Dying Light 2 Stutter Fix in Game

Dying Light 2 Stutter Fix in Game 2 - steamsplay.com
Dying Light 2 Stutter Fix in Game 2 - steamsplay.com

Stutter Fix for Dying Light 2.

Main Fix

If you are playing Dying Light 2 and getting micro stutters on mid range pcs then I may have a fix for you.
Step 1: Go to Documents – dying light 2 – out – settings
Step 2: Go to the View option in the windows explorer, then click “File Name Extensions” so its ticked
Step 3: Rename Video.scr as Video.ini, it will ask if you want to change it, click yes then open Video.ini
Step 4: Next find “TextureQuality”, it should be set to “High”, change it to “Medium”.
Optional: You can change framerate here to be a much better 60fps, go to “FrameRate” and change “1” to “60”
Step 5: Save changes and close notepad, REMEMBER rename it back to Video.scr
There you go, it should make the game stutter way less, if this didn’t help you then I’m not sure what will work as I’m just showing what helped me after hours of testing.
Hope this helped!

Written by DanMAIDEN666

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