Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains

Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 1 -
Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 1 -
Did you know you could be making at least 4k gold from a Crassus? IKR?! This guide will show you the do’s and don’ts of mining your team’s Crassus crater.



Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains - Disclaimer 
Some of the data and information I used in this guide originates from the – so if you wanna know more, check out the wiki here; 
The rest of the data I collected and guess-estimated myself, so just as a disclaimer; my personal experiences with D.R.G. DO NOT reflect what other players may have experienced. 
There are already a few guides out there that explain what to do when crossing paths with a Crassus Detonator, but I still see a lot of players making the same mistakes, so this guide is just another one to add to the collection that will hopefully increase the likelihood of players reading up on how to properly mine crassus craters. 
Also, you might be wondering, “How did HEKILLZALOT come across so many crassus dets? It must’ve taken a long time to make this guide since gold dets spawn so rarely.” Well, the truth is, for the sake of saving time to make this guide, I used a couple mods that I downloaded from the DRG modding community to spawn gold dets, and I used a gold multiplier that roughly gives the same amount of gold as using a Pots of Gold beer buff. If you’re an anti-modder who likes to ♥♥♥♥♥ about why “MODS ARE BAD”, just know that the DRG devs are well aware that the modding community exists and are actually trying to implement it more in future updates. 

Things to Know

Sorry for making this section so long but this stuff’s kinda important and shouldn’t be skipped, but I think the pretty pictures for the crayon-eating dwarves who don’t like reading makes up for it. 

Pots of Gold

Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 
Did you know that the average DRG gold vein is approximately 5 meters long and contains x20-30 gold pieces? Amazing i know… BUT, did you also know that drinking a Pots of Gold beer buff before starting a mission QUADRUPLES (x4) your golden dwarven-purse? YO WE RICH-RICH! 
However, there’s a catch… the Pots of Gold multiplier only works when you use your pickaxe to mine out gold nuggets, so you’ll actually lose out by using C4, EPC implosions, Bosco, or even collapsing the terrain. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “WHAT THE ♥♥♥♥. It’s so much easier with bosco/C4 tho! What a bunch of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. I actually have to WORK for my creds?” 
Ya well sucks to suck. 
Welcome to the dwarf life… 
Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 

Attributes of a Crassus Detonator

Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 
Crassus Detonators (aka gold dets) won’t come after you unless you’re in it’s mf’ing turf or attacking it, so only square up when you’re ready to go bro. Gold Dets avoid digging whenever possible and will go after the dwarves that it doesn’t have to dig to. So, if three of your teammates are setting up for its detonation but the 4th dwarf is in an open area, the Gold Det will make the 4th dwarf its priority target. Gold Dets are 50% resistant to explosives and have a lot of health + armour that scales depending on the hazard level, and number of teammates in your crew. Shooting its armour still does some damage but reduces your damage by -60%, so shoot its weakspots, fleshy bits, and face instead. Keep in mind that when you shoot the weakspots enough, they’ll eventually pop like custy zits, so make sure to bring a towel to wipe yourself and bring weapons that deal good weakspot damage to make your ammo usage more efficient. Don’t bother wasting other ammo like grenades, flamethrower, or cryo ammo on weakspots until they’ve popped (except for the Driller’s ice spear overclock. That does a ♥♥♥♥ ton of dmg if u can hit a weakspot with that.) 
Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 
Crassus Dets deal a lot of damage that also scales depending on haz levels and number of teammates, so keep your distance. If it gets too close, it’ll stomp on you and damage everything within an 8 meter radius. Also, it can dig through terrain, so mind your path ways. 
Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 
Try not to catch yourself within the 8m blast radius of a detonator when it dies either, cuz you probably won’t survive. 

Where, When, & How to Kill a Crassus

BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE (hopefully the Crassus isn’t already hunting you down) you’re gonna want to find/make a small tunnel that’s less than 13 meters wide and tall, THEN start luring the Crassus into it. If you’re desperate, you could also drill a pathway while luring it, but be mindful to not get stuck at a dead end. 
Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 
Personally, I find the best way to kill a Crassus is using one of my favourite gunner loadouts; (if you’re familiar with my work, ik what ur thinking, “OY VEY PISS OFF WITH THAT FRICKIN’ LOADOUT GUIDE ALREADY” but pls hear me out) it’s called the First, I like to use my big Autocannon’s neurotoxin overclock to slow down that hulky Gold Det as I’m luring it into my small tunnel <3 Once it’s inside my tight cavern, I grease it up with a bottle of hot firey molotovs, and blast a buttload of my Bulldog Revolver’s Volatile Bullets into it’s big bulging boils <3 Finally for the climax, I wanna finish it off inside my tiny tremor with whatever I have left until it eEXxpLODes <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 awwwwwhhhhhh yyyyeeeeaaaaahhh…. 
… i have no regrets writing that lol. 
Pro Tip: If the Golden Det’s nasty breath is a little too close for comfort, Gunner’s shields can be used to push it away and back its swampy a*s up. 

Mining Speed vs. Value$

There are many ways to mine out a crassus crater, but I like to break it down to two methods; 

  • Fast & Furious (using C4, EPC, Bosco) 
  • Slower But Richer (Pots of Gold + Pickaxe)

“Fast & Furious” method

Using C4, EPC, and Bosco to mine out a crassus crater can make life very easy, fast, and simple, but I nicknamed it “Fast & Furious” because I had a rando driller drop into my lobby not knowing I had a Pots of Gold beer buff and started blowing up my crassus crater… so if you main driller, ask your team if they’re mining with Pots of Gold before blowing ♥♥♥♥ up. This method should only be used if no one has Pots of Gold.Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 

“Slower But Richer” method

Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 
Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 
As previously mentioned, drinking a Pots of Gold beer buff, and then mining gold with anything other than a pickaxe is a waste of money-making potential. 
Although it’s kind of a chore to mine out an entire crassus crater with just a pickaxe, dwarves lookin to make a serious buck are just gonna have to suck it up. 
Keep in mind that, depending on the difficulty of your map, your teammates may want to have a resupply prepared so that you’ll have ammo to sustain yourselves from incoming waves while mining out a crassus crater. You’re gonna be there awhile mining gold, so getting attacked by bugs is inevitable. 
Engineers could try and block the enemy’s pathways with the platform gun, but I wouldn’t trust it because there are bugs that could dig through, such as Oppressors. 
The next image shows a comparison of what mining with each different technique looks like after drinking Pots of Gold. Note that I only mined a Crassus crater on haz 1, no cave complexity/length bonus, killing only 1 bug (the crassus), and purposely quitting the mission after I finished mining. Had I played it like a normal haz 5 mission, I would’ve made way more creds + XP. 
Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains 

Driller Mining Techniques

Obviously C4, EPC, and collapsing the terrain is the fastest way to mine a crassus crater as Driller. 
But if you’ve got Pots of Gold, I suggest drilling out the crust of the upper half of the crater first. The reason for this is because the lower half of the crater is easier to mine and easier to reach, therefore there’s no point in wasting power drill fuel down there. Once the upper half is drilled, start pickaxing from top to bottom. 

Engineer Mining Techniques

I find that the fastest way to mine a crassus crater as Engineer is to make a “2nd floor” for the upper half of the crater using platforms. This allows dwarves to reach the gold up high without worrying about taking fall damage. Then, build some stairs that lead up to your “2nd floor”, and place your turret down on one of the steps to provide your team some cover if bugs try to attack. Once the upper half has been completely mined out, start digging out the rim of your “2nd floor”, causing it to eventually collapse a golden shower. 

Gunner Mining Techniques

It’s not a good method, but it’s the fastest one I could think. Use mulitple ziplines that hang close to ceiling and walls that are hard to reach of your crassus crater. Once they’re placed, ride the lines and start mining out the crater. This technique isn’t necessary if you have a Driller or Engineer using their techniques mentioned previously. 

Scout is useless

Mining a crassus crater solo as a Scout is a big pain in the a*s, especially when mining the upper half of the crater. If you’ve tried it already, then you know what I mean, and all I can say is “good luck lol”. Scout’s pretty useless for mining crassus craters, unless you’ve got a different class dwarf on your team adopting one of the previously mentioned techniques. 


Here we come to an end for Deep Rock Galactic Maximizing Your Crassus Gains hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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