Guide for Car Parts and Modification Guide for Car Parts and Modification 1 - Guide for Car Parts and Modification 1 -
πŸ”§ Explaining about πŸ”§ PARTS,MODIFICATIONS in your Vehicle. And what they can do to your car!!
If you’re don’t know what these parts do to your Car, You’ve come to the right guide!
GUIDE CONTENTS: Parts of car, Parts to Tune car, Engine Tuning, Car terms.

ALSO INCLUDED: My personal thoughts, Road rules, and how to follow and OBEY THEM. such as driving FAST on the FAST LANE.

πŸ“ƒ10/06/2021 UPDATE: Added more car terms, Quotes, Overall make the guide more beautiful, Easier to read.

πŸ“ƒ13/06/2021 UPDATE: Added, Car Type Terms, and the meaning of them.
And now, Let’s begin the guide. Enjoy!!


🚐 Your overall Vehicle Modifications!


😎 Your overall vehicle looks! πŸ˜†

πŸ“Such as widebody,sideskirts,paint job,spoilers,rims, ETC. 
It’s the things that makes you have the stylish look on your car. 
NOTE: Included only parts that is very stylish. 
NOTE 02: Will explain only the basics of car parts. 

Car Parts πŸ“¦

πŸ“ƒ What they actually do to your car.
HoodπŸ“Ž Adds style to the front of your car Near your windshield. Such as carbon fiber hood,Vented Hood, Exposed ram air intake.
BumperAdds protection, and also style. To the front of your car. Such as a Bull Bar, or Chrome bumper for the looks.
Rear BumperAdds protection, and also style. To the BACK of your car. Such as a Bumper with tow hinch, or Spiltter bumper for the looks.
HeadlampsπŸ”¦ Adds vision, and yet Also Style to your vehicle. Such as Fog lights, Rally Lights, Siren emergency services light bar.
License Plate🎩 πŸ‘”πŸ‘• Adds style and ownership, It’s like a NAMETAG for your vehicle. Such as Japanese License Plates,European License Plates.
GrilleAdds style and looks to the front of the car Where the engine can Take Fresh air, Such as Vented grille, or a Optimized airflow grille with car brand logo.
FenderAdds the style to The SIDE of your car. near the Front tires and also the Back tires. Such as a widebody extension, or a chrome fender for looks.
SeatπŸ’Ί Adds style, and yet Also Comfort to your driving Seat. and your pa*sengers. Such as a Racing seat for weight reduction, or Regular luxury seats.
Side SkirtsAdds styles to the side of your car at the bottom of your doors! Such as Racing side skirts, Widebody Side Skirts for wind resistance.
SpoilersπŸ’¨ Increase Downforce, yet also style too! Very useful for driving AGAINST the gravity. Such as Big spoilers for the maximum traction caused by the Downforce!
Trunk Letteringβœ’ Allows other to know What MODEL is your car, Yet also style to the trunk of your car. Such as V8 Lettering, or AWD Lettering.
RollcagesAdds protection, and stability and Overall SAFETY to your car. Yet also style too. Such as Rally car rollcages, or offroad rollcages!
Tire RimsπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŒ Adds Overall JDM and Stylish looks Overall a MUST HAVE to your car. Yet also looks very great too! Such as JDM Car Rims or Alloy,Gold,ETC. Rims
🚫🚫❎Tire Lettering❎πŸ”₯❌actually it’s actually kinda okay and not okay at the same time, but i suggest please avoid. JUST DO NOT DO THIS IT’S A WASTE OF MONEYπŸ’°πŸ’³



πŸ“Explaining about car looks, And how to tell them using Terms. 

πŸ“¦CAR TYPESπŸ“Š Meaning of it.
πŸŽ‰ RICERA type of car, That from appearance seems fast or a car with too many modifications that doesn’t help the car go faster. actually, it’s a car that looks to be fast, but in reality it isn’t fast at all.
πŸ”₯ TUNERA type of car, That is tuned to go FAST while still remaining with modifications that actually helps with the car handling,traction, etc. actually, it’s a car that goes very fast, and uses the right modifications to help the car.

πŸ’­ actually, there’s more such as car wraps but yeah let’s get on to the internals of your car, like the ENGINE. 

πŸ“Š Your overall Engine Modifications!


πŸš— Your overall Car Performance!! 🚘

Such as V8 Engines, AWD,Turbocharged&Supercharged, ETC. 
It’s the things that makes your car goes faster. 
NOTE: Included only parts that will make car go fast.. 

New Horsepower Indicator!!


More “πŸ”₯” = More Speed/Horsepower.

πŸ“Actually it’s a indicator showing that, if you use this part, how much BOOST will it give to your selected vehicle of choice!! 
– Parts that are highlighted in “BOLD” means that it’s a very High end hardware on your car, which is very useful for producing high speeds!! 

πŸ“¦ Parts

πŸ“Š What they do to your Vehicle.πŸ”₯THE HORSEPOWER INDICATORπŸ”₯ (THI)
RadiatorHelps to COOL your Engine when it’s running at very high RPMs%nAN%^
ExhaustHelps your engine get rid of burned gas out of your engine. So that your engine can accept more fresh air through intake. The BIGGER the exhaust, The BETTER it is.πŸ”₯
Suspension,DriveshaftHelps your car to be More STABLE at high speeds, Adds addition to AWD.%nAN%^
ECU – Rev LimiterRev limiter, Traction control. May be TUNED for Higher top speeds, or faster acceleration.πŸ”₯
Sport IntakesIntakes that take More Air INTO THE ENGINE Creating more Boom! due to the larger intake valves, and closing them late for maximum airflow.πŸ”₯
Race IntakesIntakes that take EVEN More Air INTO THE ENGINE Creating EVEN more Boom! due to the HUGE intake valves, and closing them late,opening them early for maximum possible airflow.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
TurbochargersIt’s a intake that COMPRESSES YOUR AIR and pushing the compressed air into the ENGINE for more BOOM! They’ll start compressing air at MID-HIGH RPMSπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
SuperchargersIt’s a Compressor that is TIED TO YOUR ENGINE’s PERFORMANCE For the maximum compressed airflow possible!! They’ll start working at LOW-MID RPMSπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
TWIN TURBOCHARGERSInstead of having only ONE Turbochargers, or SINGLE TURBO, TWIN TURBOCHARGERS ALLOWS EVEN MORE COMPRESSED AIR Creating EVEN more BOOM Inside the engine!! Engine might broke, get hotter more easily too!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
NOS (Nitrous Oxide)A Bottle that makes the Air in The ENGINE to Be COMPRESSED Engine will produce more speed, More HP due to more compressed air for a SHORT PERIOD of time.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Transmission Gear Ratios,AWDThey are Live Axles that are under your car.You can ADD more GEARS, or ADJUST the Gear Ratios. Also, no more oversteering, or understeering if you choose AWD. This will give a balance between TOP SPEED,ACCELERATION.πŸ”₯


Originally posted by me:

You may gain Additional speed if you make your car lighter. 
If you are going very fast, You are asking for more temperture,engine stability. 
– so a good cooling,stronger engine mounts is required. or your engine might broke.



Explaing about Engine Specs. 
πŸ”₯Turbo&Supercharger Stages 
ALS STAGE 3 Turbocharger?? What does it mean?? 

- Stages are the specs of the Turbo/Superchargers. The HIGHER the stages means More Performance, It will perform Better, and give you more Boost! 

EXAMPLE: Stage 1 Turbocharger < Stage 3 Turbochargers. 
πŸ“Cams (DOHC,SOHC) ETC. 
They are the valves that PUSHES your engine. What does it mean?? 

- Bigger cams, work very well at higher RPMs Giving you MORE Horsepower without ANY CHARGERS! - Smaller cams, Gives LESS HP than the bigger ones, But THEY work very well at lower RPMs.

Try to aim for a Balanced cams that, will balance HP and Torque. 
but you can always go for bigger cams if you wanted to. 
Dual Over Head Camshaft. What does it mean?? 

- DOHC, Gives more peak HP and Torque due to More INTAKE and Exhaust valves than SOHC.

Because SOHC, well.singleoverheadcamsha–The more, The better. Just choose DOHC. It’s better. More valves than SOHC. 
EXAMPLE: That old muscle car, at very low RPMs it creates a mumble sound, but goes BLAZING FAST when it accelerates?! It’s because That muscle car Got BIG Cams! or some Civics. actually just go for DOHC. 
πŸ’₯ Engine INJECTION 
Direct fuel injection?! What does it mean?? 

- Fuel injections are HOW your engine gets Fuel! DUH!!

The faster the injection, The better the car will perform But will absolutely KILL Fuel ECONOMY. 
EXAMPLE: Larger oil injections, Gives the engine more juice which results in more Performance of the Engine. – Direct Fuel Injection, gives most speed. but burns oil quickly for the Performance tradeoff! 
Forged Billet Pistons?!?!? What does it mean?? 

- It's the things that goes up and down inside your engine. And when they complete One Revolution, or 1 RPM, they create BOOM! Inside your engine.

Bigger Pistons, with Great quality is the KEY to make More BOOM! Inside the engine. And it’ll result in a More HP, Torque. How fast the pistons work is related to the RPMs. 
EXAMPLE: A Cheap, Small Pistons will make car slow. – And if you’re forcing the old, not very Strong pistons to run at HIGH RPMs, Expect Engine damages. 
Actually there’s more, like spark plugs,carburetors or other things. But these are the things you SHOULD look out for if you’re trying to get more Speed! 

πŸ“ˆ Your overall Vehicle Tuning!


πŸ“ˆ Car TUNING!


πŸ“ŒAbsolutely, The best way to get most out of your car.

NOTE: Explaining only car terms I KNOW, Related Engine Modification tips. 
NOTE 02: Explaining about Turbo Pressure, Other things. 

πŸ“¦ Engine Tuning PartsπŸ“Š What it will do to your selected Vehicle.
Turbo&Supercharger Wastegate πŸ“€It’s a Device that BYPASSES some Exhaust FLOW around The turbine section of a Turbocharger or a Supercharger which does not have a TURBINE. to control maximum boost.
πŸ”₯NOS Pressure (PSI)Higher Values = More compressed Air being pushed into the engine, Creating additional HP, Speed.
Engine SizesLet’s keep this simple, A Engine will perform better If it’s larger. Such as a 7.3L V8 will be faster than a 6.0L V8. Or 600cc < 1L Engine.
Engine TypesMostly, There are the American V8’s and The V6’s They’re great at producing Horsepowers, But lacks torque. That is why they need Superchargers.⚑Meanwhile the Japanese Inline 6, or I6,I4 Engines Are great at Producing Torque, But they lack Horsepower. That’s why they got BIG turbos. Also there are ROTARY ENGINES, But i do not know, how they work.
Tire PressureIt’s how hard the Tire will be. A Higher tire pressure, The car doesn’t have to work as hard Due to the Tires supporting the car. Which results in a lower weight.⚑A Lower TIRE PRESSURE Might increase traction! But may add more weight to the car. A Too much pressure on the Tires Might make the car loses grip, No traction.
Front Final Drive, Rear Final Drive. It’s a Torque Ratio that can be adjusted Higher values = MORE ACCELERATION SPEED, But less Top Speed.⚑ Lower Values = MORE TOP SPEED, but less Acceleration.
πŸ’¨ Weight Reduction for Drag Racing.Actually it’s like Removing Useless Gadgets Such as door removing. To be able to go faster, Less weight is needed so engine doesn’t have to work too much.⚑ Mostly You might gain only ~1MP/H up to ~5MP/H by doing this, but it is totally worth it.
πŸ’₯ANTI-LAG SystemsThe Anti-Lag system Is a Method of REDUCING Turbo lag or effective compression So you’ll Get continuous BOOST⚑ It’s how cars can SHOOT Flames, Bang Bang! Out of the exhaust!It’s a very best and effective way to minimize Turbo Lag. Also looks stylish
πŸ’‘VTEC, I-VTECTHE VTEC, Or Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control is a Method of Increasing Fuel economy. So you’ll actually save money. The I-VTEC is a newer, Improved version of the old VTEC.⚑ If you tune them, Your vehicle can be a Sleeper.It’s a very effective way to drive slow, But to GO FAST when ever YOU WANT TO. because VTEC!!
Sleeper Builds, CarsActually, it’s like a old car. But you swapped engines to make your old car, Fast as supercars. WHILE your car stills look very old, but the ENGINE is infact, NOT OLD.⚑ A Best way to absolutely destroy people who isn’t a CARGUY.Totally worth it, Looks stylish, you can also Make RESPECT out of your OLD Car.
πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ»CARGUY!A Type of person, who likes Cars and, Interested in Cars like me. Loves everything about cars.⚑ Treats car nicelyPlease take care of your car IRL like me if you have one! take it for a drive after a while, it’s like hanging out with your best buddy!! it brings you anywhere!!!


  ⚑ Explaining, even more car terms that i know. πŸ“ˆ DYNO CHART πŸ“‰ - A Dyno Chart is a 2D representation of an engine's Horsepower and Torque over the engine's speed ranges. It's measured by using a Dynamometer. πŸš— All-Wheel Drive (AWD). - A vehicle drivetrain in which the Engine Powers all FOUR wheels at Once. Also called four-wheel drive. πŸš— Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD). - The Engine power and torque is Powering to the Front wheels only. πŸš— Rear-Wheel-Drive (RWD). - The Engine power from the engine is sent to the Rear Wheels only. πŸ•ΉοΈ ABS - Antilock Braking System. - It will try to Prevent the wheels from Locking During emergency braking. πŸ’₯ RPM - Revolutions Per Minute. - It's a measure of the Frequency of Rotation, And also, the number of rotations around a axis or actually the pistons in one minute. πŸ’₯ Torque - It's the power output of an engine. its Torque Multiplied by its rotational speed of the axis. (more Torque = more acceleration.) πŸ’₯ Horsepower - It's how to measure of an engine’s work rate, which is torque multiplied by speed of the RPM. (more HP = more top speed,energy.) 🌎 JDM- Japanese Domestic Market - It's refers to Japan's home market for Vehicles, like the R34 Skylines. ♨️ Intercooler- Radiators. - It's a piece of hardware, That Cools the air that has been heated by Compression in any type of Superchargers. or Turbochargers. To prevent engine damages. πŸ”₯ Turbo LAG - It's a delay between the Car's Accelerator is activated, and the, Time of the Turbo spooling up to develop A large Fraction of the Power/Air Available at that point in the Engine's Power Curve. this is solved by using ⚑ ANTI-LAG Systems. ⚑
Originally posted by me:

Actually, there’s alot more car terms than this. But i’ve only included the most important terms only. there are so many more! (such as abs,tcs,acc,esc.)

 i think you SHOULD, already know what is Oversteering and Understeering. 


πŸ“‹ Your overall Ready Status!




πŸŽ“You’re now a certified CAR EXPERT!


πŸš™ Actually, Thank you for reading through my guide! 
– If you have any more tips, or any information, Be sure to write them in the comments section! 
I’m sorry if i lead some misleading information, I’m explaining from my knowledge IRL ^^ 
you can thank me by giving this guide a, Thumbs up! An award would be great also. 

πŸ’‘ Thank you for reading till the end! πŸ’‘


EXTRA: HOW TO JDM Guide for Car Parts and Modification 

πŸ’¬ EXTRA: My personal info and Thoughts.πŸ’¬

NOTE: I’m a JDM carguy i like japanese engines and turbos 
i hate american V8s they’re fast but i don’t like them. 
cars that i currently have IRL are the 2008 honda civic type r 
and yes i am not the person who make loud noises with my engine at 3AM. 
– my favourite car are the lancer evolution series 
i do not like american cars and their superchargers, they’re fast 
and i respect them for that, but it’s not my type. 
🚧 i ABSOLUTELY HATE HYPERCARS/LAMBORGHINIs Because i don’t like the design of it!! 
hypercars sucks. watch my 2008 honda civic overtake the lambos. i got very big turbochargers! 

Originally posted by me:

– i challenge hypercars to drag race with my 2008 honda civic hahaha!!

i’m a JDM carguy which i’m a very big fan of Turbochargers, Also sleeper car builds. Absolutely, 
I’d love to make relationships with JDM Cars, and Japanese stuff. also anime figures. 
i actually practice drifting on IRL Drift practice track, Which is run by the locals in my area. My friends usually go there with me to DRIFT. which is very relaxing!! 

 - The drifting tracks are Amazing! They are very friendly! and they Provide amazing services, and Safety! They can teach us, how to drift like a Professional.

– It’s actually the way to Drift in public! Since the expressways, or roads in my area, are usually Traffic JAMS. Also, a very great way to meet new friends! 
🌎 I Actually, really like the EVs or Electric Vehicles. They’re safe for our planet, And Environment. And i’m okay if we need to switch from oil, to full Electric. Global warming, is actually very dangerous!! We need to take action, now! 
πŸ”§ please and PLEASE also treat your car nicely, don’t buy fake parts for it. 
it’ll only make your experience worse, and less safety. 
don’t buy things like aftermarket car parts and turbochargers from wish or weird stores. 
go to a local trusted, car tuner/dealerships and be friends with them. 
πŸš™ in a while, take your car out for a quick drive, or go to anywhere with your car. don’t just buy car and not use it!! cars have emotions and lifespan too, so in a while, use the car and treat the car nicely. to keep the car for a, Long life that can serve you when you wanted. 
also please do not DRIVE SLOW ON THE FAST LANE because it’s very bad!! just step on gas! 
you’re wasting other people’s TIME AND EMOTIONS so instead, please drive fast. 
and, please do notLISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE SONGS while driving, it’s very dangerous!! 
It’ll reduce your reaction time, And Reduces your ATTENTION. listen to news instead. 
πŸ’’DO NOT [email protected]#_!11πŸ’’ Actually, it might be hard to avoid but, please try not to rage!!. Road Rages, aren’t totally worth it. Yet they cause accidents. OBEY THE ROAD RULES! 
okay, and i think that’s all for now! 
Thank you, and your time. and I hope you’ve got something from this guide! 
Good luck driving, Don’t text and drive. and OBEY the RULES! 

Written by Yui

This is all for Guide for Car Parts and Modification hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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