BioShock Remastered Bioshock Survivor difficulty Guide

BioShock Remastered Bioshock Survivor difficulty Guide 1 -
BioShock Remastered Bioshock Survivor difficulty Guide 1 -
So.. i haven’t see anyone on this steam guide doing a full run of survivor difficulty guide (Maybe because its pretty easy or i just blind) so i want to do a full guide of this difficulty incase someone needs it



1. armor piercing round is useless against big daddies and sentries cause there’s no point of using those ammo for pistol and MG cause electro buck doing it better and killing faster.
2. regular ammo for MG and pistol is useless from Neptune’s bounty onward. use anti-personnel rounds or buckshot instead.
3. forget about MG’s existence the moment when you reached arcadia you will be able to craft the anti-personnel ammo for pistol at this point it do a lot more damage and it free.
4. you can quick swap weapons to increase dps by switch to plasmid or between weapons.
5. use food regen eve or health carefully you can use plasmid even you got only 1mm of eve on you so hacker delight is the best tonic in the early game and you can get it when you’re on your way to get incinerate plasmid and use it to end game.

if you want to know why MG is useless check 4:54:10 where i using half mag of MG trying to kill 1 ranged splicer with anti personnel rounds, didn’t work so well.

Welcome to rapture

pretty straight forward level just…..dont die
nah just kidding
you cant doing 1-2 punch to oneshot on this difficulty just ignore what atlas says,
can use it for make yourself playing more comfortable tho.

you can oneshot every enemy on water by using electro bolt on this entire level.
savor it you cant do it on later levels.

Medical pavilion

if you want to use MG this is the best moment now until you get shotgun

Rush to get Hacker delight tonic first so you can use electro bolt freely and incinerate! plasmid and melt 2 ice blocked door and change it for telekinesis later no point of using it for now

after you got the shotgun you literally finish this level at that point and you when you got telekinesis gas tank and grenades is always oneshot all splicers except the boss of this level and big daddies

get armored shell tonic at the end

Neptune’s bounty

ignore all big daddies until you got camera and do all the research, at the end you probably get full research on gun splicers and grenade splicers and can insta hack sentries and partly or full research on spider splicers

tbh i think decoy is probably the most ignored plasmid in this game but it is the best for doing all research easier, cause since all enemies will always attack the decoy first and you can hack all security bot since it will attack decoy instead and even call the alarm to do a research on security bots.

they wont attack you cause you are not the one who trigger the alarm its the decoy, get it before you reach the section where your weapons are taken away from you itll make your life in there easier.


This is where you throw MG away now and ALL normal ammo except shotgun and GL ofcourse.

because at this point the enemies health are too high and make normal ammo takes forever to kill them.

but dont worry since we got crafting available here and you can do it for free! just hack one inside the old woman’s lab and you’re good to go or two which ever you want to decrease the amount the material it needs by 1.

and craft a lot of anti-personnel rounds for pistol and you dont even need a damage upgrade for this and you can one shot all splicers until you got to the Hephaestus without an upgrade.

chemical thrower is not useless but you dont need it right now dont forget to do a research to make your damage higher

Fort Frolic

This is my favorite level in this game because you will get the best weapon a crossbow and vampire tonic. and this level is where you change shotgun ammo to electro buck instead of buckshot since your shotgun is useless now

crossbow is the best weapon that you can reuse your ammo once you kill the enemy and can one shot all splicers to the end of the game, also not that hard to use since the projectile go so fast the the point it feels like hit-scan weapons.

low rof is not the problem since we can solve it with quick swap use firebolt if you’re not good at headshot or just use normal both are good.

dont forget to do all research.

The rest

after the fort frolic there’s nothing much else to say its pretty straight forward at this point, you probably got all the research now maybe except bouncer big daddy and youll get it in next level.

also dont forget about damage research tonic 1&2 across the EMP bomb and inside the library

my weapon upgrade list order is
GL damage immunity
shotgun damage
GL damage
crossbow Break chance
crossbow damage
pistol damage
the rest is up to you

i will focus on Photographer’s Eye 1&2 until i got all the research and replace it with damage research 1&2 the rest is pretty much the same as the other.
sport boost 1&2 for speed and wrench attack speed.
wrench damage 1&2 after i got vampire.
vampire for free health and eve regen.
armor shell 1&2.
on engineer tonics i just focus on reduce flow speed and nothing much to say about it.

medical expert 1&2&3 are not important until you fight the final boss since your health is not that high that youll need to use all of them anyway its overkill, just use the highest you got on normal play and use 2&3 for boss.

if you have any questions feels free to ask ill help you as much as i could.

Written by Remonade

This is all for BioShock Remastered Bioshock Survivor difficulty Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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