Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Perks and Custom Perks – Cost & Effect

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Perks and Custom Perks – Cost & Effect 1 -
Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Perks and Custom Perks – Cost & Effect 1 -

A list of all base game perks, as well as many custom perks. As a newer bo3 player, I was confused what some of the perks did, and had no idea what many of the custom perks did, so I decided to figure it out and put it into one guide. Thanks to the non updated perk guide for inspiration. ( – [] 
This also would not have been possible without the COD Wiki, or without the workshop pages for the perks.
NOTE: If you have a perk but don’t know what it is, go down to the Icon Descriptions section to possibly figure it out. Once I figure out how to add images, I will remove that section and just put images next to the perks.

Base Game Perks


Cost: 2500 points
Effect: Doubles health.

Quick Revive

Cost: 500 points SOLO, 1500 points otherwise
Effect: Increases revive speed.
Bonus Effect: When playing SOLO, this perk will automatically revive you if you have it. Buying it 3 times in the same game will cause the machine to disappear.

Double Tap Root Beer

Cost: 2000 points
Effect: Increases rate of fire and damage.

Speed Cola

Cost: 3000 points
Effect: Increases reload speed.


Cost: 2000 points
Effect: Increases sprint duration and speed.

Deadshot Daiquiri

Cost: 1500 points
Effect: Makes the player’s crosshairs narrower by 35%, moves the aim-assist lock-on location from the torso to the head, and removes the idle sway from sniper rifles.

Mule Kick

Cost: 4000 points
Effect: Allows the player to hold 3 guns.
NOTE: If you get downed while having this perk, the weapon in your third slot will be removed.

Electric Cherry

Cost: 2000 points
Effect: When reloading, you shock all zombies in a radius around you. The radius of the shockwave increases the lower the capacity of your magazine is.

Widow’s Wine

Cost: 4000 points
Effect 1: Your grenades turn into sticky grenades that will slow zombies damaged by them.
Effect 2: If you are hit by a zombie, you will “explode”, slowing/stunning all zombies in your vicinity, and consume one of your grenades (If you have no grenades this will not work).
Effect 3: Grenades will replenish by 2 at the start of every round, and killing zombies has a chance to drop a spider power up, which will give you a grenade.
Effect 4: Your knife will deal more damage and has a chance to slow zombies.

Der Wunderfizz

Cost: 1500 points
Effect: Gives a random perk.
Note: Using the machine too many times will make the machine travel to a different location, similar to the mystery box.

Custom Returning Perks (BO1-Cold War)

PHD Flopper

Cost: 2000 points
Effect: Dropping from heights will cause an explosion around you.
Bonus Effect: Makes you immune to fall damage and explosive/splash damage.

PHD Slider

Cost: 2000 points
Effect: Sliding into zombies will make them explode/sliding will cause you to explode.
Bonus Effect: Makes you immune to fall damage and splash damage.
NOTE: There are a few different versions of this perk, so they may function slightly differently.

Elemental Pop


Cost: 3000 points
Effect: Random chance to trigger ammo mod effects when shooting an enemy.

Who’s Who

Cost: 2000 points
Effect: When downed, respawn somewhere with a pistol and no perks. You will be able to revive yourself to get your perks and weapons back.
NOTE: If you are downed in this state you will be killed.

Bandolier Bandit

Cost: ??? points
Effect: Extra ammo for all weapons and extra ammo appears under ammo on hud.
Can be double bought(?): Stowed weapons will slowly refill their clips if able.

Blaze Phase

Cost: ??? points
Effect: Crouching causes a charge up of fire. Standing will release it and fling you forward, igniting zombies.
Can be double bought(?): Can charge further and explodes when stopped.

Death Perception

Cost: ??? points
Effect: Can see nearby zombies through walls.
Can be double bought(?): Extends the range of the perk.

Dying Wish

Cost: ??? points
Effect: Negates dying for nine seconds, leaving you on 1 health with a 5 minute cooldown.
Can be double bought(?): Have full health after invincibility phase.
NOTE: This perk may be bugged.

Ethereal Razor

Cost: ??? points
Effect: Melee can affect multiple zombies. Greatly increases melee damage and melee attacks heal you.
Can be double bought(?): Greatly increases melee damage further.

Stone Cold Stronghold

Cost: ??? points
Effect: Standing still forms a ring around you, generating armor over time.
Can be double bought(?): Armor generates faster and lingers when leaving the ring.


Cost: ??? points
Effect: Speeds up mystery box randomising and Pack-a-Punch speed.
Can be double bought(?): Speeds up special weapon recharge and instant mystery box randomising.

Victorious Tortoise

Cost: ??? points
Effect: Shield blocks damage from all directions when held. Your shield will explode when destroyed.
Can be double bought(?): Doubles shield max health.

Winters Wail

Cost: ??? points
Effect: Getting hurt causes nearby zombies to slow and freeze. Has 3 uses.
Can be double bought(?): Extra charge and effect lingers on activation.
NOTE: I don’t know what 3 uses means. 3 uses EVER? 3 uses per round? 3 uses on a cooldown? I was unable to find this info. Sorry!


Cost: ??? points
Effect: Shooting a zombie may create a slow down field. When they are in the slow field, they have less resistance to damage.
Can be double bought(?): Standing in your slow field makes zombies ignore the player.

New Custom Perks

I.C.U/Eye See You

Cost: 2500 points
Effect: Faster health regen, speed boost on low health, and invincible while performing actions.

Vigor Rush

Cost: 3000 points
Effect: Makes bullets explosive, increasing damage.
NOTE: This perk MIGHT add splash damage to bullets but I am unsure. I also don’t know if it effects weapons that don’t use bullets such as the ray gun.

Fighter’s Fizz

Cost: 3500 points
Effect: When you get downed, you keep your gun. Getting a kill while downed will revive you, and allow you to keep all your perks.
NOTE: I believe that reviving yourself with this perk does cause you to lose Fighter’s Fizz, but you keep every other perk you have.

Tacti-Quilla Sangria

Cost: 2000 points
Effect: Fire while sprinting, gain a chance to regain fired ammunition, and multi-kills grant bonus points.

Snail’s Pace Slurpee

Cost: 3000 points
Effect: Slows zombies in a radius around the player. If zombies get too close or too far from you, they will no longer be slowed down.
Baby Explanation: Basically, you are in the middle of an invisible donut that slows the zombies down.


Cost: 4500 points
Effect: Drops a max ammo, does not use a perk slot.

Bull Ice Blast

Cost: ??? points
Effect: Allows you to double jump and slam into the ground, freezing all zombies in an area around you.
NOTE: I think you have to press crouch while double jumping to freeze everything around you.

Cryo Slide Soda

Cost: ??? points
Effect: Whenever you slide or knife, all nearby zombies will become frozen for 5 seconds. While frozen they instantly shatter to any damage. After 5 seconds they thaw out, but remain slowed by 25% for another 10 seconds. The Freeze goes on cooldown for 12 seconds.

Perk Icon Descriptions ( Until I figure out images )

Jugger-Nog: Red, Cross with a bullet through it.
Quick Revive: Light Blue, Person standing up out of a grave.
Speed Cola: Green, Hand with a gun magazine.
Double Tap: Orange, 3 bullets with a cartoony explosion in the middle of them.
Stamin-Up: Yellow/Orange, Person running with “swirly legs”.
Deadshot Daiquiri: Black/Grey, Person with a crosshair over their head OR skull being shattered.
Mule Kick: Dark Green, Pistol fading downward.
Electric Cherry: Blue, Cherry OR pistol with lightning bolts around it.
Widow’s Wine: Black/Red, Spider.
Der Wunderfizz Machine: Dark Blue, Question mark.
PHD Flopper: Purple, Biohazard symbol.
PHD Slider: Purple OR Red/Yellow, Biohazard symbol OR sliding person with cartoony explosion.
I.C.U: Black/Grey, Syringe.
Vigor Rush: Dark Red, Bullet with a cartoony explosion on the tip.
Fighter’s Fizz: Purple/Pink, Boxing Glove.
Tacti-Quilla Sangria: Green/Blue, Hand holding a pistol.
Elemental Pop: Pink, Bullet going upwards splitting skull in two.
Snail’s Pace Slurpee: Green, Snail.
Bull Ice Blast: ???
Cryo Slide Soda: Dark Blue, Snowflake.
Who’s Who: Blue/Yellow, Two hands reaching for eachother.
Bandolier Bandit: Brown, Person standing with mask and bullet sling.
Blaze Phase: Bright Red, Person running on fire.
Death Perception: Orange/Red, Eyeball with skull.
Dying Wish: Blue, Arm with knife sticking out of a grave.
Ethereal Razor: Red, Person decapitating zombie with glowing blue knife.
Stone Cold Stronghold: Brown/Yellow, Person flexing in front of a castle.
Timeslip: Purple, Clock person slipping.
Victorious Tortoise: Bright Green, Face with a tortoise shell helmet.
Winters Wail: Light Blue/Cyan, Skull shouting lighting bolts.
Zombshell: Light Purple, Person being shot and face is shattered.
???: Brown, Ice cream cone with sprinkles.
???: Orange, Person jumping off of another person.
???: Bright Yellow, 3 Snakes/Tentacles OR a gust of wind.
???: Dark Purple/Dark Violet, 3 gladiators.

End Note

I hope this guide helps some people.
I could not have made this without the following workshop pages: – [] – [] 
Also, thanks to the creator of the map Kowloon for putting the descriptions of the custom perks under the name when you buy them. You can download Kowloon here: – [] 
The COD Wiki was a big help for the base game perks. Some perks are pretty easy to figure out, like Juggernog, but then you have odd perks such as Deadshot or Widow’s Wine where they have multiple effects that aren’t even noticeable.
I was unable to figure out how to put images in this guide. Whenever I would try to import an image next to a perk, it would just show up as a link. My guess for now is that images will not be put in the guide until it has been verified not to include NSFW content. If anyone in the comments could help me understand how to fix that, it would be greatly appreciated.
Also, there are lots of perks that I haven’t put on this guide. If you have a custom perk that I missed, or if I missed something with one of the existing perks, let me know and I will add/fix it. Thank you!
This guide was last updated 1/19/2022, at 5:46 AM.

Written by Sparklebomb

Here we come to an end for Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Perks and Custom Perks – Cost & Effect hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!


  1. The 4 perks you are missing are salvage shake (ice cream cone with sprinkles) which replenishes ammo over time in stowed weapons, and replenishes grenades every ten seconds. The second is madgaz moonshine (person jumping off another person) which lets you create up to 20(25?) explosions per round by sliding, like the Slaughter Slide gobblegum. Headshots to enemies will light them on fire, causing residual damage. The third is wind runner whiskey (the three gusts of wind not snakes). By slamming into any enemy while running will launch them into the stratosphere. Recharges once every 17 seconds after sprinting. Jumping off of high places will create a shockwave that will launch zombies. You can also run and gun at the same time. The fourth is crusaders ale (the three guys with cracked shields, and dark purple) which doubles the strength, range, and speed of all melee attacks, while giving you 50% damage resistance while knife lunging.Also, I have read that this perk can cost 1500 instead of the usual 2500, making me assume that there is more than one version of this perk out there. The second version of this perk doubles melee damage, rewards bonus points for knifing, and repairs your shield at the end of each round. Lastly you missed two perks completely, these are double dew and poweraid punch. Double dew I have only seen on a version of cheese cube,and looks like a cheese head stone with a crooked arrow on the top, and the effect is literally what it says, it doubles all incoming points, so body shots are worth 20 points and headshots are worth 200. Poweraid punch I have seen in a few maps, and it looks like a person getting shot and pieces of them flying off, also it is pink, the effect is Doubles the strength, range, and speed of all melee attacks, while giving you 50% damage resistance while knife lunging.
    Effect 2: I have read that this perk can cost 1500, making me assume that there is more than one version of this perk out there. The second version of this perk doubles melee damage, rewards bonus points for knifing, and repairs your shield at the end of each round. You also missed two perks and they are double dew which doubles all incoming point values, and poweraid punch which increases bullet damage by 30%, explosive damage by 50% and splits thrown grenades into 3. Double dew looks like a cheese head stone with a crooked arrow on the top and poweraid punch is pink and looks like a person getting shot and pieces of them flying off.

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