The Anacrusis FPS Increased Tutorial

The Anacrusis FPS Increased Tutorial 1 -
The Anacrusis FPS Increased Tutorial 1 -

Very quick and easy steps
This helped me gain over 50 fps and I can play this game on Ultra settings now.

From the developer notthatwillsmith:

“The frame rate boost is very dependent on the GPU you have. On some cards, DX12 increases the listed framerate but creates a bunch of micro stutters. When the drivers work themselves out, we’ll flip DX12 on for everyone.”
Luckily for me, it works just fine without micro stutters, I guess it’s worth a try if the game isn’t running great on your computer
My system:
Ryzen 5 4600H
GTX 1650 4GB


  1. Right click “The Anacrusis” and open properties
  2. Under the general tab, add the launch option: -dx12
  3. Have fun


Written by Soulja Nap

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