Cruelty Squad Fast Money Guide

Cruelty Squad Fast Money Guide 1 -
Cruelty Squad Fast Money Guide 1 -
How to make fast money to help you through the Cruelty Squad endgame.


Why do you even need money?

It’s pretty simple, some of the stuff in this game is expensive. You can play through the levels super quickly in a attempt to make quick money, but for some of the items this will be extremely slow. 
The most expensive item you’d want to buy in the game is the House, which is a full fledged level. So you’ll definitely want to buy it, but it costs a million bucks. There’s also items like the Extravagant Suit, which costs half a million, as well stocks, which can cost a lot to put money in. So, having some quick money is actually big help if you want to play through or obtain some of the late game stuff. 

Goin Fishin

Fishing is a decent way to get a lot of money early on, in general. The earlier levels have fish anywhere between $8 – $600. The water in Bog Business even has a lot of fish over $1000. 
But we aren’t going to worry about that, go straight to Casino Catastrophe, and go to the main room. 
Cruelty Squad Fast Money Guide 
Then start fishing in the main sewer. The fish you’re looking for is the Wheel of Fortune or the Wheel of Pain. Both are very rare, but are worth $1000000 and $2000000, respectively. 
Cruelty Squad Fast Money Guide 
A couple of these bad boys and you’ve payed off your house, purchased every item in the game, and can invest thousands in every stock. 
Cruelty Squad Fast Money Guide 
Enjoy being rich in this ♥♥♥♥-scape! 

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