Have a Nice Death How to dodge Hector Krank’s attacks

Have a Nice Death How to dodge Hector Krank’s attacks 1 - steamsplay.com
Have a Nice Death How to dodge Hector Krank’s attacks 1 - steamsplay.com

Here's how to avoid Hector Krank’s attacks.


Krank, the mixed bag of the Sorrows is either a joker or the toughest boss in this game, depending on how far Death can reach. As usual, this guide will explain each attack of Krank and how to avoid them. It will also provide general tips to help you fight more easily.

Move Tips

I will be using a few terms, which may or not be what most people call them, so I will be storing them here (. I will also put this in any future "Have a Nice Death" guides I make).
1. Upperslash
I call it the "upperslash" and it is one of the most important techniques for dodging. It is done by performing an up attack. You can also jump when performing the upperslash to increase your height. This is useful when you want to jump high into the air, or dodge attacks that cover the entire surface.
2. Air combos
They are as useful as they are combative. They can also be used to extend airtime. These are useful when there isn’t enough space to land or for lingering attacks.


Krank's attacks can be fast and hard hitting and cover the majority of the arena's lower area. Krank's greatest weakness is the fact that he can only hit him with attacks that are fast and hard hitting. The exception to this rule is the upperclaw.
All attacks found in phase 1 can also be found in phase 2.
Phase 1

  • Upperclaw – Krank swings his big claw (the crusher upwards in an arc and hits anything directly next to or above him. Death must be within melee reach to perform this attack. It is easy to dodge this attack by moving away from Krank.
  • Krank pulls his crusher behind him before he sprints across the arena. This attack can be avoided by jumping over Krank immediately before he dashes. If necessary, he can perform an air combo, which can be found in phase 2, where he sometimes chains another dash.
  • Cancerous Claw – Krank extends his crusher to cover the arena until it covers about two-thirds. Krank can be moved away from the arena on the opposite side or an upperslash performed to go above the claw to avoid this attack.
  • Crab Tumors. Krank will summon two small, solitary crabs either in front or behind him. The crabs attack Death by shooting their claws in Death’s direction. These can be jumped on and they are easily eliminated with the Scythe.
  • Lunge – Krank will lunge forward, and stab his opponent into the ground. This attack can be avoided by moving away from Krank, or jumping over it.

Phase 2

  • Krank will attack Death with his crusher backclaw if Death doesn't move quickly enough. It is difficult to avoid this attack as it is windy and Krank often has his back against a wall. However, if Krank is caught doing it, it is possible to dodge it by dashing through Krank or moving over him.
  • Four Claw Combo – Krank will attack with his crusher and pincer, (, the little claw). He will then move backwards, away From Death. Krank performs this usually after a melee, but he can do it alone. This can be avoided by jumping above the initial strike to avoid approaching Krank after the attack is over.
  • Followup: Krank will place his pincer/crusher in front of Death, dealing heavy damage if he is not in range. Krank will only perform this if he has suffered a melee attack, such as his lunge or cancerous claw strikes. You can dodge this by jumping above the claws and moving away.



  • Krank, a melee fighter is best dealt at range, preferably against a wall of the arena opposite to the crab's position. However, he can close it in a flash with his dash attack.
  • Krank will not tolerate you being close behind him, especially if he is against the wall. It's not advisable to be directly behind Krank if he is performing a cancerous claw attack, summoning his minions, or otherwise performing any other actions.
  • Krank can use the same general tip to help him fight C. Imamura. Krank is able to stay in the air while casting homing spells, such as Wishtorms and Bees. Krank only has one attack, while Catherine has three.


The End

Krank is a joker with his ranged attacks. Krank is a monster when melee or limited range are the only options.
The next Sorrow guide will focus on the very first boss of the game, Brad, who is the head of security.


Here we come to an end for Have a Nice Death How to dodge Hector Krank’s attacks hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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