Blades of Time Cheats

Blades of Time Cheats 1 -
Blades of Time Cheats 1 -

No Downloads or extra instals required.

Cheats Codes




God modegodmode:b=yesDoes not prevent scripted deaths like falling into pits.
One-hit kill enemiesdevastation:b=yesMay prevent from completing some tutorial events if they require you to lower the health of an enemy.


Apply Codes

  1. Find your Settings.blk file.

  2. Open Notepad.
  3. Drag Settings.blk into the Notepad.
    Blades of Time Cheats - Apply Codes - 9B4ACB2
  4. Scroll down to the cheats and change to yes if you want to apply them.
    Blades of Time Cheats - Apply Codes - 7C1D34A
  5. Click on save, then your done.


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