Have a Nice Death How to dodge the attacks movement tips

Have a Nice Death How to dodge the attacks movement tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Have a Nice Death How to dodge the attacks movement tips 1 - steamsplay.com

Here's how to dodge the Hall of Eternity Thanagers attacks.


It's been a while. I put off writing this guide to avoid becoming betting burnout. But, since the Natural Disasters update is right around the corner, now is a good time to start it. This time, we'll be focusing on Leon Clean & Will Hung.

Move Tips

I will be using a few terms, which may or not be the names of the techniques by most people. I will store them here (. I will also put this in any future "Have a Nice Death" guides that I make).
1. Upperslash
The "upperslash," which I refer to, is one the most important techniques in dodging. It is done by performing an up attack. You can also jump when performing the upperslash to increase your height. This is useful when you want to jump high into the air, or dodge attacks that cover the entire surface.
2. Air combos
They are as useful as they are combative. They can also be used to extend airtime. These are useful when there isn’t enough space to land or for lingering attacks.


All attacks mentioned are not official names. I refer to them as "I call them"

Leon Clean

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  • Junkball: Leon will grab a ball of junk out of his vacuum and use the nozzle as a baseball bat to hit the ball. The ball will then be launched towards Death in a straight-line. The ball will split in smaller pieces if it hits Death or a surface. To avoid this attack, jump over the ball to avoid it and move away from its impact zone.
  • Flip: Leon will perform a front flip or back flip depending on how close Death is to Leon after he does his little hop. If the reaper falls within the scythe's reach, Leon will perform an automatic back-flip. If the reaper is further away, the janitor will perform a front flip. Sometimes Leon will do a front-flip by walking towards the middle of the arena after a reverse flip. It is possible to avoid back-flips by running away from Leon, or walking through him and walking backwards. However, the front-flip can easily be avoided by doing the opposite.
  • Vacuum Swing. Leon will spin his vacuum cleaner tank towards death by winding up. This attack can be avoided by moving away from Leon or performing an upperslash top to get above the vacuum.
  • Vacuum Stab – Leon will stab his Vacuum twice, before sucking a large junk ball from the arena and throwing it behind him. The ball travels at a certain speed and will always reach Leon at his point of attack. This means that depending on Leon's position, the ball may be present in different areas of the arena for different periods of time. This can be avoided by moving away form Leon and jumping on the junk ball that appears on the arena.


Will Hung

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  • Rope Punch: Hung may attempt to headbutt Death three more times. This can be avoided by moving away from Hung, or going above him.
  • Rope Grab. Hung will make a rope hoop and launch it towards Death. He will also grab the reaper and headbutt Death quickly. This can be avoided by simply moving away, but if Hung grabs Death, there is no escape.
  • Rope Stretch – Hung will stick his head into the ground to summon ropes from the ceiling and walls. Each rope is telegraphed using yellow lines. Although there are many options, I can only keep track of the ones that are available. Moving to the spaces without yellow lines is the easiest way to avoid them.
  • Rope clock: Hung will stand in central of the arena, place his head into the ground and summon several ropes. They move in a circular motion similar to a clock and will end after a full rotation. This attack is rare, but you can avoid it by following the open spaces and performing air combinations, upperslashes, dashes, and other maneuvers to avoid the rope streams.


The End

Now that this guide has been completed, I have nothing in my schedule to do with the Natural Disaster Department boss and his mini-bosses. These will be the next guides of the Sorrow & Thanager series.


Hope you enjoy the post for Have a Nice Death How to dodge the attacks movement tips, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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