Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta)

Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta) 1 - steamsplay.com
Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta) 1 - steamsplay.com
One of the most useful web applications that can be installed on your own server for owners and squadrons.



The largest space game EVE Online, has a powerful and popular app called SeAT. The project embodies a single portal, the seat of all corporation pilots. We, the players of Elite Dangerous, didn’t have anything like that, where we could see statistics with graphs, set goals and objectives, find out who in the squadron copes better with the assigned tasks. But people are also starting to play our favourite game. This app is called “ED: Squadron Command Center” or “ED: SCС” for short and is being developed by github.com – https://github.com/shuki25 

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Elite Dangerous: Squadron Command Center (EDSCC) is a web-based application for Elite Dangerous players to track their game progress over time and compare their performance to other squadron players. And also for the leaders to track and control the actions of the squadron for strategy or role-playing. The app uses the EDMC plugin to download the player log in real-time as well as import the player log files. 
Realized features: 

  • Squadron Statistics – Research, Trade, Conflicts. 
  • Announcements – Ability to create an announcement with a publication time. 
  • Multilingual – Support for multiple languages, including Russian. 
  • Console Player Support – Import player data from Xbox and PlayStation. 
  • Load data from a file or using a plugin for EDMC. 
  • Player Activity – Income, Expenses, Conflicts, Violations. 
  • Squadron Customization – Description, Tags, Ranks. Roles. 
  • Member Management – Description, Roles, Access Rights. 
  • Two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator. 
  • Leaderboard – Leaderboard within the squadron.

In future updates, there will be additional features related to carrier ships, events and calendars. 
Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta) 

Screenshots of the application


Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta) Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta)
Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta) Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta)
Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta) Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta)
Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta) Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta)


EDSCC – Client

The basic web application can be installed and configured on your server, but since the future version is being rewritten to another programming language to speed up its development in the future, we will use the beta version already prepared for us by the author. 
We follow the https://beta.edscc.net/ and create a new account (in the future version, authorization will be implemented through the API of the game developers), then we create a new squadron if you are a squadron leader, or find an already created squadron from the list (search for squadrons will be executed in a future version). 

EDSCC – Plugin

The web application also supports the transfer of log data via the Elite Dangerous Market Connector, thanks to the EDSCC plugin for aggregating and visualizing squadron’s data. 

How to install:



  • Install EDMC, after downloading the latest version from the official page on GitHub using the link: https://github.com/EDCD/E♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Connector/releases/tag/Release/4.2.7 
  • Download the .zip archive with the plugin from the http://link.https://github.com/shuki25/edscc-plug-in 
    Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta) 
  • Open the previously installed EDMC and go to File🠞 Settings 
    Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta) 
  • Go to the Pluginstab and click on the Openbutton 
  • Unpack the previously downloaded plugin and move it to an open directory 
  • Turn off EDMC and start it again, in this way we restart the program and activate the added plugin 
  • Go to File🠞 Settings 
  • Open the EDSCCtab and check the box against Send flight log and Cmdr status to EDSCC 
  • When the lower input fields are unlocked, click on the EDSCC credentials link and from the browser window that opens, copy the API key and write it in the API Key field 
  • In the EDSCC API Server field, enter the address of the web portal https://beta.edscc.net/api/edmc and click OK

From this moment, the data of your log will go automatically to the statistics of the squadron while the EDMS program is running. 

⚠️ Attention

The web application and plugin is under development, which means that there may be some interruptions in work. If you have any difficulties or errors, please go to the official Discord server ( https://discord.gg/2he7Em2 ) of the developer and report them.





Post scriptum:


Elite Dangerous Squadron Command Center (Beta) 
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