Garry’s Mod basic commands learnt from nevel bunnyhat

Garry’s Mod basic commands learnt from nevel bunnyhat 1 -
Garry’s Mod basic commands learnt from nevel bunnyhat 1 -
this is a list of commands that are simple and fun to use


How to open up developer console

so first you’re gonna open up the options menu and then click on the advanced option and click on enable developer console. 
When you did that you have to press this key ` witch is located under the esc button on your keyboard. 

How to bind a key

this command is pretty simple it binds a command to one of your desired keys 
for example bind k command 
you can also unbind keys (note:if someone tells you to type in console unbindall do not do it it will just disable your movement) 
for example unbind k 

Armed Vehicles (jeep and airboat)

this command is kinda complicated but it dosent work when you are trying to build something on servers (keep in mind you can always bind a key) 
command: ent_setname a; ent_fire a enablegun 1; ent_fire enableradar 1 
you will also need to give your vehicle the mounted gun 
do this by holding the context menu(default button is c) and then hover you’re cursor to a jeep or airboat and then go to bodygroups and click on the tau_cannon (for jeep) or weapon (for airboat) 

Prop killing

this isn’t very cool to do on servers because this will get you banned for doing this (there are some servers that allow you to prop kill but that’s only for small props) 
command: physgun_wheelspeed 99999 
note:you cant build stuff with this type of speed so you are gonna need to turn it back to normal speed when you are gonna build stuff 
normal speed is 10 

Zoom (no not the application)

this is probably binded by default so you don’t need to bind a key for it 
default key for zoom is b 
command: bind <KEY> +zoom 
this is useful for creating cinematics if you aren’t very good with the camera 
if you dont like the stuff on your side screen then there is a mod to remove it 

oh ship i forgot about sv_cheats 1

sv_cheats 1 is a command that lets you turn on god mode thirdperson and others but its disabeld at all times so you will need an admin to turn it on 
command: sv_cheats 1 
alternative: sv_cheats 0 (off) 

Third person and first person

this is pretty simple but you need sv_cheats 1 to do it 
command: thirdperson 
alternative: firstperon 

X-ray vision

this can be only turned on by sv_cheats 1 
command: r_drawothermodels 2 
alternative: r_drawothermodels 1 (turns props back to normal) 
this command turns makes props visible through wall with a wireframe with a nice cyan color to it 

chat message

this is basicly a message that your player says when you press a certain key 
command: bind <KEY> hello people 

God mode

self explanitory it gives you unlimited health (you need sv_cheats 1 to enable it) 
command: god 
alternative: buddha 

Hurting yourself

self explanitory you need sv_cheats 1 to hurt yourself 
command: hurtme 
example: hurtme 30 


self explanitory it kills you 
command: kill 
there is a mod that lets you become a ragdoll when you die some people use it for ragdoll complination videos and so on 


this one is pretty simple but you need sv_cheats on 
command: getpos 
alternative: setpos 
example: setpos -1943.496582 4493.694824 5474.012695;setang 18.493414 169.345856 0.000000 
note:you have to type in getpos so you can get your cordinates and then type in setpos and then copy your given cordinates 

super strenght

you need sv_cheats on for this command 
when you shoot at a prop or you killed an npc it will launch them really far away 
command: phys_pushscale 9999999 
alternative: phys_pushscale 1 (normal) 

time change

you need sv_cheats on for this to work 
you can change your time speed with this command 
command: host_timescale 
example: host_timescale 3 (time will pass 3x faster) 
you can experiment with this command and also don’t forget to bind it if you want 

Noclip speed

again you need sv_cheats on for this command to work 
command: sv_noclipspeed 
example: sv_noclipspeed 10 
alternate: sv_noclipspeed 5 (normal speed) 

Unlimited ammo

its self explanitory you need sv_cheats on 
command: givecurrentammo 

Give yourself all half life 2 weapons

its self explanitory you need sv_cheats on 
command: impulse 101 

Kicking people

only owners and admins can do this 
command: kick <username> 
example: kick white circle 

cleaning decals

this will clean the servers decals (blood bullet holes exc) 
command: r_cleardecals 

Clean your developer console

self explanitory removes all the code and stuff from your console 
command: clear 

Stoping sounds

self explanitory it stops the sound from everything 
command: stopsound 
if music is playing in the backround you can type this in the console and everything will be nice 

Hide your hud

self explanitory it hides your hud 
command: cl_drawhud 0 
alternative: cl_drawhud 1 (on) 

Field of view

self explanitory 
command: fov 
example: fov 50 

FOV for viewmodels (hands)

self explanitory increase or decrease the range of your hands 
command: viewmodel_fov 
example: viewmodel_fov 50 

Thanks for reading

i hope you learnt something new and helped you out on something and thats about it if you need anything then say something in the comments 

Written by white circle

This is all for Garry’s Mod basic commands learnt from nevel bunnyhat hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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