Blades of Time Skin collections Including X- Blades Outfit and Install Guide

Blades of Time Skin collections Including X- Blades Outfit and Install Guide 1 -
Blades of Time Skin collections Including X- Blades Outfit and Install Guide 1 -
What is this?
This is a collection of 12 skins, from tame to hot, that can be used to change the look of Ayumi (main character).

This collection also includes a few skins based on the look of the original outfit from Ayumi from X-Blades.


Understanding the fundamentals:

• We will be using a tool called “TexMod” to apply the skin and launch the game at the same time. 
• We will trick Steam into thinking it’s just launching the game so it will still track your playtime. 
Blades of Time base game (without mods) already has 3 unlockable outfits. How these skins work is that they replace ONE of these 3 in game outfits. So one thing to remember is that if you applied a skin using this guide and it doesn’t work. 99% probability it’s that you need to change the in game outfit to one of the other ones for it to appear/work. 

How to run the game through Steam with a skin:

1. Download ‘TexMod + Blades of Time Skin pack” here: 
2. Open your steam Blades of Time install directory. 
3. Rename ‘bladesoftime.exe’ to ‘bladesoftime_launch.exe’ 
4. Copy ‘Texmod.exe’ from the ‘TexMod + Skins pack” download from step 1 and place it in the X-Blades install directory. 
5. Rename the just placed ‘Texmod.exe’ to ‘bladesoftime.exe’ 
6. Start Blades of Time through Steam. 
7. Texmod should now open up. Click ‘Target Application’ in Texmod and then select the ‘bladesoftime_launch.exe’ in your Steam Blades of Time install directory. 
8. Click on the folder icon in the middle of Texmod application. 
9. Select one and only ONE of the .tpf files. There are many .tpf files, most of them have an image in the folder to show said specific skin before applying it. 
10. Click ‘run’ to launch Blades of Time with said specific skin. Make sure you don’t have more than one skin selected at the same time! 

Why doesn’t my applied skin show up in game?

You either didn’t follow the steps clearly or the outfit you are using in game doesn’t work with the skin you applied. Read further for more details on how to remedy this. 

How do I change the outfit in game so my skin works?

You just start the game and load your save. Then you open the options menu and you can change your outfit at the same menu where you can change your weapons. On a xbox controller you press Y in said menu to cycle through the 3 outfits. 
Just cycle them one by one and unpause your game. One of them will trigger the applied skin. Most of the time it’s the third outfit in game. 
Don’t forget you need to have unlocked the other outfits in the game for them to beavailable. You either unlock the other 2 outfits by just playing the game or you can use my savefile that has all outfits unlocked. 
The savefile is in the folder ‘Complete Savefile’ and you need to copy all the following files: 
C:\Programs (x86)\Steam\userdata\YourID\208670\remote 
Or if your save is not stored there than the location will be: 
C:\Users\[computer name]\AppData\Local\BladesOfTime 
WARNING: This overwrites your own save. If you don’t want this make a backup first. Also again this savefile is not necessary if you already finished the game and unlocked the other 2 outfits. 

Where did you get these skins?

I got them waaaaaaaay back when the game was still fresh and new and people where making skin mods for it. The sites where I got these are long forgotten or maybe even gone. I do not take credit for the skins themselves. The credits for the skins go to the original artists! I only take credit for this guide on how to use them with the steam version of the game. 

Written by Dimi

Here we come to an end for Blades of Time Skin collections Including X- Blades Outfit and Install Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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