Dinkum Tips & Tricks Making Money in Game

Dinkum Tips & Tricks Making Money in Game 1 - steamsplay.com
Dinkum Tips & Tricks Making Money in Game 1 - steamsplay.com

In this guide I share some of the tips from my experience to help you make lots of money. Please let me know if you want anything added!


The game tells you to collect shells and catch bugs and sell them, but this is not the most profitable option. You can sell bugs for 500-1000 dinks per bug, but shells are worth practically nothing.
Instead, you can harvest white wattle flowers and sell those. (Later in game you’ll need them to make a brew but hear me out.)
The point is, any time you come across one the flowers you need to destroy them with an axe. This way, you’ll get their seeds. And you’ll find a lot of them exploring the map. They look like this:
Dinkum Tips & Tricks Making Money in Game - Beginners - 8AFBF9E
Any time you find one of them, destroy them with an axe. Using the axe on them will also give you the 3 wattle flowers. Then, take your shovel, dig somewhere close to your base/tent, throw the seed (Q using the keyboard) and cover it with dirt/sand that you have on your shovel.
You need to wait for them to grow first, and that takes a bit of a long time. But after that, once they’re fully grown, they’ll keep producing flowers which you can sell for a good amount of money. For example, I have 208 of them and I collect 624 flowers every couple of days, which I can sell for about 100k dinks.
Dinkum Tips & Tricks Making Money in Game - Beginners - B8E87A6

Intermediate Players


Once you have enough Permit Points, go buy the {Metal Detecting Licence from Fletch. This allows you to use a metal detector, which you can buy at John’s for 6600 dinks.
Once you have the metal detector, use it with the left mouse button and start to walk. When you hear a different sound, you know you are near a treasure. You’ll also see a blue circle on the ground. (Screenshots below) Check nearby with the detector and when it gives you a high pitch (also when the ground is marked with a blue sun) dig there. You can find materials lying around or barrels and crates which you need to break (any tool is fine.)
Dinkum Tips & Tricks Making Money in Game - Intermediate Players - C5AE8C2
Dinkum Tips & Tricks Making Money in Game - Intermediate Players - 0970758
The types of materials you can get and their price: (The prices listed are with the commerce license level 1, which increases their value by %5, so you’ll get 5% less if you don’t have that license.)
– Old Toy – 1806 dinks
– Hot Cylinder – 3399 dinks
– Old Contraption – 16.599 dinks
– Old Gear – 577 dinks
– Old Spring – 2245 dinks
– Sliding Handle – 651 dinks
– Old Key ( do not sell these as you’re gonna need them inside the deep mines)
– Old Wheel – 1452 dinks
– Shiny Disc (DO NOT sell these to John, instead give them to Franklyn, who’ll give you about 8-9k per disc)
– Bright Wire – 699 dinks
– Glass Bulb – 1139 dinks
– Ear Hats – 919 dinks
– Green Board – 6732 dinks
– Smooth Slate – 819 dinks
– Button Board – 1712 dinks
– Tin Sheet – (crafting/smelting ingredient, wouldn’t recommend selling these)
Note: All the items above are used for crafting and/or fixing tele towers. Please sell these at your own risk. Though you do get a lot of them usually, so selling half of them and keeping the other half might help.

When you get Metal Detecting License 2, it says you’re gonna be able to see the treasure spots, instead of using the metal detector. But, this is not always the case. In fact, you can still find most of the treasure spots using the detector. But every once in a while, you’ll see the ground marked with an X. Like the screenshot below.
Dinkum Tips & Tricks Making Money in Game - Intermediate Players - 0CF75B9


Chunk of Amber

Every once in a while when you dig for treasures you fill find a yellow-orange blob, you have to carry these to John’s and drop them on his scale. He’ll give you around 50-70k per chunk of amber but in my experience they are pretty rare, I’ve collected only one during my 45 hours of game play. But they’re not used in anything so definitely sell them. (Note: You can’t use any other tool/item while carrying the chunk of amber)



When you cut hardwood trees with a copper axe (or an iron one, can’t use basic axe though) sometimes a beehive will drop. You can break these hives using an axe or a pickaxe, and catch a queen bee to start your own beehive (which will give you honey regularly.) Or, you can carry them to John’s just like chunk of amber. He’ll give you something around 9-12k dinks depending on the weight of the comb.
Just make sure to plant some hardwood seeds near your home so you can have a steady supply.


Breaking Shiny Stones & Opal

You’ll sometimes get a shiny stone when mining ore chunks, throw these at the stone grinder and they’ll give you 3 random ores. But sometimes, although rarely, they will give you a blue gem called Opal and you can sell these for 15k dinks.
Also, again rarely, you can find Opal as an ore chunk on the map, it looks like this:
Dinkum Tips & Tricks Making Money in Game - Intermediate Players - EF4E367



By far the most profitable fish in game is the Barracuda, which can be caught with any fishing rod and fishing license in the Nothern Oceans during afternoon/night. John will give you 16k per one. (Thanks to [GER]KevTrev for this information!)

Advanced Players

Apart from everything else, you’ll find rubies when you go into deep mines. They are like ore chunks but red. Break those rubies and carry them with you to the elevator, use the scale at John’s and he’ll give you around 50-100k per ruby chunk.

Written by Annabeth

Here we come to an end for Dinkum Tips & Tricks Making Money in Game hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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