Respublica Making Money on Stocks

Respublica Making Money on Stocks 1 -
Respublica Making Money on Stocks 1 -
Basically Your a poor bean and you are now reading a guide on getting some bux from a person who got banned for making bux in a way which is considered cheating but personally i think its just making money different. *wink* *wink* nudge nudge

But anyway if you want a dyslexic approach to making them bare monies read on children and adults who have time to play games


Why Do YOU need money?

CAUSE MONEY IS POWER AND POWER IS MONEY. Basically that’s why we need it and you must to or your just reading this for the lols. 
Now The Guide 
1. Rn your are like this homeless man i have found on google poor alone needing some money so you can buy your McDonald coca cola and your triple cheeseburger so how will you homeless people do this, By going onto the stock market but because some of you dont know how to do this cause of brain injuries i will say how Respublica Making Money on Stocks 
1A. The second image will show the world button you need to press 
1B. Press stock Market 
1. Well done were hereRespublica Making Money on Stocks 
2. Now your on the stock market go onto transfer and put some of your liquid cash into it in my opinion you need to put 10k or more into the market. 
3. Press on RE LIST and scroll down to the bottom and get some cheap stock or if you feeling bold get that expensive stuff but before you buy think will this go up or down personally i say buy PRXX stock due to paradox stock being snazzyRespublica Making Money on Stocks 
4. You have bought your stock now what do you do. You either wait and it goes up and you sell or you get dividends everyday but thats up to you. 
5. Eventually you will get good at this and no longer be homeless trash and be a rich stockbroker. 
6. What will you do with this money. BUY MORE STOCK AND GET MORE MONEY TO USE ON YOURSELF. 
Your welcome for the ♥♥♥♥ advice love and leave ya 

By Frankie

Here we come to an end for Respublica Making Money on Stocks hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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