Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Best Smoke Spots on Anubis

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Best Smoke Spots on Anubis 1 -
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Best Smoke Spots on Anubis 1 -

Unleashing the Power of Smoke Grenades on Anubis: A Tactical Guide for CS: GO


Anubis, the newest addition to the active duty map pool in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, presents an exciting challenge for players seeking strategic mastery and team coordination. Among the array of tactics at your disposal, effectively utilizing smoke grenades can give you a significant advantage. This comprehensive guide explores the best smoke spots on Anubis, providing you with the knowledge to outmaneuver your opponents and dominate the battlefield.

Preparing for Success

Before diving into the competitive realm, it’s essential to hone your skills in a private server. Practicing these smoke spots will empower you to confidently face live adversaries, ensuring an exhilarating gaming experience for both you and your comrades.

T-Spawn Strategies

Middle Smoke

As a Terrorist (T), gaining control of the middle area is crucial for executing successful strategies. Stand in the shadow of the green door and align your crosshair with the nearby wall. Gradually elevate your aim until it meets the corner of the house entrance. Perform a jump throw, enveloping the middle with a dense smoke that obstructs any Counter-Terrorist (CT) push from that direction.

Connector Control

Denying the CTs the opportunity to flank through the connector is paramount. Stand between the truck and the building with the green door. Aim for the same corner of the house used for the middle smoke. Execute a jump throw to precisely obstruct the connector’s entrance, effectively thwarting CT pushes and peeks.

Domination on A-Site

Sniper Point in Heaven

When executing an A-site assault, neutralizing the sniper perched in “Heaven” is crucial. Position yourself in the corner with jumpable platforms. Direct your gaze upward, focusing on the vertical crack in the masonry. Gradually lower your aim until it aligns with the designated point. Release the smoke, which will obscure Heaven, enabling your team to make a decisive push onto the A-site.

Heaven Stairs Defense

Securing the Heaven stairs is vital for a successful A-site attack. Locate the two baskets on the left side of the area, relative to the two doors leading to the A-site. Align your crosshair with the edge of the central pillar, adjusting your aim slightly higher toward the top of the window. Perform a basic throw, deploying a smoke screen that covers the entrance to Heaven, providing valuable cover for your team’s assault on the A-site.

Walkway Suppression

Complete coverage of the A-site entrance can be achieved by obscuring the Walkway with smoke. Ascend to the platforms near the Boat, ensuring you have a clear line of sight. Aim for the lower left side of the window, nearly revealing the Walkway. Adjust your aim three clicks up, then release. This well-executed smoke will conceal the Walkway, synergizing with the Heaven and Sniper smokes to effectively obscure the entire A-site entrance.

B-Site Dominance

B Long Control

Maintaining control over B Long is crucial for swift entry onto the B-site. Take position against the first pillar next to the stairs. Focus your aim on the narrow gap between the first and second pillars. Align your crosshair with the third nub, then perform a standard throw. The well-placed grenade will bounce off the walls inside the B-site, ultimately landing in the alley, effectively obscuring B Long and allowing your team to safely infiltrate the B-site.

B Temple Suppression

To secure the B-site comprehensively, smoke coverage is essential. After deploying the Alley smoke, position yourself with your back against the first pillar. Locate the corner of the wall and aim between the first and second nub, going a click up with your aim. Perform a standard throw, smoking the B Temple.

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