The Perfect Tower II How to Make Auto-cluster miner AI script

The Perfect Tower II How to Make Auto-cluster miner AI script 1 -
The Perfect Tower II How to Make Auto-cluster miner AI script 1 -

Basically makes a worker to refill the drill, quick scan, dig all clusters, claim treasures from all clusters. I made it for my own game and thought to include it here.
Note that this is for after you have unlocked Era and the second floor of the mine.


This script runs as soon as you open the overlay (F4)
NOTE: It’s finetuned with turboexec. If you aren’t using turboexec, then change the wait_time variable to 1.
It uses the magenta group as default (the last one), you can also change that in the script.
Length: 15 lines
group: The group of workers that it will assign to perform the work. It’s set to magenta by default but you can change it to anything.
max_index: The maximum cluster it will work on minus 1. Basically, if you want it to mine 9 clusters, then this number should be 8 (which it is by default)
wait_time: The amount of time it will have to perform each command. Remember that this has to be fine-tuned with the worker’s speed. Just put it 2 times the worker’s speed (so at max speed (0.5 seconds) this should be 1 second) to ensure the worker has time to perform the work.
FOR TURBO EXEC: The wait_time is simply multiplied by 100. So 1 second wait time = 100 seconds with turbo exec.
So, have a worker, change the worker’s group (by pressing its color) and put the group you have in the script (magenta by default). Then press F4 and the worker will start:
1. Refill the drill
2. Dispose Clusters & Perform Quick Scan
3. Perform a dig on cluster 1
4. Claim treasures from cluster 1
Repeat until max cluster
Repeat the entire script
No need to have Mine open. Just open it up, play around, and it will do its work.
IF YOU WANT REGULAR SCAN: Just change line 7, option 0 to option 1. That’s all.

Import code



It’s a really simple script that simply gives orders to workers. You don’t really need a group, but I made it to use a group because I wanted to easily change which worker gets the instructions.
The thing is that all of these orders are only performed once, and then you have to wait. So a single worker can perform all of them. It works perfectly for me.
REMEMBER: If you’re NOT using turboexec, then change the wait_time to worker speed * 2 !!
The default values are meant to be for max worker speed AND turbo exec on!

Written by MAKAIROSI

Here we come to an end for The Perfect Tower II How to Make Auto-cluster miner AI script hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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