Elite Dangerous Miscellaneous Odyssey Knowledge for New Players

Elite Dangerous Miscellaneous Odyssey Knowledge for New Players 1 - steamsplay.com
Elite Dangerous Miscellaneous Odyssey Knowledge for New Players 1 - steamsplay.com
I created this guide as a referable Codex for new players, and for my friends. It contains basic knowledge about Suits, Weapons, and Consumables that may or may not be explained in game.



In Odyssey, there exists 3 different and distinct weapon damage types. Kinetic, Thermal, and Plasma.

Kinetic weapons are produced by Kinematic and function like real life firearms (ie: projectile). They are ineffective against shields, but highly effective against flesh. It is recommended to knock your combatants shields offline with a different method before using a kinetic weapon on them. These weapons are also fairly useful against unshielded SRVs and unshielded Skimmers).

Kinetic Weapon Types:
Karma AR-50 (Assault Rifle, primary Slot)
Karma C-44 (SMG/Carbine, Primary Slot)
Karma P-15 (Handgun, Secondary Slot) (This Weapon is provided to users for the duration of the Odyssey Tutorial)
Karma L-6 (Rocket Launcher, Primary Slot)

Thermal weapons are produced by Takada and function as laser weaponry. They tend to be high rate of fire with decent capcity to melt shields (and unshielded Skimmers and SRVs). However, they are relatively weak against flesh, making them more suited for exclusive use against shields.

Thermal Weapon Types:
TK Aphelion (Assault Rifle, Primary Slot) (Note: This Weapon Is provided to users for the duration of the Odyssey Tutorial)
TK Eclipse (SMG/Carbine, Primary Slot)
TK Zenith (Handgun, Secondary Slot)

Plasma Weapons are produced by Manticore and function familiarly to the plasma weaponry in Fallout3/Fallout new vegas. They are highly effective against shields AND soft targets, not to mention SRVs and Skimmers. However, the trade off for their effectiveness is the slow movement speed of the projectile these weapons fire. Leading your targets is crucial to not wasting ammunition.

Plasma Weapon Types:
Manticore Executioner (DMR, Primary Slot)
Manticore Intimidator (Shotgun, Primary Slot)
Manticore Oppressor (Assault Rifle, Primary Slot)
Manticore Tormentor (Handgun, Secondary Slot)

Handheld Firearms can be upgraded from Grade 1 to Grade 5 with Components, Goods, and Data. Each grade increases a weapon’s DPS and adds one slot for Engineering modifications. Pioneer Supplies locations occasionally stock weapons at higher grades that may also come with at least one Engineer modification pre-installed; these high-grade weapons are one-of-a-kind and cost substantially more than normal stock.

NOTE: Modifcations CANNOT be removed from weapons once installed. Once they are installed, that mod is now permanently attached to that weapon. IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED TO PICK UP MORE THAN ONE OF A WEAPON YOU LIKE FOR PURPOSES OF EFFECT EXPERIMENTATION.

Pilot Suits

There exist 4 purchasable suits in Odyssey: Flight, Maverick, Dominator, and Artemis.

The Flight Suit (produced by Remlok Industries) comes free of charge to all pilots and offers no special bonuses, whatsoever. It comes with a basic personal shield system, air reserve, profile analyzer, and energy link, and a secondary weapons slot, as well as a flashlight and slots for 1 Medkit and 1 Suit Energy cell. It is not recommended for use in any scenario and cannot be upgraded or engineered in any way. It does not have a primary weapon slot and cannot hold any other consumables at all.

The Maverick Suit (produced by Remlok Industries) is a general upgrade to the flight suit, with a higher carrying capacity for goods, assets, higher shields and MUCH higher shield regen. It also comes with a basic kit pilots kit of profile analyzer, flashlight, and energylink. However, the value in this suit is in its arc cutter, which allows users to break into certain lockers, containers, and get into locked rooms. It is the definite suit for scavenging and a necessary purchase to successfully complete many missions offered by NPCS. It can be engineered and upgraded in exchange for materials.

The Dominator Suit (produced by Manticore) is a suit designed exclusively for combat. It boosts the highest shield capacity and shield regen speed as well as the ability to carry high amounts of all consumables, all while keeping the user safe with its high armor. It has 3 weapon slots: 2 Primary, 1 Secondary, so there is a high degree of experimentation available with loadouts.

The Artemis Suit (produced by Supratech) is the only suit that allows the user to take part in Exobiology as it is the only suit equipped with the Genetic Sampler tool. It boosts a fair speed of shield regeneration, a slightly higher shield capacity than the maverick shield, and lots of space for assets/goods/data. The Artemis Suit however, does not have very many consumable slots, further emphasizing its use outside of combat. It does come with a slot for a Primary weapon as well as a Secondary weapon slot, meaning that the user is not defenseless.

NOTE: All suits (with the exception of the basic Flight Suit) can be Engineered and Upgraded as well as found in stations pre-engineered and pre-upgraded. Engineer effects include Quieter Footsteps, Night Vision, etc. Current Grades are 1-5, with 1 being the most common and anything above being exceptionally rare.


NOTE3: All Suits Come With Several Free Suit Cosmetics Worth Checking out


There exists 5 consumables in Odyssey: Shield Projectors, Medkits, Energy Cells, Frag Grenade, Shield Disruptors, and E-Breach.

Shield Projectors: Creates a Dome Shield when thrown, ala Halo 3. Can be found in settlement grenade cases and purchased from station ventors.

Medkits: Heals the user if they are injured. Can be found in settlement medical cases and purchased from station ventors.

Energy Cells: Recharges your suit battery, keeping modules powered (modules being flashlight, air supply, jump boost, shields, etc). Can be found in settlements and purchased from station vendors.

Frag Grenades: Self-explanatory. Effective against SRVs, soft targets, and shielded targets. Can be fround in settlement grenade cases and purchased from station vendors.

E-Breach: Allows users to bypass locked containers and access panels on settlements. very expensive and can only be found in Anarchy system stations or stations in areas controlled by Communist Minor Factions (no, that isnt a joke. Space communism exists).

Written by Clocky

Hope you enjoy the post for Elite Dangerous Miscellaneous Odyssey Knowledge for New Players, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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