Realm of the Mad God Exalt Tips on Choosing the Best Pet

Realm of the Mad God Exalt Tips on Choosing the Best Pet 1 -
Realm of the Mad God Exalt Tips on Choosing the Best Pet 1 -
This is a guide for people who typically have a Healing / Magic heal pet (as those are the two best pet abilities and a must have) to decide
what third ability is worth their time and investment. Getting to Divine is probably the longest progressive thing in this game granted you’re free to play like many others so you want to get the most out of your pet.


Pet abilities + stats

Rising fury: Your pet charges up while you stand idle then upon moving releases a burst of high damage in an AoE. 
100. – 1500 dmg (1250 avg), 5 – 8 range, recharge delay 0.5s – 0.2s, recharge time 2.5 – 2s 
Your pet shocks anything that touches it for high damage and a good chance to paralyze. 
224 – 300 dmg (262 avg), range 1.5 – 2, delay 0.2s, 20% chance para, 3.5s para duration 
Atk Far / Mid / Close: Your pet shoots shots at a close/medium/long range up to 3 times a second on average. 
Far (9 tiles): 76 – 100 dmg (86 avg), every 0.4 – 0.2s 
Medium(6.75 tiles): 121 – 150 dmg (135.5 avg), every 0.4 – 0.2s 
Close (4.5 tiles): 130 – 200 dmg (175 avg), every 0.4 – 0.2s 
Decoy: Your pet dashes towards the enemy in range and distracts any shots that are typically aimed at the player. 
1. – 12 range, 4.8 – 8s duration, 3.6 – 3s cooldown 

Run down of abilities

This is for you to consider what third ability you might want for your pet as peoples playstyles differ you may find yourself drawn to specific abilities for their strengths. 
Rising fury 

  • Pro: Has the largest AoE damage of all abilities capable of dealing 1250 damage to enemies in up to an 8 tile radius (similar to a pure damage huntress trap). 
  • Pro: Useful for bosses that have phases where players can alternate between stationary and moving every second for optimal use. 
  • Con: Doesn’t count towards players total damage (could reduce SB damage for loot) 
  • Con: ability charges by the character standing still then the burst from the pets movement from position A (stationary position) to position B (position it moves to in relation to player char).


  • Pro: damage is repetitive as long as its in contact with target thus the paralyze chance 
  • is increased dramatically. 
  • Pro: Doesn’t need to charge. 
  • Con: Electric cannot paralyze majority of bosses 
  • Con: Doesn’t count to SB damage for loot 
  • Pro / Con: Deals 1310 dps if enemy is in contact for a full second, outdamaging atk close by over 800 dps at 3.8 tiles less range and rising fury by 60 extra dps.

Atk Far/ Mid / Close 

  • Pro: atk mid doing 135 avg at 6.75 tiles, far doing 86 avg at 9 tiles, and atk close doing 175 avg at 4.5 tiles making mid the most useful for all classes based off average range each class would be stationed at in relation to bosses / enemies. 
  • Pro: 405 dps (like having a sword class shot a 6.75 tiles) 
  • Con: Doesn’t count to SB damage for loot


  • Con: works only on specific bosses that target players such as oryx but not on stationary ones 
  • that have a preset fire path like El Dorado. 
  • Pro / Con: Capable of the same decoy methods a trickster can implement albeit more difficult to pull off (but to ones that master it, highly rewarding for taking down crowds of enemies). 
  • Con: Unlike trickster it cannot eat bullets so any bullets redirected will be in full (such as o2’s shotgun phase). 
  • Con: Passive support, no direct relation to combat thus is not always viable as an ability to use in all situations. 
  • Con: Role can be fulfilled to a better extent by a well versed trickster with a chance that the pet may endanger them in certain circumstances.


Written by Celaear

Hope you enjoy the post for Realm of the Mad God Exalt Tips on Choosing the Best Pet, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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