Blades of Time How to Play Zero or Michelle Gameplay Tips

Blades of Time How to Play Zero or Michelle Gameplay Tips 1 -
Blades of Time How to Play Zero or Michelle Gameplay Tips 1 -
This guide will explain how to play as Zero or Michelle.

+ It includes the ‘Schoolgirl’ and ‘Summer’ outfits that are already in the game, but can’t be accessed in normal ways.


Understanding the fundamentals:

This guide is different from my skin guide. This because skins are modifications. What we are doing here is just activating outfits that are already in game, BUT can only be accessed by savefile modifications. Even Zero and Michelle is consided to be a hidden outfit in the game. 

How to modify your save so you can play as Zero or Michelle

1. Play the game untill you reach the Desert stage, this will unlock the first ingame costume. 
2. Now play any stage untill you reach a checkpoint, not the beginning of a stage. You can use the restart checkpoint option to check if you reached a checkpoint. Once you hit a checkpoint, make a mental note of what costume you’re wearing, then exit to the main menu. Alt-Tab or exit the game. 
3. Open your game save folder: C:\Programs (x86)\Steam\userdata\YourID\208670\. 
Make a backup of the folder 208670 to be safe in case you mess up your savefile. 
4. Now open the “remote” folder, and find the file ‘save00.blk’. Make a copy of said file on your desktop or somewhere safe, we will need this later. Also rename it to ‘save00FIRST.blk’ to avoid confusion. 
5. Launch the game again, and continue from the same save. You should be at the same checkpoint. Open your diary, and ONLY change your costume (press Y on xbox controller). Then save and quit the game. 
6. Download and open – At the top menu click on Analyze > File Compare, and select both the just saved savefile ‘save00.blk’ from your savefolder and the backup you made on your desktop ‘save00FIRST.blk’. This should bring both files up side-by-side. 
7. You should see the cursor highlight the same location in both files, but with different values. Don’t click anywhere inside the text. Now press F6 (Find Next Difference) untill you find a spot where the difference in numbers match the 2 different equiped outfits in the savegames, probably 00, 02, or 04 (refer to table below). 
8. Change the double-digit number in your save file (not in the copy ‘save00FIRST.blk’ ) to match the character you want: 
0. for Zero 
0. for Michelle 
Save the file, and load the game again; you should be done! 

How to modify your save so you can use the ‘Schoolgirl’ and ‘Summer’ outfit for Ayumi?

Same steps as above, only you change the digits to one of these: 
0. for Summer outfit 
0. for Schoolgirl outfit 

All this save manipulating is too hard I just want pre-modified saves!!!

Here you go: 
Paste the save you want into: C:\Programs (x86)\Steam\userdata\YourID\208670\remote 
Make sure to first make a backup of your original save if you want to revert back!!! 

Reference table:

Default outfits in the game: 
0. Default outfit 
0. Winter outfit 
0. Skyguard outfit 
Hidden outfits only unlockable by save editing: 
0. Summer outfit 
0. Schoolgirl outfit 
0. Zero 
0. Michelle 


After you manipulated your save, but you change your outfit ingame or the game forces you story wise. Then you will need to redo the above steps! 

Written by Dimi

This is all for Blades of Time How to Play Zero or Michelle Gameplay Tips hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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