Garry’s Mod How to (potentially) boost your FPS!

Garry’s Mod How to (potentially) boost your FPS! 1 -
Garry’s Mod How to (potentially) boost your FPS! 1 -

The Guide

(Make sure to have multicore rendering enabled in Gmod’s in-game settings!) 
From your steam library, right-click on Garry’s Mod in your list of games. Go to properties > Local files > Browse local files. Once in Gmod’s directory, (the group of files with “hl2” next to the Gmod logo,) click on the file called “garrysmod,” then go to “cfg,” then finally, go to the text file called “autoexec.” Notepad or whatever other software you use to edit text files should show up. 
Once you are at this step, copy and past these things into the text file: 
“cl_threaded_bone_setup 1 
cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 2 
r_threaded_client_shadow_manager 1 
r_threaded_particles 1 
r_threaded_renderables 1 
r_queued_ropes 1 
studio_queue_mode 1 
cl_threaded_bone_setup 1 
mat_queue_mode 2 
gmod_mcore_test 1” 
Once you’re done, make sure to save! And if your game was running during all of this, restart it. 
If this doesn’t do it for you, the issue may lie elsewhere. Sometimes even the MAP can be the source of poor performance, as the workshop is littered with poorly optimized maps. 

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