide dedicated server files. You can only host your own HLL server by renting a server from one of the three Game Server Providers (GSP). 
If you spot outdated information, please comment below and I’ll correct it asap. 
Personally I have experience with all three. While this guide is done independently, trying to provide, share and compare information from public (and not so public sources) as transparently as possible, please notice that I am part of GTX Gaming’s public affiliate program. If you end up renting a server from GTX by using the link below, I am credited according to their www.gtxgaming.co.uk – https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/aff.php?aff=1898, which means 10% commission from every purchase made. 

Comparison Chart



Feature / GSP www.g-portal.com – https://www.g-portal.com/en/gameserver/rent-a-hell-let-loose-server www.gtxgaming.co.uk – https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/aff.php?aff=1898 server.nitrado.net – https://server.nitrado.net/eng/offers/Hell-Let-Loose
Location(s) & price/month: Europe Frankfurt, Germany 47€ 
London, England 85,64€ 
Moscow, Russia 89,32€
Paris, France 48,14€ 
Frankfurt, Germany 48,14€ 
London, England 79,58€ 
Moscow, Russia 81,91€
Frankfurt, Germany 
London, England
Location(s) & price/month: North America One price: 51,87€ 
Los Angeles, USA 
Washington, USA 
Montreal, CAN
One price: 48,14€ 
Quebec, CAN 
Chicago, USA 
Dallas, USA 
Miami, USA 
New York, USA 
Oregon, USA
One price: 68,99€ 
Los Angeles, USA 
New York City, USA 
Miami, USA
Location(s) & price/month: South America São Paulo, Brazil 197,29€ N/A N/A
Location(s) & price/month: Asia/Oceania Taipeh, China 69,81€ 
Sydney, Australia 77,88€ 
Tokyo, Japan 113,55€
Sydney, Australia 74,81€ N/A
Discounts Subscription period 
9. days -10% 
18. days -15% 
36. days -20%
Supscription period 
9. days -5% 
18. days -10% 
36. days -15%
Supscription period 
9. days -10% 
36. days -17%
Specs CPU: Xeon E3-1240/1270/1271 (no configuration options) CPU: i9-9900K 
CPU Clock Speed: 3.8GHz*/4.4GHz+/4.8GHz+ 
Hard Disk: SSD Enterprise Drive*/NVMe. M2 Enterprise 
CPU Priority: Normal*/High/Priority 
* Included in the default price listed above. Rest costs extra.
Support Provides opening hours. Advertises “Support via ticket, forum, wiki and phone” Advertises “Support is open 24 hours a day” and typical response rates: 
“Monday – Friday 5 Minute Responses 
Saturday – 5 Minute Responses 
Sunday – 10 Minute Responses”
Provides opening hours. Advertises “Quick and competent support.”
.ini files available No Yes No
Public Affiliate Program No Yes No
Integrated Donation System Yes Yes Yes


Community Reviews

Please share your experience with any of the hosts. Leave a comment below and I will quote it in this section of the guide. Thank you! 

Here we come to an end for Hell Let Loose How To Host Own HLL Server hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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