Rune Factory 4 Special Types of Accessories/Boots + Other Equipment

Rune Factory 4 Special Types of Accessories/Boots + Other Equipment 1 -
Rune Factory 4 Special Types of Accessories/Boots + Other Equipment 1 -

It explains how to use mealy apples, how to get the most out of them, each type of inheritance, and 3 step forging.

Types of accessory.

First, in order to get the best out of crafting, you have to know what is inheritance.
There are 2 types of inheritance :
The accessory/boots inheritance and the one for the rest of the equipment.
You can inherit up to 3 items to an item. The inherited items also work as strengthening items, that have NO DECAY WHEN USED SEVERAL TIMES.


For accessories and boots, the inheritance is pretty straightforward :
There is no overriding of stats. it just takes the effects IN THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEM, and NOT IN THE STATS. No overriding of stats at all.
That means the best is generally to use 3 effects of boots that you like, and inherit to an item that you like. The process is quite simple.
Create a pair.
Add it to the craft of the second one.
Add it to the craft of the third one.
Add it to the craft of the last one. The stats will be those of the last boots.
Same for the accessories.
Easy, right?

Other equipment

For the other equipment, there IS overriding of stats. The stats taken are those of the last SAME ACCESSORY used, used in the FIRST ADDITIONAL SLOT.
For the inherited items, the items can go well beyond the last accessory used. This is especially what makes three-step forging possible.
Let’s take an example :
– Forge a Small Shield by adding 2 Mealy Apple and an Object X. In the final item, you should have +20% resistances in all elements.
– Forge an Element Shield by adding the previous Small Shield. You should obtain an Element Shield with the STATS and INHERITED ITEMS as the Small Shield.
– Forge a Small Shield again using the previous Element Shield. You should obtain a Small Shield with the STATS of the Element Shield but the initial Mealy Apple and Object X still give you 20% resistance in all stats.
This is IMO the best way to make the best out of Mealy Apples.
As a note, since the Object X is still in effect after, you can add a THIRD Mealy apple to strengthen the item, giving you 30% resistances in all elements. Double Steel and 10 Fold Steel cancel these effects, so the cost of this manipulation is that the next item will be negative instead of positive. In other words, 10 Fold Steel will be x7 the previous item instead of x9.
This is true for all added items, since inherited items also count as strengthening items. The only difference is that you cannot use 10 fold and double in these slots and all items can be used without the penalty of adding the same strengthening item several times.
That’s all there is to say about inheritance. Hope it helped.

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