System Shock Remake – All Puzzle Solutions for the Research Floor

System Shock Remake – All Puzzle Solutions for the Research Floor 1 -
System Shock Remake – All Puzzle Solutions for the Research Floor 1 -

Unleashing the Mysteries of the Research Floor in System Shock Remake

The Armory Awaits

Prepare for a thrilling adventure as you step foot onto the Research floor from the elevator. On your left, an enticing door beckons, leading you to the Armory. Swing it open, and an abundance of ammunition and batteries awaits, ready to empower you in your mission.

Unraveling the Enigma: Research Delta Junction Puzzle

In the depths of the Delta Quadrant lies a perplexing puzzle that demands your wit and strategic prowess. Your objective? Guide the intricate energy flow to gracefully land at 11 to 12 notches on the gauge. Here’s how you can crack this puzzling conundrum:

  1. Connect the plugs adorned with a solitary light to the socket located at the top right of the gauge.
  2. Position the plugs emanating a radiant glow of dual lights in the far upper left-hand corner and directly beneath the gauge.
  3. Carefully manipulate the dials, expertly navigating the currents until they converge at the desired reading on the gauge.

Deciphering the Secrets: Research Gamma Junction Puzzles

Venturing into the Gamma Quadrant reveals not one, but two captivating junction puzzles, standing side by side. Unraveling their mysteries is your gateway to progress. Brace yourself for the challenges that lie ahead and unlock the next chapter of your adventure. Let’s tackle these puzzles step by step:

Puzzle 1: Opening the Path

The first puzzle guards the entrance to the subsequent enigma, demanding both wit and a key code for access. Follow these instructions to unravel its secrets:

Code: 819

Puzzle Solution:
  1. Connect the plug adorned with two lights to the second socket and guide it gracefully to the left.
  2. Position the plug illuminated by a single light into the fourth socket, skillfully directing it towards the right side.
  3. Once the gauge reaches a triumphant three notches, the doors swing open, revealing the path to the next room.

Puzzle 2: Shaping Destiny

The second puzzle awaits, challenging your problem-solving skills and cunning. Brace yourself for a journey that involves delicate manipulations. Here’s how you can shape your destiny:

Puzzle Solution:
  1. Identify the rails accentuated with vibrant orange markings, each holding a secret of its own.
  2. Navigate the maze by selectively rotating the blue dial, which alone possesses the power to shift the tracks.
  3. Observe the intricate dance between the rails and the red squares, aligning them strategically until the door finally relinquishes its hold.
  4. Revel in your triumph as all robot production comes to a halt, permanently eradicating the threat of their relentless respawn.

Puzzle Solutions Summary

Puzzle Location Solution
Research Delta Junction Delta Quadrant
  • Connect plugs with one light to the top right socket.
  • Place plugs with two lights accordingly.
Research Gamma Junctions Gamma Quadrant
  • Puzzle 1: Use code 819.
  • Puzzle 2: Strategically manipulate rails with the blue dial.

Prepare yourself, adventurer. Armed with these puzzle solutions, you will conquer the enigmatic challenges of the Research floor in System Shock Remake and uncover the extraordinary rewards that lie in wait.

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