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My example will be with the D-series aka (The Pickup) all other vehicles can account to the modifications that are applied.

1. suspension.
Type, go for Off-road independent or 3 link both are good but independent has more ground clearance up front. Go for the *Highest ground clearance* possible, add good Off-road Tires & Wheels it matters on what suspension for wheel size, other than that its up to personal Preference. I suggest that you go 15-20 PSI for air pressure too.
2. Body work.
If you want bigger tires go for Cut Fenders (mainly mods) for more clearance between fender & wheel. Lights? Yes add a Roof Rack and add some lights too it Light Bulb type is up to folks. Snorkel, indeed you will want this. For better performance add a smaller bumper or no bumpers mainly for cosmetics though if wanted. Cosmetics are added tire, Nix Fuel Tank, Jacks, wheel color, and roof supplies. Also add rock sliders.
3. Engine. You will want power not too much though, For a Short Frame go for a 5.5L and add Heavy Duty mounts, bone stock is good. Extended = 6.9L Add Heavy Duty mounts too, if needed add an early Supercharger. Crew Cab, 6.9L again add mounts, but add a Stage 1 Super if you don’t want that added power go for a late Super then.
4. Drivetrain. To Start off add or switch to a 4WD Transfer case, then the Transmission Manual or Auto that is not up to me and gear is good buy yea if wondering it is up to you. Brakes go for the Off-road brakes with the Full-Race Pads on all 4 wheels, Disc is better than drum So if wondering than yea. An important upgrade is Locking Differentials.
Those are my tips for my Custom 4WD truck I may have missed some points but those are for cosmetic or mods.
Mods are great, Nix has some really good suspension, cosmetics, and added stuff as well as IYB.


Written by cowboom

Here we come to an end for Off-road Config Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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