Final Fantasy XIV – Storm’s Crown Extreme guide

Final Fantasy XIV – Storm’s Crown Extreme guide 1 -
Final Fantasy XIV – Storm’s Crown Extreme guide 1 -

Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial Guide – Final Fantasy 14


Embark on an exhilarating journey through the Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial in Final Fantasy XIV. Trials offer players the opportunity to engage in fast-paced group boss raids, featuring complex mechanics that put each role to the test. Expect a captivating arena-style battle with rewarding loot awaiting the victorious. For the ultimate challenge, Extreme mode beckons. Brace yourself as we explore the intricacies of Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial!

Overview of Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial

Prepare for a level 90 Duty Trial like no other. Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial, introduced in the Endwalker expansion (patch 6.2), demands precise coordination and unwavering skill. To embark on this trial, certain prerequisites must be met, including possession of level 600 gear (unless in a full party), completion of the story quest “The Wind Rises,” and prior triumph over Storm’s Crown on normal difficulty. While unlocking the Extreme version through the NPC Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan is optional, conquering it on this difficulty is not essential to progress the main storyline.

Phase 1: Barbariccia

Prepare for an epic battle against Barbariccia, the Empress of the Winds, in the initial phase of Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial. This eight-player encounter requires the party to split into two light parties, each comprising a tank, a healer, and two DPS. Positioning plays a crucial role in this intense showdown.

Mechanics in Phase 1

Unleash your skills and be wary of the following formidable attacks:

  • Void Aero 4 and Raging Storm: Brace for two devastating raid-wide AoEs.
  • Savage Barbery: Barbariccia employs two variations of this attack, indicated by the direction of red arrows. One manifests as a half-circle AoE, while the other sweeps across the center of the arena.
  • Hair Raid: Stay vigilant as Barbariccia’s stance determines the nature of this attack. If she stands, beware of the arena-wide AoE. When she kneels, prepare for a cone-shaped AoE emanating from her position.
  • AoE and Stack Markers: Maintain awareness of AoE markers, spread out to minimize multiple hits, or adjust positions accordingly when stack markers appear on healers.
  • Teasing Tangles and Secret Breeze: Navigate this intricate mechanic consisting of four large AoEs followed by a stun. Players will be tethered in pairs, with distinct markers dictating specific movements and positioning.
  • Catabasis: Beware of Barbariccia’s ultimate raid-wide hit, an onslaught of massive magical damage, following the Void Aero 4 ability.

Phase 2: Wind

Enter the windswept realm of Phase 2, where agility and quick thinking are paramount.

Mechanics in Phase 2

Stay on your toes and anticipate the following mechanics:

Mechanics Description
Brutal Rush and Boulder Break Barbariccia tethers to tanks and healers, dealing line AoE damage. Maintain designated areas to avoid overlapping damage.
Boulder Attacks Position yourself strategically when the black-red aura dissipates. Be prepared to dodge circular AoEs emanating from the center.
Knuckle Drum and Blow Away Brace yourself as all DPS players are hit with Knuckle Drum followed by an unavoidable AoE, Blow Away, targeting the entire party. Move together to minimize damage.
Bold Boulder and Trample Non-healers should stick together to share the damage from Trample, while Bold Boulder specifically targets tanks.
Teasing Tangles 2 and Knuckle Drum Coordinate with your team as players return to their designated clock positions, ensuring precise movement to avoid AoE damage.

Phase 3: Barbariccia 2

Prepare for a thrilling continuation of Phase 1 with the addition of a new mechanic: Entanglement.

Mechanics in Phase 3

Master the following mechanics to emerge victorious:

  • After Raging Storm, Barbariccia triggers Entanglement. Each DPS player will be tethered to a support player, requiring careful movement to avoid incoming AoEs.

Phase 4: Wind 2

Phase 4 reintroduces familiar mechanics from the previous Wind phase, delivering an intensified experience with altered sequencing.

Mechanics in Phase 4

Remain vigilant and agile as the following mechanics unfold:

  1. Brutal Rush
  2. Knuckle Drum
  3. Blow Away
  4. Boulders
  5. Brutal Rush
  6. Bold Boulder
  7. Brutal Rush

Phase 5: The End

In the climactic Phase 5, Barbariccia cycles through known mechanics, setting the stage for an epic conclusion.

Mechanics in Phase 5

Witness the culmination of the battle as Barbariccia employs the following mechanics:

  1. Entanglement
  2. Savage Barbery
  3. Hair Raid
  4. Void Aero 4

As Barbariccia reaches the brink of defeat, brace yourself for her ultimate attack, Maelstrom. Unleash your most potent abilities, channeling a concentrated barrage of DPS to claim victory.


Congratulations on conquering the Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial! This guide has provided valuable insights into each phase and the mechanics that define this challenging encounter. With skillful execution and strategic coordination, players can emerge triumphant and revel in the rewards that await them. Best of luck on your future endeavors within the vibrant world of Final Fantasy XIV!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial?
A: The Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial is a level 90 Duty Trial in Final Fantasy XIV that offers an intense group boss raid experience with complex mechanics and powerful rewards.

Q: How do I unlock the Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial?
A: To unlock the Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial, you need to have level 600 gear (unless in a full party), complete the story quest “The Wind Rises,” and defeat Storm’s Crown on normal difficulty. Unlocking the Extreme version through the NPC Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan is optional.

Q: What are the mechanics in Phase 1 of the trial?
A: Phase 1 of the Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial features mechanics such as Void Aero 4 and Raging Storm (raid-wide AoEs), Savage Barbery (half-circle or line AoEs), Hair Raid (arena-wide or cone AoE), and Teasing Tangles (paired players with distinct markers).

Q: How can I prepare for Phase 2?
A: In Phase 2, be prepared for mechanics like Brutal Rush and Boulder Break (line AoEs), Boulder Attacks (dodging circular AoEs), and Knuckle Drum and Blow Away (DPS and party-wide AoEs).

Q: What happens in Phase 3 of the trial?
A: Phase 3 includes mechanics from Phase 1, with the addition of Entanglement where DPS players are tethered to supports and must avoid incoming AoEs.

Q: Are there any new mechanics in Phase 4?
A: Phase 4 reintroduces mechanics from the Wind phase but in an altered sequence, including Brutal Rush, Knuckle Drum, Blow Away, Boulders, and Bold Boulder.

Q: What should I expect in Phase 5?
A: In Phase 5, Barbariccia cycles through known mechanics until her health reaches a critical point, leading to an ultimate attack called Maelstrom.

Q: How can I achieve victory in the Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial?
A: To achieve victory, master the mechanics, coordinate with your party members, and unleash your most potent abilities at critical moments.

Q: What happens after completing the trial?
A: Upon completing the trial, you will earn powerful rewards and can move forward in your Final Fantasy XIV journey.

Q: Can I attempt the Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial solo?
A: No, the Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial requires an eight-player party split into two light parties to succeed.

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